CRICOS No. 00213J The Authors Martin Borchert Associate Director, Library Services (Information Resources and Research Support) Dr Joseph Young Manager, High Performance Computing and Research (Information Technology Services) Purpose The purpose of this presentation is to provide an overview of how QUT is developing a range of coordinated research support services. It builds upon and updates the presentation made by Judy Stokker, Director Library Services, QUT, in 2008 eResearch: access and support to university researchers . Organisational frameworks structure Organisation structure of the Division of Technology, Information and Learning Support Organisational frameworks structure Organisation structure of QUT Library Organisational frameworks structure Organisation structure of ITS Organisational frameworks people

Library Associate Director, Library Services (Information Resources and Research Support) eResearch Access Coordinator Research Support Librarian x 2 (ERA, training, bibliometrics, data management) Research Data Librarians x 2 (interviews, metadata) Integrated Literacies Coordinator (AIRS) AIRS Librarian (training) Liaison Librarians x 25 Digital Repository Manager Digital Repository Developer

Web Coordinator (plus two developers) HPC (ITS) Manager, High Performance Computing Research Support Specialist x 10 Project staff ARCS x 1 ITS Infrastructure Services staff Organisational frameworks people Division of Research and Commercialisation Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancel lor Deputy Vice Chancellor Office of Commercial Services Consultancy and commercial research

Continuing professional education International projects CRC and Research Infrastructure Legal Services Office of Research Research development (grants office) Research Ethics Research data and platform Research budgets, finance, administration Research Students Centre For future students Research and development courses RHD student training Research support services Scholarships Business and industry outreach Organisational frameworks collaborations QUT Blue Print University Research and Innovation Plan Divisional Strategic Plan Library Strategic Plan ITS Strategic Plan 2010-2012 TILS Research Support Plan 2007-2009 TILS Research Support Plan 2007 eResearch Action Plan

Organisational frameworks plans University Research and Innovation Committee eResearch Working Party TILS Research Support Committee Research Data Management Project Steering Committee Library Research Support Group Faculty Liaison Teams Transformation of Scholarly Communication TILS Research Support Staff Skills Group Researchers Skills Group

Organisational frameworks assurance Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK and Project Management Office Organisational frameworks assurance Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) service catalogue Awareness and skills training Research Support web site Bringing Library and High Performance Computing

(HPC) research support information together Awareness and skills training Seminars, workshops .... The Library and HPC are providing a range of programs

IFN001 Advanced Information Retrieval Skills EndNote training Publication strategies Collaboration tools Measuring impact Using patent information Research and copyright Techwatch researchers Managing research data Information searching

Bibliometrics HPC services overview Intro to qualitative methods SPSS statistical software KeySurvey online surveys Nvivo qualitative software Leximancer text analysis Making Connections innovation in research at QUT Awareness and skills training Seminars, workshops .... AIRS Online Awareness and skills training Seminars, workshops .... Research data management Policy and guidelines QUT has developed policy and guidelines for data management, including and mandate! D/2.8 Management of research data Guidelines for the Management of Research Data at

QUT Data Management Checklist Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Resea rch Research data management Australian National Data Service (ANDS) ANDS is funded from NCRIS National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Service

Register my data service Identify my data service Research data management Identifying, describing, storing, sharing and reusing QUT s research datasets There is evidence that making research datasets available, increases the citation count of related published papers

Data Librarians identifying and describing datasets Automating the capture of large and key datasets Developing infrastructure to connect and populate Research Data Australia (with Griffith) QUT Research data repository and storage Data Management Guideline s es/researchsupport/datamanage/pl anning.jsp QUT is partnering with the Australian National Data

Service (ANDS), Monash University and Griffith University Research data management ANDS Seeding the Commons Project QUT has completed interviews with researchers on 570 research activities Research activities / Data collections Data collections already identified available via open access online Data collections identified and mediated access possible Datasets identified but not yet complete / in a

format suitable for sharing Research activities for which data is not sharable Research activities with no data Research activities interviewed, but data collection not yet classified Research activities not yet interviewed Researchers no longer at QUT unable to discuss Quantity 19 39 85 289 109 37 51 64 Current status of research activities / research data collections following research data interviews Research data management Sharing and reusing research metadata records and datasets QUTs research data management repository for metadata records and datasets and links to datasets (distributed model) Not yet ready to use:; The EStore mass storage..... Research data management Describing QUT s research datasets

Research Data Australia uses a range of records describing collection, party, activity, service. QUT will need to develop metadata records. Ellen Thompson and Craig Milne are QUTs data librarians who are contacting and interviewing QUT researchers to describe our Datasets from category 1 ARC and NHMRC research grants. Research data management

Data capture project QUT and ANDS are developing a proposal to automatically capture machine generated metadata to contribute to Research Data Australia. Identify machine generated datasets that are unique, or of significant interest

Identify and describe the datasets Develop software to interface the machine Start data feed to Research Data Australia Colleen Nelson and other QUT researchers Research data management Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS) ARCS is also funded by NCRIS. Its purpose is to develop collaboration services, including network infrastructure

. ARCS data fabric ARCS Grid using GRISU ARCS OPeNDAP Digital Library EVO videoconferencing Supporting open access publishing Increasing visibility and citations QUT Library will pay your authors publication fees to have

your research published in the peer reviewed journals from the following open access publishers: BioMedCentral (BMC) Public Library of Science (PLoS) Hindawi Supporting open access publishing

QUT ePrints Increasing visibility and citations Making QUTs peer reviewed research outputs available to the world via open access QUT ePrints provides 23,000 records and 13,000 fulltext files. Indexed by Google, Google Scholar, Scirus, Scientific

Commons and Australian Research Online Evidence that open access improves the citation count of your published versions QUT ePrints is ranked 22 / 666 and the top Australian repository by Webometrics Bibliometrics citations and ranking services Measuring impact Developing a strategy to provide faculty and institute level reports annually

Citation services Scopus Web of Science Google Scholar QUT ePrints Journal rankings ERA ranked lists Journal analyzer (Scopus) JCR Additional verification Ulrichs PaperFirst ProceedingsFirst 2010 developing a concept for a citation reporting service.

Library databases Accessing the worlds literature 800 + databases accessible from on and off campus. Library databases Quick Find .... The new generation library database access Cross-search hundreds of library database at the same time. Library databases Quick Find .... The new generation library database access Cross-search hundreds of library database at the same time. Online collaboration Communicate with your peers around QUT, Australia, the world eResearch means collaborating with others to bring

people, content and ideas together in new ways Enabling Virtual Organisations (EVO) videoconferencing software Skype Access Grid QUT is partnering with the Australian Research Collaboration Service (ARCS) to bring you EVO. Online survey system WorldApp Key Survey Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students QUT account Advice Training Support

Data analysis Working with large and complex datasets Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students Quantitative analysis Qualitative analysis Data design Data mining Machine learning algorithms Statistical analysis and statistical software Survey methodology and

methods Qualitative tools including NVivo and Leximancer High performance computing facility Working with large datasets Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students Computational cluster

Large memory system Simulations Data storage Hybrid / heterogeneous computation Field-programmable gate array Graphics processing unit Programming support Working with large and complex datasets Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students

Code optimisation Parallelisation Advice Data visualisation facilty Working with large and complex datasets Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students Advanced workstations

3D visualisation capabilityies 3D digitisation Optiportal / Optiputer / Visualisation Wall Personalised consultancy service available to researchers and research students View large images at full resolution View large complex

3D models Its new! Features: a scalable tiled, LCD display a graphics processing unit cluster 46 gigapixels Issues and moving forward TILS has a 3 year 2010-2012 Research Support Services development plan

Project resources vs operationalising Realignment of resources, but from where? Skilling our research support staff University professional staff vs academic staff ratio Coordination of research support services across Library, HPC and Research Student Centre in particular Research data storage (sustainable business model) END

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