Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety 7.31 Safety in the workplace 7.41 Safety signs, symbols and labels 7.42 Hazardous materials Ergonomics Promotes personal safety in the workplace. Includes the correct placement and use of

furniture and equipment. Encourages workers to avoid repetitive motions. Ergonomics Healthcare workers should have an awareness of the environment to prevent injuries. It is our responsibility to

report unsafe situations. Equipment and Solutions DO NOT operate equipment until you are instructed on its proper use. Read and follow operating instructions. Report damaged or malfunctioning equipment immediately.

Equipment and Solutions Use lockout tags/devices following agency procedures. DO NOT use frayed or damaged electrical cords, or a plug with a broken prong. x Equipment and Solutions

DO NOT handle electrical equipment with wet hands or around water. Store all equipment in its proper place. Read Material Safety Data Sheets before using chemicals. Equipment and Solutions

DO NOT use solutions in unlabeled bottles. Read the label three times to assure you are using the correct solution. DO NOT mix solutions unless done under proper supervision. Patient and Resident Safety

DO NOT perform procedures unless instructed to do so. Use only correct and approved methods, never shortcuts. Patient and Resident Safety Provide patient privacy: 1. Knock before entering the room. 2. Speak to the patient and identify yourself.

3. Ask for permission to go around a privacy curtain. 4. Provide privacy before beginning a procedure. Patient and Resident Safety Identify the patient. 1. Check the ID band. 2. Ask the patient to state his or her name. 3. Address the patient by his or her name at least twice.

Explain what you are going to do. Never perform a procedure if the patient refuses. Patient and Resident Safety Be alert to the patients condition at all times, and report any changes. Be alert to environmental safety hazards. Before leaving a patient, be sure:

1. 2. 3. 4. The bed is at its lowest level, wheels locked. The call bell is within reach. Supplies are within easy reach. To leave the area neat and clean.

Personal Safety Protect yourself and others from injury. Use correct body mechanics. Wear the required uniform. Walk DO NOT run!

Personal Safety Immediately report personal injury to your supervisor. Report unsafe situations to your supervisor. Keep areas clean and neat with everything in the proper place. Wash hands frequently.

Personal Safety Keep hands away from face, eyes and mouth. Dry hands before touching equipment. Use safety glasses when needed. Personal Safety Avoid horseplay and practical jokes. If solutions get in your eyes, flush

with water and inform your supervisor. If a particle gets in your eye inform your supervisor and DONT rub it or try to remove the particle. Signs and Symbols Bio-hazard symbol

Signs and Symbols Standard precaution symbols for: Wash hands Wear gloves Wear mask Wear eye protection Wear gown Labels Use solutions only as directed

on the label. Follow manufacturers directions for storage of chemicals. For breakage or spills, notify your supervisor immediately and follow disposal instructions on the label or MSDS.

Implications of Hazardous Materials Manufacturers must provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for hazardous products. The MSDS must provide: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Information about the chemical Protection/precautions to be used Instructions for safe use Procedures for spills, cleanup and disposal Emergency first aid if injury occurs

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