Death Unit Review - Mrs. Knutson's Science Page

Death Unit Review - Mrs. Knutson's Science Page

DEATH UNIT REVIEW QUESTION #1 Fill in the blanks. Death is defined as the irreversible cessation of ________________, __________________ and all _____________ functions.

Circulation, respiration and brain QUESTION #2 What is the purpose for the item shown? To create a replica of the person at death for later identification purposes.

This was used before photography to aid investigations of unknown persons. QUESTION #3 A crematory is set at 1000 F for 2 hours. The person being cremated weighs 175 lb. After 2 hours, is the process complete?

No, the temperature should be set at 1400-1800 F. This is the temperature needed to cremate an average size person in 2-3 hours. Bonus Question: How many pounds of ashes? 3-9 pounds of ashes

QUESTION #4 Define the word burial and give its origin. Burial comes from the term birgan and means to conceal QUESTION #5 Which item represents a casket? Why?

The picture on the right is the casket. A casket has a hinged lid for viewing and is rectangular. QUESTION #6 True or False

The Body Farm purchases all of the bodies used in their research from every state except Florida. False. It is illegal to purchase bodies for any reason. QUESTION #7 Into what everyday substance does a body convert during the process of

saponification? Adipocere , Soap, or Grave Wax . Bonus Question: What are the conditions for saponification? Obese women or children in a warm ,moist environment with the participation of bacteria

QUESTION #8 A visit to a funeral home to make arrangements for the embalming of a body followed by burial in a casket describes which type of burial? Traditional

QUESTION #9 What is the meaning of the word cemetery? sleeping chamber Bonus Question: T or F A cemetery is always located next to a religious facility. False. This statement describes a graveyard.

QUESTION #10 What are the specifications for a burial at sea? Ashes 3 miles off shore, no depth requirement Body 3 miles off shore and at least 600 ft deep

QUESTION #11 Which type of burial decreases your carbon footprint? Eco-burial or green burial.

QUESTION #12 True of False Embalming a body may be performed by a coroner, funeral director or a pathologist. False. An embalmer is employed by the funeral home and has a degree in mortuary science.

QUESTION #13 True of False. An embalmed body never decomposes. False. Embalming slows the process, but does not stop the process. QUESTION #14 True or False. Embalming in the United States began during the Civil War.

True. Thomas Holmes arsenic based solution was used to preserve the bodies of the soldiers so they could be returned home for burial. QUESTION #15 What is the difference between a morgue and a mortuary?

Morgue is located in a hospital and is where bodies are autopsied and stored. Mortuaries are located at funeral homes and are where the bodies are prepared for burial. QUESTION #16 For what purpose is natron used?

The salt from the banks of the Nile is used to absorb the moisture from the body during mummification. QUESTION #17 What is the purpose for the tool shown below.

To remove the brain during mummification. QUESTION #18 Where are the organs of a mummy stored? Canopic jars

QUESTION #19 What was the original name for a coroner? Crowner. Bonus Question: What were the job responsibilities for the crowner?

To collect death taxes QUESTION #20 Name three job responsibilities that are shared between a coroner and a medical examiner.

Determination of cause and manner of death Identification of the deceased Completion of the death certificate Notification of the family Protection for the belongings of the deceased

QUESTION #21 I am an elected official and I cannot perform autopsies. Who am I? Coroner QUESTION #22

Fill in the Blank Fingernail scrapings are collected to _____________________. Test for DNA and make a connection to the suspect. QUESTION #23

True or False The Medical Examiners office is responsible for all of the evidence collected from a body. True QUESTION #24 List the 5 manners of death.

Homicide Suicide Accident Natural Undetermined

QUESTION #25 Name the cause, mechanism and manner of death for the following: A snow skier skis off the side of a mountain. Blunt force trauma, extreme blood loss, accident

QUESTION #26 Define autopsy. To see for oneself QUESTION #27 Which two artists were allowed to perform autopsies in the 15th century?

Da Vinci and Michelango QUESTION #28 List the four stages of decay.

Fresh, Putrefaction, Black Putrefaction, Dry Decay QUESTION #29 In which stage does the body bloat? Putrefaction

QUESTION #30 In which stage is the odor the strongest? Black Putrefaction QUESTION #31

Define purge fluids. The fluids that result from the decomposition of a body. QUESTION #32 What insect first arrives to the site of a dead body?

Blowfly QUESTION #33 Why are ants found at a decomposition site? They eat the fly eggs. Bonus Question: When do the hunting spiders

arrive? After dry decay. They use the skeleton as a habitat. QUESTION #34 What information may be ascertained from insect evidence?

PMI, wounds, toxins QUESTION #35 List the four factors that affect maggot growth. Temperature Weather

Wounds Clothing Heat generated from the maggot mass QUESTION #36 Explain the purpose of The Body Farm.

To gain a better understanding of the decomposition process. QUESTION #37 How many eggs are laid by the female fly at one time?

250 eggs QUESTION #38 What is an instar? Larval growth steps of a maggot

QUESTION #39 Which stage in the blowflys life cycle is the longest? Hibernation or pupa stage

QUESTION #40 Why are pigs used for entomological studies? Pigs decompose closest to a human QUESTION #41

Explain the first case that used entomological evidence. Murder in China. Investigator called all farmers to town with their sickles. Although the murderers sickle was clean, flies landed on it within a few minutes.

QUESTION #42 Fill in the blank. After death the rapid change in cellular level of the body is called _______ Autolysis QUESTION #43

How soon will insect activity begin for a body left in the open? Immediately QUESTION #44 _____________ is the most common manner of death? Natural

QUESTION #45 The Post Mortem Interval is _____________________ The time frame between death and the first insect arrival

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