Cycling of Matter

Cycling of Matter

Cycling of Matter What will we learn? Cycling of matter within living systems Example of living system: compost bin Conservation of Matter Matter of a closed system will remain

constant over time Matter is not created or destroyed but transformed into more complex forms Cycling of Matter Decomposition

Plants Herbivores Nutrients in the Soil Predators

Waste and Death Decomposition Decomposition Break down of organic matter into simpler forms of matter AB A+B Complex plants break down into

C +the N +major P+ elements that compose them like carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and more. Composting Break down of Matter

How does the matter break down? Micro-organisms Bacteria Actinomycetes Fungi Protozoa Rotifers Worms

Ingredients for Successful Composting Carbon source (browns) Nitrogen source (greens)

Water Oxygen Composting Cycle Micro-organisms Worms Compost

Organic Waste Cycle of Matter Replenish Soil Composting Cycle

The decomposing step within the cycle of matter has its own cycle. This is the cycle of a compost bin

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