Creating a Third PathwayMinnesota's State Adult Diploma

Creating a Third PathwayMinnesota's State Adult Diploma

Creating a Third Pathway Minnesotas State Adult Diploma August 2014 Brad Hasskamp, MDE ABE Karen Wolters, Mankato ABE Standard High School Diploma for Adults

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Background Legislation Implementation Questions

Discussion Background: 2012-14 Task Forces Two Traditional Paths GED K-12 Diploma Credit-based

Time intensive Diploma issued by local school district Control by local school district Based on series of standardized high-stakes assessments Can be completed quickly Diploma by Minnesota

Department of Education Control by private organization Initial Literacy Action Network Adult Diploma Task Force Created 2012 by LAN at request of MDE as part of their Supplemental Services grant Purpose: Explore potential for creating a statewide adult diploma as an alternative to the

GED Impetus: The need to provide meaningful adult secondary credential in a consistent manner statewide Membership representative of Minnesotas ABE programs Co-Chairs Tim O'Brien Kristine Wehrkamp

Members Beverlee Mountain Sarah Larson Marty Olsen Julie Nigon Legislative Liaison: Tom Cytron-Hysom MDE Representative: Brad Hasskamp Worked with SheridanStowe Produced June 2012 report

Researched needs and trends regarding core standards/secondary credentials in Minnesota and nationwide Documented possible options Explored how an Adult Diploma might work in Minnesota Report adopted by LAN Board Stakeholder Focus Groups

3 separate focus groups 2 community sessions St. Paul Rochester 1 student focus group St. Paul Major Focus Group Findings Concern that the diploma be

consistent and portable statewide Should assess 21st century skills needed by employers Will the new Adult Diploma provide real, relevant and rigorous evaluation of student achievement? Will the new Adult Diploma address the issue of credit for prior learning?

More Questions Raised How will the initiative establish academic alignment with integrated, contextualized, competency based training? How can the initiative reduce the cost of remediation at the postsecondary level?

Questions from Student Focus Groups Will this option recognize educational attainment achieved in another country? Will skills attained through work experience (both domestic and foreign) be factored into this new option? Can support services be provided to structure opportunities for increased

English language skills? What career pathways are available for adults with limited English proficiency? Can this option help students transition quickly into the workforce? 2013-14 Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force April 2014

Standard Adult Diploma Task Force Members 5 ABE practitioners, 1 Chamber of Commerce representative, 1 DEED representative, 1 MnSCU representative, & 1 MDE representative

Sessions 6 Meetings (August-January) Report Submitted recommendations February Members

Karen Wolters, Chair (Mankato) Kristine Kelly (Robbinsdale) Kate Ronald (Volunteers of America)

Tamra Sieve (Metro South) Ali Farah Jim Colwell (MDE) Karen Hynick (MnSCU) Judy Mortrude (DEED) Amy Walstein (Chamber of Commerce) Third Option for High School Completion Currently 2 options exist:

1. GED 2. K-12 Diploma Credit Completion What would a third option

look like? State-Issued Standard Adult High School Diploma Competency Based

For those not eligible for K12 (ages 21+) Recommendation Go Back to the Capitol Statute change rather than Rulemaking

Legislation Major 2013 & 2014 Legislative Focus for LAN Establishment of Adult Diploma Bipartisan support and authorship Met with many legislators Testified in education committees Strong support in House and Senate Passed without opposition

Reasons for legislative support Need to provide meaningful statewide adult secondary credential to benefit individuals, colleges & business by preparing people for the workforce & higher education Need to provide statewide

access Need to standardize adult diploma Need for alternative to GED Breaking down the statute Minnesota Statute 124D.52 (subd. 8, a) The commissioner shall provide for a

standard adult high school diploma to persons who: 1) Are not eligible for K-12 services; 2) Do not have a high school diploma; and 3) Successfully complete an ABE program of instruction approved by the commissioner of education necessary to earn an adult high school diploma Minnesota Statute 124D.52 (subd. 8, b)

Persons participating in approved ABE adult diploma programs must: Demonstrate the competencies, knowledge, and skills Be equally well prepared and qualified by employers and postsecondary

Applications MDE will establish requirements/process for application approval ABE consortia will apply to MDE for approval to offer this programming ABE consortia will renew applications/approval through 5year narrative process

Individual Advising Identify learning goals Assess individual skills/experience Identify career pathway

Identify instructional needs Create individual learning plan Portfolio/Plan Document and a process Standard Requirements Align with K-12 academic standards pertinent to adult

learners in: 1. Language Arts, includes reading, writing, listening, speaking 2. Mathematics 3. Social Studies 4. Science 5. Employability & Career Awareness, includes digital literacy

Demonstrating Competency Options 1. Prior experience, including K-12 & college courses, job experience & training 2. Test verified knowledge 3. ABE instruction and course completion 4. Applied and experiential learning, including contextualized projects Example

Which of the following is the largest? A. A Peanut A. An Elephant B. The Moon D. A Kettle

ELEPHANTS Larger than the moon? Meeting Student Needs Support and Consultation Consultation Team Guidance, policy, review program applications, accountability measures ABE Working Groups

Develop specific standards, advising process, applications, & other procedures Department Assistance MDE provides assistance in development, implementation and evaluation of programming For more information on the Adult Diploma Task Force and

the recommendations, please find additional resources on the MDE page. DE/Welcome/AdvBCT/StandultHi ghSchDiplTaskForce Adult Diploma: Big Questions Consultation? Pilots?

Allowable activities? Applications? Counseling/advising? Full launch date? Equally prepared? Its been busy. Its only getting busier. Implementation

2014-16 Implementation Actors Minnesota Department of Education Working Group Consultation Team ABE Supplemental Services Approved Adult Diploma

Programs Recommended Implementation Phases 1.Planning 2. Pilot (Now-October 2014) (November 2014-June 2015)

3. Full Launch (July 2015-ongoing) New Standard Adult Diploma Process Implementation Components Questions Discussion

Concept Implementation Comparing Paths Other?

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