Essay Writing—the formula

Essay Writing—the formula

Essay Writingthe formula Essay writing is simply a process of writing where you organize information. It is an easy format of writing because it follows a specific

formula. Organizing Information In an essay you are using the best information that you have to prove that a thesis is true. Organize your

information into coherent paragraphs. A Method Gather your best information. Put similar ideas together.

These chunks of information become your main body. The Parts of an Essay Introduction Main Body (usually 3-5 paragraphs)

Conclusion The length of each part is determined by the length of the entire essay. The Introductory Paragraph Funnel Analogy Broad to narrow Introduce the

general topic and move toward your thesis. The Introductory Paragraph Your first sentence will introduce the broadest aspect of your topic. You would name the text you are writing about and the author.

Each sentence moves you closer to your most narrow topic : your thesis. The thesis statement is usually near the end of your introductory paragraph The Introductory Paragraph The first sentence In the novel, Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, a group of British school

boys get stranded on a deserted island in a seeming tropical paradise. Then you would provide specific information to lead to your thesis. Sample 1 2 The Main Body This is where you use your best evidence to prove that your thesis is true.

You refer to events and incidents to support your thesis. You should use direct quotations to support your thesis. Everything you write should be clearly connected to the thesis of your essay. CTT The Main Body Your First Main Point

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to use your strongest point (argument) in the second paragraph of your essay. Usually at the end of the paragraph you write a sentence that connect this argument to your thesis. CTT The Main Body The first sentence of all of the rest of your

main body paragraphs provide a transition from the previous point to your next point. Then follow the same formula: make a point that support your thesis. Use your text to support your argument. Be sure to make a clear CTT. Move to your next point. Make the end of your essay count. Do not fizzle out!

THE CONCLUSION The Concluding Paragraph You have worked hard to write a great essay. Dont leave your reader with a bad last impression.

Draw your final conclusionsmake sure you CTT as you conclude. The Concluding Paragraph COMMON MISTAKES: Starting a new topic. Making a main body argument. NOT concluding the actual topic you

have just written about. ANY QUESTIONS?

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