Essential Skill -- Writing

Essential Skill -- Writing

Essential Skill -- Writing Overview of Requirements Updated Apr 2012 Goals for this session Participants will know: Requirements for demonstrating proficiency in the Essential Skill of Writing Official State Scoring Guide traits Resources & professional

development available Class of 2013 Requirements OAR: 581-22-0615 Students first enrolled in grade 9 in 2009-10 (and beyond) will be required to demonstrate proficiency in the following essential skills: read & comprehend a variety of text write clearly and accurately

Write clearly and accurately Adapt writing to different audiences, purposes, and contexts Develop supported, focused, well-reasoned, and organized communications Write to explain, summarize, inform, and persuade Use appropriate conventions including correct usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling ODE Essential Skills Definitions

3 Options to Demonstrate Proficiency 1. Oregon Statewide Assessment of Writing Composite score of 40 2. Other approved standardized assessments SAT Writing Assessment score of 460 or higher

Option 3 Writing Work Samples 2 work samples 1 expository or persuasive 1 any mode: expository, persuasive or narrative (real or imagined) Score of 4 or higher in each of four required traits on Official State Scoring Guide Oregons Writing Assessment Model Analytic rather than holistic

6 traits of writing 4 are required Developed over last 25 years in Oregon by Oregon teachers High confidence as valid assessment High inter-rater reliability of trained raters Six Traits of Writing Ideas and Content* Organization* Voice Word Choice

Sentence Fluency* Conventions* * Required traits for proficiency Six Point Scale Exemplary Exemplary Strong Proficient 3 2

1 Beginning Emerging 4 Developing 5

6 Formative Assessment & Writing Scoring Guide more than final assessment Used throughout writing process Prewriting Early drafts Revising/editing Teach students scoring guide

Improve analytical and critical thinking Rumor versus Reality Rumor Work Samples must be scored by 2 raters Reality Only one rater is required In the case of a borderline passing paper, districts may wish to have

more than 1 rater. Rumor versus Reality Rumor Students may not revise after a work sample has been scored Reality Students may revise and resubmit work

samples to be rescored Rumor versus Reality Rumor Reality Teachers may not provide any feedback Feedback is allowed

using ONLY the Scoring Guide and/or the Official Scoring Form Rumor versus Reality Rumor Students may not use word processors Or Spelling and grammar

check must be disabled Reality Students may use word processors Spelling and grammar check do not need to be disabled Rumor versus Reality Rumor

Reality Only trained raters can score work samples TRUE raters must be trained to use the scoring guide accurately Resources

Oregon Department of Education Website Scoring Guides Work Samples Anchor Papers Classroom resources Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. E.L. Doctorow

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