E-Commerce Security - San Francisco State University

E-Commerce Security - San Francisco State University

E-Commerce E-Commerce Buying and selling, and marketing and servicing of products and services, and information via computer networks. Broad Band & Economy According to the study released by Connected Nation, A 7 percent increase in broadband adoption would:

create 2.4 million jobs across the U.S; save $6.4 billion in vehicle mileage U.S. residents would save 3.8 billion hours a year by conducting transactions online, at a cost-savings of $35.2 billion, according to the study. http://www.connectednation.org/ E-Commerce Models B2C: Storefront model E-tailing (electronic retailing)

Shopping cart, on-line shopping mall B2B: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Electronic Exchange: An electronic forum where manufacturers, suppliers, and competitors buy and sell goods. Example: Global Sources and WorldWide Retail Exchange (WWRE) http://wwre.globalsources.com/ C2C: Auction model: e-Bay, Craig's List

C2B: A business model in which consumers (individuals) offer products and services to companies and the companies pay them. http://c2b.typepad.com/c2b/c2b_business_model/ Amazon Affiliate program: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ Etc.

M-Business E-Business enabled by wireless communication. Cell phone, PDA QR Code-Enabled Virtual Store Tesco Subway virtual store: http://www.adverblog.com/2011/06/23/tescossubway-virtual-store/ Well.ca Opens QR Code-Enabled Virtual

Store in Downtown Toronto: http://www.delvinia.com/well-ca-opens-qrcode-enabled-virtual-store-in-downtowntoronto/ Location Based Services Location-Identification Technologies: Geocode: Longitude, latitude Global Positioning System (GPS) Cell phone Angle of Arrival (AOA) E-Payment

Online credit card transaction: Card-not-present transaction PayPal: https://www.paypal.com/ Google Checkout: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin? service=sierra&continue=https:// checkout.google.com/main?upgrade %3Dtrue&hl=en_US&nui=1<mpl=default&sa cu=1

Channel Conflict For example, a manufacturing company may have a large, established dealer network. The channel conflict exists, when the companies tries to open another channel, such as an online store where customers can purchase goods directly from the company. This may alienate existing dealers, since they may feel that they are bypassed. Increase Traffic to Website

Search engine optimization: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_engine_optimization Search Engine Relevancy Reviewed http://www.seobook.com/relevancy Tips: http://www.2createawebsite.com/ebook/TrafficBuildingTips.pdf Grow your business with Google Google AdWords

Yahoo!'s Open Search Platform http://tools.search.yahoo.com/newsearch/open.html Internet Security Authenticity: Is the sender of a message who they claim to be? Privacy: Are the contents of a message secret and only known to the sender and receiver? Integrity: Have the contents of a message been modified during transmission?

Nonrepudiation: Can the sender of a message deny that they actually sent the message? Encryption (Cryptography) Plain text: the original message in humanreadable form. Ciphertext:the encrypted message Encryption algorithm: the mathematical formula used to encrypt the plain text. Key: the secret key used to encrypt and decrypt a message.

Encryption Example Digits: 0-9, Encryptor: Replace each digit by Mod(Digit + Key, 10) Keys value is from 0 to 9 If Key = 7, then: 0 -> 7, 1->8, 2->9, 3->0, 4->1, 5->2 Decryptor:

Replace each digit byMod(Digit + (10-Key), 10) If key=7, then 7->0, 8->1, 9->2, 0->3 Encryption Algorithms Private key encryption symmetric cryptography Public key encryption asymmetric cryptography

Digital signature Digital certificate Private Key (secret Key) Encryption The same key is used by a sender (for encryption) and a receiver (for decryption) The key must be transmitted to the receiver. Example: DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm

with 56-bit key Public Key Encryption Uses two different keys: a public and a private key. Receivers public key must be delivered in advance. Sender uses receivers public key to encrypt the message and receiver uses private key to decrypt the message (Sender can be sure the receiver is the true receiver) Example: RSA (Rivest, Shamir, and Adelman) algorithm with 512-bit to

1024-bit key. Note: Although the two keys are mathematically related, deriving one from the other is computationally infeasible. Digital Signature It is used for the authentication and nonrepudiation of senders. Tech heavyweights join OpenID

Foundation board IBM, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and VeriSign have joined the board of the OpenID Foundation, which puts consumers a little closer to being able to use a single sign-on when they surf the Web. It is simpler: People no longer have to remember multiple passwords or re-enter their personal information every time they visit a new site. It is also more secure because it protects against certain types of online attacks.


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