Driving Smarter: Fleet Telematics Solutions

Driving Smarter: Fleet Telematics Solutions

Click to edit Master title style Driving Smarter: Fleet Telematics Solutions Kevin Wood, Coordinator Randy Wilde, Co-Coordinator July 14, 2016 Click toClean edit Cities Master title style U. S. Department of Energy Clean Cities Program Mission - To advance the energy, economic, and environmental security of the U.S. by supporting local decisions to reduce petroleum use in transportation.

The San Diego Regional Clean Cities Coalition was established in 1996 to: Build partnerships to support clean vehicle deployment Promote alternative fuels including: Electricity, propane, natural gas, biodiesel and ethanol Help fleets and consumers make informed decisions about fuel technologies ClickTodays to edit Agenda Master title Introductions - 11:00 AM style What is telematics and how can it help me? Solutions in Action - 11:15 AM Hear from local fleets who have implemented telematics

Group Discussion - 11:45 AM Vendor introductions, Q&A with fleet speakers and vendors Networking Lunch - 12:15 PM Enjoy a complimentary lunch, network with your peers, and interact with vendors Click Telematics to edit Master Basicstitle style Position Current location Path of travel Geofencing

Safety Utilization Trips Miles driven Idling Speeding Hard braking or acceleration Maintenance Diagnostics Smog check

Click SavetoFuel editand Master Money title style Improve routing Utilization and right-sizing Minimize risk and improve safety Optimize maintenance schedules Reduce idling and inefficient driving practices

Integrating Click to edit Alternative Master title Fuels style Telematics can help you: Know your vehicles so you can make smart decisions Assess suitability and cost of alternative technologies

Match the right fuel to the right application ClickFleet to edit Speakers Master title style Michael Simonds, Fleet Repair Supervisor City of San Diego Ron Bent, Equipment Superintendent Caltrans Bradley Northup, Fleet Acquisitions Coordinator County of San Diego

Click Vendor to editSpeakers Master title Yukon Palmer, Founder style Field Technologies Adam McCarty, Commercial Leader Lytx DriveCam Jerry Leatherman, National Account Manger Geotab Dan Zdarko, Business Account Manager Verizon Networkfleet ClickTodays

to edit Vendors Master title style Fieldlogix: fieldtechnologies.com FleetCarma: fleetcarma.com Geotab: geotab.com GPS Insight: gpsinsight.com Lytx DriveCam: lytx.com Verizon Networkfleet: networkfleet.com Teletrac: teletrac.com

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