Costa Rica - North Thurston Public Schools

Costa Rica - North Thurston Public Schools

Costa Rica: A Vacation Paradise in Central America Mt Arenal Volcano is regularly active. This is one of Costa Ricas intriguing places to visit. It gives a great light show most nights! Costa Rica A Vacation Paradise Costa Rica is situated in Central America between Nicaragua and Panama

San Jos, the capital city Most tourists start their visit here. A Costa Rican ox cart, a symbol of Costa Ricas agricultural economy. Hero: Juan Santamara, the boy hero of Costa Rica What influence did the hero have on the country?

Juan Santamara helped to preserve Costa Ricas independence by playing a key role in the defense of his country against an attempted invasion by a outlaw American named William Walker. The Virgin Mary of the Angels A Religious Legend from Costa Rica La Virgen de los Angeles Modern images of Mary, the Virgin of

the Angels. What cultural value does the folk story communicate? The folk story communicates the costa rican peoples deep reverence & respect for the virgen mary and their strong catholic beliefs. The modern church: Basilica de la Virgen de los Angeles in Cartago, Costa Rica Costa Rican food Typical Breakfast: gallo pinto, (mixture of black beans &

rice), scrambled or fried eggs, cooked plantains (a starchy kind of banana) tortillas or toast, fruit juice and coffee. Costa Rican food Dinner: eaten in the afternoon, usually between 1:30 and 3:00 p.m. Like breakfast, the meal usually includes gallo pinto, or rice and beans, fried plantains. In addition, a chunk of Costa Rican cheese, salad, beef,

chicken or fish, and tortillas are served. Black bean soup served with hard boiled egg is another popular dish. Snacks include fresh fruits like papaya, pineapple, mango, and fresh fruit smoothie drinks, called refrescos. Desserts include flan, arroz con leche, and a cake called tres leches. What makes Costa Ricas cuisine unique from the cuisine of other Spanish-speaking countries? Costa Ricas cuisine is unique because it is not hot and spicy.

Costa Ricans enjoy a salsa called Salsa Lizano that tastes more like curry than chile peppers. Also the famous gallo pinto or rice and black beans mixture is unique to Costa Rica. Gallo pinto is eaten daily by almost all Costa Ricans. Costa Ricas Economy How do Costa Rican people make a living? The majority of Costa Rican people work in the industries listed below (Costa Ricas top 5 products): Agriculture: bananas, coffee, beef, dairy products

Timber Tourism Technology (Big Hewlett-Packard Plant) Oxygen (Created by the rain forests) Maintainence of the national parks, and forests provides many jobs. Costa Ricas Gross Domestic Product per capita: $6,700. By comparison, the GDP of the U.S. is $36,200. GDP of neighbors: Nicaragua: $2, 700, Panama: $6,000. Red-eyed stream frog filmed in Costa Rica for first time. September 7, 2008 How does this current event impact the

majority of the people? The natural environment in Costa Rica is a major tourist attraction, bringing visitors from around the world. Tourism is a major industry which supports many Costa Ricans and government programs. Preserving the environment, while also accommodating tourists is a challenge. Some native species have suffered because human activity has disrupted the natural environment. This recent discovery and filming of the tiny, rare, red-eyed stream frog in the Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest proves that the

environment is still healthy enough to sustain this fragile frog. Costa Ricas Government: how does it compare to the United States? Costa Rica United States Democracy since late 1800s; Democracy since late 1700s; people elect president, and people elect president and two members of a single house of house of congress.

congress 18 years old to vote. All citizens 18 years and older National elections are held on a vote Tuesday in early November. This Election day is a national is not a holiday. holiday and celebrations are U.S. has a publicly funded held on this day national defense: Army, Navy, No national army Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard,

Free public education for all: National Guard 95% literacy rate Public education is funded by the Free health care for all federal, state and local citizens, including doctor governments visits and hospitalization Health care is paid for by individuals; many have health insurance through their employer Country Comparison

Country Aspects Health Care Costa Rica Free to all citizens Mexico United States

Free to all citizens, but not available in rural areas. Private for rich. Private, public assistance through Medicaid. No Army Army/Military Service/Community Service

Military Optional, Public Service requd of Public Univ. Graduates. Optional, no draft Population 4 Million 105 Million

300 Million Education & Literacy Free to all, high quality, especially ages 7-13. 95% Literacy. Free to all ages 615. Fees are required. 91% literacy.

Administered by states. Requd for ages 5-16. 97% literacy. How do the places to visit display the unique treasures that Costa Rica has to offer?: Manuel Antonio National Park displays some of Costa Ricas unique treasures: wildlife and a beautiful coast line. Look closely and youll see one of many monkeys that call Costa Rica home. Visit Manuel Antonio National Park and you are sure to see many. Costa Ricas beautiful beaches are a

unique treasure! There are beaches on the east and west coasts. These photos are also from Manuel Antonio National Park. Another place in Costa Rica that displays its unique treasures is the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve. This park is home to a huge diversity of insects, birds, plants and wildlife found only in Costa Rica. More of Monteverdes treasures: toucans, and suspension bridges through the

upper forest canopy.

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