Dramatic Structure of Shakespeare's Plays

Dramatic Structure of Shakespeare's Plays

Dramatic Structure of Shakespeares Plays The Basic Plot Structure Diagram for FICTION Dramatic Structure Act III The Point of No Return for Tragic Hero Act II Tragic Hero acts because of his tragic

flaw Act I Tragic Heros Tragic Flaw is Introduced Act IV Consequences of the Point of No Return - Shakespearean Drama Plot Structure Diagram Act V Catharsis

The Tragic Hero shows remorse Act I Introduction Exposition The exposition provides the background information needed to properly understand the story, such as the protagonist, the antagonist, the basic conflict, and the setting. It ends with the inciting moment, which is the incident without which there would be no story. The inciting moment sets the remainder of the story in motion beginning with the second act, the

rising action. Act I, Scene vii Act II - Rising action The floating dagger Forgetting to leave the daggers with the guards Banquo knows the prophecy Macbeth was disturbed when he couldnt say amen with the guards The witches The blood..

During rising action, the basic internal conflict is complicated by various obstacles that frustrate the protagonist's attempt to reach his goal. Act III, Climax The third act is that of the climax, or turning point, which marks a change, for the

better or the worse, in the protagonists affairs. If the story is a comedy or Romance, things will have gone badly for the protagonist up to this point; now, the tide, so to speak, will turn, and things will begin to go well for him or her. If the story is a tragedy, the opposite state of affairs will ensue, with things going from good to bad for the protagonist. Act IV - Falling action The falling action might contain a moment of final

suspense, during which the final outcome of the conflict is in doubt. Remember: The falling action is that part of the story in which the turning point of the main character is now evident in his/her actions. In Macbeth, we see that Macbeth is now wicked. By the pricking of my thumbs, / Something wicked this way comes say the witches and thenMacbeth

walks on stage (4.1.6162). Act V Resolution Dnouement The comedy ends with a dnouement (a conclusion) in which the protagonist is better off than when the story began. In the comedy As You Like It, couples marry, an evildoer repents, two disguised characters are revealed for all to see, two sets of brothers reunite and the rightful ruler is restored to power. Conflicts are resolved, creating normality for the characters and a

sense of catharsis, or release of tension and anxiety, for the audience because evil has been punished Catastrophe In Shakespeare's tragedies, The tragedy ends with a catastrophe in which the protagonist is worse off than when the story began.

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