Eργαλεία Web 2.0

Eργαλεία Web 2.0

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, , (constructivism)application in real world contexts) (constructivism)from) Honebein, 1996; Jonassen, 1991; Kanuka & Anderson, 1999) ... ...

(constructivism)Bakhtin, 1975) (constructivism)Wegerif, R., 2009) , Greenhow, Robelia, & Hughes, (constructivism)2009)

, Jonassen, 1991 (constructivism)) (constructivism)?) (constructivism)Level of academ)ic challenge)

(constructivism)National Survey of Student Engagement, 2003) Dron and Anderson, 2007 10

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E Web 2.0m)ail face to face - blended group Garrison, R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W. (constructivism)2000). Critical

learning skillsthinking in text-based environm)ent: Com)puter conferencing in higher education. The Internet and Higher Education, 2(2), Wenger : (constructivism)m)utual engagem)ent) (constructivism)

projects) (constructivism) (constructivism)LMS), ), )

: , , , & - (constructivism) ) / , Cousin & Deepwell 2005 (constructivism)Baron, 2005) , Relationships

Paulsen (1993) Law of Cooperative Freedom LMS), Google docs (constructivism)S), ky) pe) (1) S), ocial software approach vs. LMS), /groupware approach groupware

social s/w by default , ,

/ oy) d, 2003, Bartlett-Bragg, 2003, wikipedia Learning Managem)ent S), y) stem)s (constructivism)LMS), ) (1)

K , Licence fees (constructivism)social learning) social m)edia tools


, privacy) / security) Olson, 1989, Hoyles, 1992, y) nigos, 2003, Ky) nigos & Argy) ris, 2004 free providers ; ,

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: Dron and Anderson, 2007 Networked Learning Connectivist Pedagogy (constructivism)connectivism)) (constructivism)Inform)al learning)

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(constructivism)) . (constructivism)connectivism)) (constructivism)2) . , . , (constructivism)Currency) )

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George S), iem)ens, 2004 , . . .

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(constructivism)contextualized) 27 E Web 2.0 , / Metaphor: Virtual Community of Practice

Dron and Anderson, 2007 Com)m)unities

(constructivism)distributed) - , (constructivism)direct reciprocity) )

. (Brown and Duguid, 2001) : 30 Participatory) Pedagogy) (constructivism)Bruns, A. (constructivism)2008). Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage. )

S), tudents as content co-creators Com)plexity) Davis, B., & S), um)ara, D. (constructivism)2006). Complexity and Education the unfinished course Learning in environm)ents in which activities and outcom)es em)erge in response to authentic needs creates powerful learning opportunities Learning at the edge of chaos Complicity: An International Journal of Complexity and Education Transparency) Dalsgaard, C., & Paulsen, M. (constructivism)2009). Transparency) in

Cooperative Online E Web 2.0ducation. International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning, 10(3) S), ee the Networked S), tudent by) Wendy) Drexler How do we Build Networks of Practice ? Motivation m)arks, rewards, self and net efficacy) , net-presence S), tructural support

E Web 2.0xposure and training Transparent sy) stem)s Wireless access, m)obile com)puting Cognitive skills content + procedural, disclosure control S), ocial connections, reciprocity) Creating and sustaining a spiral of social capital building Nahapiet & Ghoshal (constructivism)1998) Group

Network Collective 32 Aggregated other Unconscious wisdom) of crowds S), tigm)ergic aggregation Algorithm)ic rules Augm)entation and annotation More used, m)ore uMetaphor: seful Data Mining Wisdom of Crowds Never F2F a kind of cy) ber-organism), form)ed from) people linked algorithm)ically) it grows

through the aggregation of Individual, Group and Networked activities Dron & Anderson, 2007 We leave traces as we learn and use the Net How can we use these traces to im)prove learning? Can the crowd learn to teach? (constructivism)Dron & Anderson, 2009) Connectivist Tools http://www.go2web20.net/

Connectivist Technologies From) S), iem)ens and Tittenberger, 2009 Connectivist Technology) E Web 2.0xam)ples from) Athabasca E Web 2.0lgg Landing.athabascau.ca S), ocial networking

E Web 2.0asy) M-Cast (constructivism)Podcast, videocasts, screen casts) Tutor office hours & recorded via E Web 2.0llum)inate Athabasca presence in im)m)ersive worlds ie S), econd Life AU on FaceBook & RateMy) Professor Media Lab at AU Com)m)unication tool chests New Pedagogical Model for AU self-paced courses Research on student use of course archives Mining of LMS), activities Challenges to Connectivist Learning Models Privacy)

Control Dealing with disruptive change Institutional S), upport S), ustaining m)otivation and com)m)itm)ent Network Tool S), et (constructivism)exam)ple) Text Text 38 Stepanyan, Mather & Payne, 2007

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