Digital Curation: DAMS, Digital Preservation, Digital ...

Digital Curation: DAMS, Digital Preservation, Digital ...

Digital Preservation, Digital Curation, Digital Lifecycle Management and DAMS (ALL THE Ds!) Adapted from Allie Brosh: Digital _________ Typically, if an American source: Digital Preservation

Digital Curation Search Terms: Digital Lifecycle Management - Management - Technology - Content

- Standards Digital _________ Typically, if a European source: Digital Curation Digital Preservation Digital Lifecycle Management

Management, Technology, Content, Standards Search Terms: Digital Lifecycle Management Ian Whittock Search Terms:

Digital Lifecycle Management University of Texas Libraries - The University of Texas at Austin Search Terms: Lifecycle Management (LCM); Format Migration; Ingest; Digital Preservation What its not: More than just having backups Not just providing access to files as ingested Something you can tack onto existing management

What it is: The active and ongoing management and enhancement of digital assets for current and future use. (NRC) The active management of digital content over time to ensure ongoing access. (LOC) A series of managed activities necessary to ensure continued access to digital materials for as long as necessary. (DPC) Search Terms: Digital Preservation; Digital Curation; Data Curation; Digital Preservation

Search Terms: DPWorkshop; Corrado & Moulaison; Three-legged stool of DP/DC Management Digital Preservation Management You need a high level mandate that DP is a priority Your official policies must reflect this priority Your funding must align with the needs of DP You need to provide ongoing training You need to comply as much as possible with OAIS You need to decide on selection criteria, metadata, format,

retention and review periods, your user communities Well defined risk management strategy Search Terms: Open Archival Information System; Risk Management; Schemas; Digital Preservation Technology Your systems need to aim for being Trusted Digital Repositories (TDR) All elements of your digital lifecycle are managed, monitored, reviewed, and action taken All paths data take are monitored and checked for

bitstream and other transfer errors Metadata schema infrastructure is implemented in your various systems Preservation formats are selected, monitored, reviewed and migrated as necessary Search Terms: Trusted Digital Repository; TRAC; PREMIS; Technology Digital Preservation Content

Identify what content types are eligible for digital preservation and which systems of record are responsible Provide selection criteria and retention review periods for each content type, by scientific disciple if necessary. Compare to physical collection accession/deaccession Enhance metadata for preservation, management, discovery and reuse where possible Digital curation, collections management, and research staff should coordinate efforts to ensure maximum discoverability for both internal and external users

Search Terms: Designated Communities; Content Producers; Content Digital Preservation Standards Meetings Policies

CIS(s) & SciRep Metadata DAMS Formats Meetings Policies Funding

LCM Search Terms: OAIS Reference Model; SIP; AIP; DIP; Designated Community; Virtual Workflows A lesson in paranoia TDR DAMS Managed Temp Storage System Integration

CIS(s) Sci Data Repository Paranoid checks: Jhove, hash, fixity, FITS, etc. Search Terms: Bitrot; Fixity; TCP/IP; Packet Drop; Network Session Interruption; Whats the difference? CIS Focus on management of

INFORMATION Relationships between data Ability to centrally manage all collections management and specimen-based workflows Ability to transform and export data in various data standards and protocols DAMS Focus on management

of FILES Easy to find and share files Digital curation services focused on the file: fixity, hashes, format Ability to monitor and migrate by format type Sci Data Repositories

Focus on management of discipline specific data types Both Information and Files are stored Tailored to very specific designated community Able to accommodate unique needs of data Search Terms: CIS; DAMS; Designated Communities; Fixity; Hash; Transcode

Where to start? Take a deep breath Do a lot of reading and watch some YouTube videos (refs in Resource Doc) When youre ready, do a self-assessment and gap analysis (see Resource Doc) Take those findings and work one by one to improve your policies, strengthen your systems, enhance your digital lifecycle management, and expand your training opportunities Strive to achieve TDR status, even if you never plan on getting officially certified Then do it all over again. Remember active and ongoing By the time you reach this point, technology has changed, new data types are probably being created and something is broken.

Search Terms: OCLC TDR Checklist; gap analysis; Magenta Book; ISO 14721:2012 Adapted from Allie Brosh: Follow-up Questions? Rebecca Snyder [email protected]

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