Data analysis in geophysics -

Data analysis in geophysics -

CERI-7104/CIVL-8126 Data Analysis in Geophysics Continue Introduction to Matlab Graphics Handles Lab: practice with interactive input, reading file, and plotting. Lab 9, 09/24/19 More on Graphics Handles How to improve the graphics. See how2handlegraphics.m >> get(0) CallbackObject: Children: CurrentFigure: FixedWidthFontName: HandleVisibility: MonitorPositions: Parent: PointerLocation:

ScreenDepth: ScreenPixelsPerInch: ScreenSize: ShowHiddenHandles: Tag: Type: Units: UserData: >> get(0,'default') ans = struct with fields: [00 GraphicsPlaceholder] [11 Figure] [11 Figure] 'Courier New' 'on' [1 1 1440 900] [00 GraphicsPlaceholder] [219 68] 32 72

[1 1 1440 900] 'off' '' 'root' 'pixels' [] defaultFigurePosition: defaultFigurePaperPositionMode: defaultAxesColorOrder: defaultAxesLineStyleOrder: defaultAxesFontSize: defaultTextFontSize: defaultLineLineWidth: >> [440 378 560 420] 'auto' [0 0 0] [52 char] 18 16

3 >> a=gcf a = Figure (1: basic histogram plot) with properties: Number: 1 Name: 'basic histogram plot' Color: [0.940000000000000 0.940000000000000 0.940000000000000] Position: [440 378 560 420] Units: 'pixels' Show all properties >> gcf gets current figure handle. Next slide shows what happens when you click on show all properties Show all properties Alphamap: BeingDeleted:

BusyAction: ButtonDownFcn: Children: Clipping: CloseRequestFcn: Color: Colormap: CreateFcn: CurrentAxes: CurrentCharacter: CurrentObject: CurrentPoint: DeleteFcn: DockControls: FileName: GraphicsSmoothing: HandleVisibility: InnerPosition: IntegerHandle: Interruptible: InvertHardcopy: KeyPressFcn:

KeyReleaseFcn: MenuBar: Name: NextPlot: Number: NumberTitle: OuterPosition: PaperOrientation: PaperPosition: PaperPositionMode: PaperSize: PaperType: PaperUnits: Parent: Pointer: PointerShapeCData: PointerShapeHotSpot: Position: Renderer: RendererMode: Resize: Scrollable:

SelectionType: SizeChangedFcn: Tag: ToolBar: Type: UIContextMenu: Units: UserData: Visible: WindowButtonDownFcn: WindowButtonMotionFcn: WindowButtonUpFcn: WindowKeyPressFcn: WindowKeyReleaseFcn: WindowScrollWheelFcn: WindowState: WindowStyle: XDisplay: [164 double] 'off' 'queue'

'' [11 Axes] 'on' 'closereq' [0.940000000000000 0.940000000000000 0.940000000000000] [643 double] '' [11 Axes] ')' [00 GraphicsPlaceholder] [0 0] '' 'on' '' 'on' 'on' [440 378 560 420] 'on' 'on' 'on' '' ''

'figure' 'basic histogram plot' 'add' 1 'on' [440 378 560 493] 'portrait' [0.361111111111111 2.583333333333334 7.777777777777779 5.833333333333332] 'auto' [8.500000000000000 11] 'usletter' 'inches' [11 Root] 'arrow' [1616 double] [1 1] [440 378 560 420] 'opengl' 'auto' 'on' 'off' 'normal'

'' '' 'auto' 'figure' [00 GraphicsPlaceholder] 'pixels' [] 'on' '' '' '' '' '' '' 'normal' 'normal' 'Quartz >> c=gca c = Axes (basic histogram plot) with properties: XLim:

YLim: XScale: YScale: GridLineStyle: Position: Units: [-3.300000000000000 3.300000000000000] [0 400] 'linear' 'linear' '-' [0.130000000000000 0.123333333333333 0.775000000000000 0.801666666666667] 'normalized' Show all properties >> Next slide shows what happens when you click on show all properties (there are 138 things in the list!!)

Show all properties ALim: ALimMode: ActivePositionProperty: AlphaScale: Alphamap: AmbientLightColor: BeingDeleted: Box: BoxStyle: BusyAction: ButtonDownFcn: CLim: CLimMode: CameraPosition: CameraPositionMode: CameraTarget: CameraTargetMode: CameraUpVector: CameraUpVectorMode: CameraViewAngle: CameraViewAngleMode:

Children: Clipping: ClippingStyle: Color: ColorOrder: ColorOrderIndex: ColorScale: Colormap: CreateFcn: CurrentPoint: DataAspectRatio: DataAspectRatioMode: DeleteFcn: FontAngle: FontName: FontSize: FontSizeMode: FontSmoothing: FontUnits: FontWeight: GridAlpha: GridAlphaMode:

GridColor: GridColorMode: GridLineStyle: HandleVisibility: HitTest: Interactions: Interruptible: LabelFontSizeMultiplier: Layer: Legend: LineStyleOrder: LineStyleOrderIndex: [0 1] 'auto' 'outerposition' 'linear' [164 double] [1 1 1] 'off' 'on' 'back'

'queue' '' [0 1] 'auto' [0 200 17.320508075688771] 'auto' [0 200 0] 'auto' [0 1 0] 'auto' 6.608610360311924 'auto' [11 Histogram] 'on' '3dbox' [1 1 1] [0 0 0] 1 'linear' [643 double] '' [23 double]

[3.300000000000000 200 1] 'auto' '' 'normal' 'Helvetica' 18 'auto' 'on' 'points' 'normal' 0.150000000000000 'auto' [0.150000000000000 0.150000000000000 0.150000000000000] 'auto' '-' 'on' 'on' [11] 'on' 1.100000000000000 'bottom' [00 GraphicsPlaceholder]

[52 char] 1 This web page has the documentation for all the graphics object properties b/graphics-object-properties.html Go there to see how it is organized. Another example of tex and the gibberish you have to type/understand to make pretty output (TEK is a typesetting program and makes the prettiest outputs but at a cost! You can guess how it works reading it and looking at the output, but it is hard to come up with it.) \[ \int_a^bu\frac{d^2v}{dx^2}\,dx =\left.u\frac{dv}{dx}\right|_a^b -\int_a^b\frac{du}{dx}\frac{dv}{dx}\,dx. \]

And another Typesetting continued fractions is easy: \[ x = a_0 + \frac{1}{a_1 + \frac{1}{a_2 + \frac{1}{a_3 + a_4}}} \] This is pretty much the antithesis of the WYSIWYG (an acronym for What You See Is What You Get) philosophy of MS Word, Pages (Apples version of Word). etc. How turn off underscore signifying next character is a subscript (default intrepreter is TEX). This way you dont have to escape the underscore (\_) to get it to be an underscore. This is needed when the text is not hard coded, eg. a file name. Set the Interpreter property for that field to 'none'; the default for text() fields is TEX.

Write script to read the files mixedin1.dat and mixedin2.dat These files have earthquake data. Most earthquake data files have a mixture of numbers and text (the first file) and time formatted data, and a header (that typically identifies the data columns (the second file). Prompt for file name Empty response? File exists? Read file into inbuf Display line Prompt for positions in input line of x and y data to plot Get number lines Preallocate memory (for speed, need to know how many lines in input file) Loop over lines to pull (x,y) data out of input cell array Plot x,y data Another way to read data a line at a time fgets and fgetl.

First one keeps newline character, second one drops the newline character see red stuff below >> tline = fgets(fid) tline = '2014 04 26 -55.8259 -27.1533 34.93 4.6 2014-04-26T02:02:20.930Z near s georgia tline = fgetl(fid) tline = '2014 04 01 -60.1681 -24.8498 10 4.9 2014-04-01T08:29:13.300 near s georgia As you read the file a line at at time it advances through the file. If need to go back to the beginning you have to rewind. You can also give handles to functions, this allows you to pass functions as arguments to other functions f = @(x) x.^3 -3*x+1;

Then call f(3.4) etc., (like sin, cosine, etc.) This also makes function handles so you can pass functions to other functions X=linspace(0,2); Plot(x,f(x))

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