DIGITAL STORYTELLING - Wilmington University

DIGITAL STORYTELLING - Wilmington University

DIGITAL STORYTELLING The craft of using technology to tell a DIGITAL STORYTELLING What is it? Use of media Text, TEXT, Text Visuals Music Video Voice Digital method shares with a wider audience

The storytelling format makes the case more convincing sway an audience increase donations create a connection to the audience Why Should I Implement Digital Storytelling Into My Course? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

7. Educational Goals and Objectives Enhance lessons, causing higher order thinking skills Appeals to diverse learning styles Assign research to require a point of view Practice communication skills Entice writing skills Engage students to develop a meaningful voice Encourage technology skills Creating a Digital Assignment Encourage Students to Plan 7. Provide a rubric or criteria to follow Scripting (200-300 word script)

Storyboarding create a digital sequence Recording Voice, Add music, Editing Fine Tuning --- titles, transitions, credits Saving Sharing Sample Rubric from University of Houston Rubistar-customize your own rubric 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. Start a Digital Story 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Look at the assignment Ask What do I want to tell? use text Ask What emotion do I want to convey? Gather the images to bring the story to life Gather the sound to bring the images to life Use voice, background soundtrack Spend time assembling the story

Types of Digital Stories 1. Personal Narratives 2. Character stories Memorial stories Stories about events or places in our lives Stories about what we do Recovery & discovery stories

Love Stories Examination of Historical Themes and Events Explore and depict a historical theme or event. Require students to research a topic Use informational & media literacy skills 3. Digital Personal Narrativ e Reading Stories that Inform or Instruct Curriculum content which delivers information Motivational/Inspirational Testimonial

Samples using PPT and Animoto Digital Storytelling Videos made with PPT Starfish an inspirational message for all teachers Digital Storytelling: Social Studies 7th Grade George Washington Carver Biography Project Angry Birds Movie Made with PowerPoint 2010 Teacher Quotes The Story of an Hour Tribute to Those Who Wear Blue Digital Storytelling Videos made with Animoto Historic Philadelphia - How to Make Dessert! Caterpillar Into Butterfly - Inspirational - Life Cycle of a Plant - Ellis Island - Educational Fair Use

Copyright Information Again, the University of Houston provides great information regarding this subject! The law provides four non-exclusive factors to be used in determining whether a use is fair. These are commonly referred to as the four fair use factors. They are: 1. 2. 3. 4. The purpose of the use, including whether the use is a commercial use or for non-profit educational purposes** The nature of the work The amount used The effect on the marketing (or value) of the original work Copy Right Copy Wrong The Educators' Lean and Mean No FAT Guide to Fair Use

Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education Gathering Media: Images Here are some sources of copyright-free images: 1. Flickr from Creative Commons is a free resource of non-copyrighted images. 2. Creative Commons Search 3. 4. Public Domain, Copyright Free, Open Source, and Stud ent Use Images and Media 5. 6. 7. 8. Copyright Free and Public Domain Media Sources Presentations ETC (includes copyright-free audio) Public Domain Art, Books, Images, and Links

Copyright-Friendly Images Adding Audio most easily used audio file type in projects is an .MP3 1. Tool to Record a Voice File Audacity Lame to export files as MP3 me-mp3 PC Sound Recorder Record narrations or audio right in PowerPoint 2. Add Music Royalty and copyright free audio files found on the

web PPT Enhancement Tutorials Creative PowerPoint Animation PowerPoint2010 Adding Animations Digital Storytelling Applications Mac and PC 1. PC Programs Microsoft Photo Story 3 (still images) Windows Movie Maker (still images and/or video clips) PowerPoint Web Tools - Animoto

2. Mac Programs iPhoto (still photos and music) Apple iMovie (still images and/or video clips) PowerPoint Web Tools - Animoto Review What Makes a Good Digital Story? Seven Elements of Effective Digital Storytelling 1. A point of view 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

A dramatic question Emotional content Economy Pacing The gift of your voice An accompanying soundtrack (The Connected Classroom, Learning & Leading with Technology Volume 32 ) Digital Storytelling COLLECT YOUR PHOTOS NOW! 1. 2. Develop a sample digital story for your course. OR design a digital assignment for your students. References CBLearning1. (2010, March 12). Powerpoint 2010 - adding animations. Retrieved from http:// Copyright-copy wrong?. (nd). Copyright-copy wrong?. Retrieved from Jackson, J. (2011, December 1). Creative powerpoint animation. Retrieved from v=t8weubyztSI Lambert, J. (2010, January). Digital storytelling cookbook. Retrieved from Lasica, JD. (2006, October 2). Digital storytelling: a tutorial in 10 easy steps. Retrieved from Matthew, G. (2006, September 28). Digital storytelling assignments: tips and suggestions. Retrieved from National Council Teachers of English. (2008, November). Code of best practices in fair use for media literacy education. Retrieved from The University of Houston. (2011). Educational uses of digital storytelling. Retrieved from http:// (nd). Rubistar: create rubrics for problem based learning activities. Retrieved October 18, 2012, from

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