End of the War - The Nest

End of the War - The Nest

END OF THE WAR DAILY QUIZ JANUARY 26/29 1. Which 3 countries made up the Axis powers? 2. When was Pearl Harbor? 3. What was the Nye Committee?

MAKING AN ARGUMENT How far should a country be willing to go to finish a war? Justify your answer using examples, if possible. (Were talking about dropping the atomic bomb today) Write at least 4 sentences

DEATH OF A PRESIDENT April 12, 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt dies in office What happens when the president dies? The same day, his vice president, Harry Truman, takes over April 30 Hitler commits suicide May 8, 1945- Germany surrenders (V-E Day)

ISLAND HOPPING What was the strategy of island hopping? Whos idea was it? Was it more or less effective than taking over each individual island in the Pacific? Write a short paragraph (4 sentences) explaining why the strategy you chose was the better one

THE MANHATTAN PROJECT Due to fear that the Nazis were working on an atomic bomb, Roosevelt made a team of scientists to study the technology Led by J. Robert Oppenheimer, this secret project was code named the Manhattan Project On July 16, 1945, they detonated the worlds first atomic

bomb in New Mexico INVASION OF OKINAWA In March 1945, the US firebombs Tokyo, killing 80,000 and destroying 250,000 buildings Despite this, Japan wont surrender, leading the US to think that only an invasion of Japan would end the war.

To prepare for an invasion, the US attacks the island of Okinawa, 350 miles away from mainland Japan TERMS FOR SURRENDER After the US capture Okinawa, the Japanese agree to surrender It was a conditional surrender, however The Japanese

emperor, Hirohito, had to stay in power. Most Americans blamed Hirohito for the war President Truman didnt want to go against public opinion and had a weapon that could force an unconditional surrender HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI

Truman believed that a traditional invasion of Japan would come with a high death toll. He thought it was his duty to use the bomb to save American lives. August 6, 1945- the Enola Gay drops an atomic bomb on Hiroshima Between 80,000 and 120,000 died instantly August 9, 1945- another bomb is dropped on Nagasaki

Between 35,000 and 74,000 die That same day, the Soviets declared war on Japan August 15, 1945- Japan surrenders (V-J Day) HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI ATOMIC BOMB DEBATE

You will pair up with somebody else in the class to have a debate on whether the atomic bomb was a triumph or a tragedy Decide who will argue each side, then research your position using the documents in the blue primary source book When I tell you to, you will debate the issue! NUREMBERG TRIALS

Nuremburg Laws- A set of German laws defining what it meant to be Jewish or German and specifying the rights of each group Nuremburg Trials- A set of trials prosecuting Axis leaders for war crime committed during WWII 22 German leaders were prosecuted, 7 get prison sentences, 12 are put to death 25 Japanese leaders are prosecuted (not Hirohito), 18 get prison, 7

are hung CREATE A TIMELINE On a piece of scratch paper, draw a timeline that illustrates the following events

Roosevelts death/Truman becoming President V-E Day V-J Day

Pearl Harbor Dropping the atomic bomb on Japan TRUMAN, IN SUMMARY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIS-acV14Oc

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