Elements and Compounds - PC\|MAC

Elements and Compounds - PC\|MAC

The Rock Cycle A presentation by Science Doodles Vocabulary Words

Earth's Evolution

Mineral Composition Rock Cycle Igneous Rock Lava


Metamorphic Rock Heat and Pressure Sedimentary Rock Compaction

Cementation Earths Evolution

Earths Evolution Mineral Composition

Mineral Composition Rock Cycle

Rock Cycle Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock Lava

Lava Magma

Magma Metamorphic Rock

Metamorphic Rock Heat and Pressure

Heat and Pressure Sedimentary Rock

Sedimentary Rock Compaction

Compaction Cementation

Cementation The Three Types of Rocks

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The Rock Cycle _____________________ Foldable

Comparing Rocks _____________________

Triple Venn Diagram Quiz

What occurs when rock particles are pressed together or packed down by gravity and overlying rocks?

What is melted or molten rock material under the Earth's surface? (Cools slowly with larger crystals)

What is it when Earth's rocks change from one type into another over time due to various Earth's processes?

What are changing variables due to the weight of overlying rocks, forming metamorphic rock?

What happened when Earth was partly molten, allowing dense metals to sink to the core, less dense separated into layers?

What occurs when compacted sediments stick together and turn into rock?

What is formed deep underground where heat and pressure cause existing rocks to be changed?

What is the unique combination of solid elements and compounds that make up a mineral?

What is molten rock or magma that has reached the Earth's surface, rapid cooling small crystals?

What are rocks that form when particles of other rocks are deposited in layers and are

compared and cemented together? What is formed when lava or magma cools and solidifies? (Lava

cools quickly, magma cools slowly.) Sources http://cdn3.collective-evolution.com/assets/uploads/2014/02

/newearth3.jpg http://i.imgur.com/LZ54KKM.jpg https://edshelf.com/wp-content/uploads/earthsrocks_iPad01. png

http://www.allaboutgemstones.com/images/rock_cycle_igne ous_intrusive_pluton.jpg http://regentsearth.com/ILLUSTRATED%20GLOSSARY/Glossar y%20Pix/MagmaLava.jpg

http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/images/pictures/earth/metamo rphicrock.jpg http://clifford4a.weebly.com/uploads/4/8/9/9/4899065/_989 191_orig.jpg

http://www.minimegeology.com/shop/images/sandstone_w.g if

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