End of Term Awards - Church Hill Middle School

End of Term Awards - Church Hill Middle School

End of Term Achievement Awards KS3 AUTUMN TERM Congratulations to all students who have received awards this term for their excellent attitude to learning. Make sure you are doing all you can to be nominated next term. Science Miss Lewis Sophia Pearce Zola Goldsmith Connor Jones Kieran Teague Tahlia Spencer

Reese Newman Eva Selina Oran Pearce Charlie Rastall Sophie Little Ben Dargan Billy Beckett

Anthony Farmer Aaliyah Bosworth Gabriel Dumbrava Alex Blake Science Winner Reese Newman Fantastic effort and attitude in every lesson. Happy to help others as part of a team and fantastic determination when working independently. Achieved Mastery in his Forces test. Keep it up

Humanities - Mr Barker Reece Lloyd Piper Rich Roksana Dzivibak Michael Matthews Megan Howard Lauren Bates Ben Clive

Kiera Parks Lizzie Clive Connor Jones Alyssa Baralli Hollie Cheshire Ross Cowell Aiden Bonnie Gabriel Bumbrava Ethan Cartmell

Ruth McCarthy Mariaja Zvierdre Aliesha Aulton Kyle Thomas Kieran Teague Humanities Winner Gabriel Dumbrava Excellent effort and achievement in History. Shows dedication to learning and supports the learning of others. Can be a great team player in group work but

excellent when he needs to be independent. Maths Morgan Farley Jessica Shergold Brandon Cleford Sophia Pearce Lily Blake Lucie Andrews

Kyle T Piper Rich Zola Goldsmith Harry Chatwin Ellie Aston Kacper Maths Winner Morgan Farley

This person has been nominated by the mathematics department for her continuous effort in the subject. She is currently working on higher level activities and is prepared to share he understanding with others in the class. She will often demonstrate her understanding and contribute to class discussions. Congratulations and keep up the hard work. English Mrs Lewis Weronika Bulanda Luke Jenkins Chanelle Buck Lauren Caulwell Emily Reynolds Hailing

Courtney S William Cleaver Eva Silina Callum Mills Jack Burdon Gemma Parsons Sam Cox

Harry Giddings Danielle Mason Maria Zviedre Maciej Czezot Connor Brookes Sian Bowman Holly Reeves

Keeleigh Gillespie Jess Shergold English Winner Jess Shergold Uses every lesson to excel and show her talent in English. Jess has a fantastic manner and is keen to support the learning of others. She takes the feedback given to her to make improvements to her work. Reading Mrs Lewis

Isabel Dudley Aliesha Aulton Jack Bell Zola Goldsmith Kian Shanley Kieran Teague Jess Elston Mateusz Moniewski Oran Pearce Ruth Mccarthy Hayley Ordidge Ryan Beech Shannon Bowden Blake Mc Donough Alfie Oliver Bradley Wade Reading Winner Blake Mc Donough Showing huge progress in his reading in this term. Blake has been dedicated in class and has make great

improvements. Keep up the great work! Drama Mrs Gorton Aliesha Aulton Piper Rich Ruth McCarthy Luke Jenkins Mateusz Kai Masters Marija Zviedre Holly Reeves Hayley Oldridge Drama Winner Mateusz Moniewski

Has been enthusiastic and focused. Always willing to have a go and a real team player. He has taken on board all suggestions to improve his work and pushed himself to take part even when the activity was slightly out of his comfort zone. Music Mrs Gorton Charlie Rastall Piper King Tom Gorton Chardonnay Shaw Aliesha Aulton Laine Meadows Sophie Little Kieran Teague Sophia Pearce Music Winner Sophia

Pearce Sophia has sung solo and played keyboard in the school concert. She also plays guitar. Sophia attends all music extra curricular rehearsals and has supported her peers within class activities. She has successfully started working on a GCSE composition. Sophia also conducted the school choir at our Christmas celebration, St Leonards Church on Dec 7th. PE Miss Laight & Mr Miles Girls Boys Maddie Beaver Reece Lloyd Brooke Mc

William Cleaver Lizzie Clive Connor Jones Piper Rich Kai Masters Chardonnay Shaw Brandon Clelford

Olivia Jankowska Reece Miles Grace Beaver Luke Jenkins Tahlia Spencer Kian Shanley Gemma Parsons

Reese Newman PE Winner Maddie Beaver Always willing to support the learning of others. Consistent positive attitude and always willing to improve. French Miss Hatton Ellie Aston Olivia Alex Betts Alex Blake

Amber Mills Kieran T Isabel Lucie Andrews Morgan F Piper Maddie Beaver

Mateuz Grace Beaver French Winner Lucie Andrews Thinking deeply about her answers and asking relevant questions. Lucie attempts the most challenging learning objectives ands works without distraction every lesson. Computing Mr Savage George Webb James Stait

Jessica Shergold Michael Matthews Lainey Meadows Benjamin Clive Harry Chatwin Lly Blake William Cleaver Courtney Hewitt

Computing Winner George Webb Knowledge and understanding throughout the term. Great application of skills in programming lessons. Art Miss Farrell Harry Chatwin Reece Lloyd Jess Chester Lucie Andrews

Roksana Sian Bowman Mariaja Weronika Ben Clive Shannon Patterson Ryan Beech Art Winner

Reece Lloyd I have chosen Reece as my Artist of the Term, due to his fantastic attitude and effort in every lesson. Regardless of the task, he continuously challenges himself and takes risks with his work; he never gets put off when they dont go to plan. He is always super polite and helpful and is a top coconut! Perfect Attendance Year 7 Isabel Dudley Niamh Groves Year 8 Jessica Hill Kieran Teague Madison Beaver Tom Beck Bill Beckett Lizzie Clive Ross Cowell Gabriel Dumbrava Courtney Hewitt Keira Park Alex Blake Lily Blake

Chloe Cartland Oliwia Jankowska Chelsey Lloyd Harmony Marriot Morgan Farley Harry Giddings Thomas Gorton Gemma Parsons Harry Prince Sian Bowman Jessica Chester Connor Brookes Emily Croft Megan Howard Sophie Little Lainie Meadows Hayley Oldridge These students have all had a 100% attendance this term.

You will all be getting a letter sent home well done Head Teacher Award Mrs Giles has taken this opportunity to select a student who she thinks has been exceptional in so many ways this term. Thank you and farewell Mrs Gorton Mrs Giles We are very sad to be saying farewell to Mrs Gorton as a tutor in KS3 and our Head Teacher Mrs Giles. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE! FROM KS3

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