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Exploration and Colonization What happens when different cultures first meet? Unit 2 Exploration and Colonization Lesson 1 The World Expands Lesson 2 Spaniards Reach the Americas Lesson 3

Spanish Exploration & Conquest Lesson 4 Spains Overseas Empire Lesson 5 Searching for the Northwest Passage Lessons The World Expands PREVIEW Lesson 1 Vocabulary profit merchant

barter navigation How did events in Europe affect exploration? The World Expands The Middle Ages Who were the first Europeans to reach North America and why did they abandon the colony? The Vikings (Norse) were the first Europeans to arrive. MC 1 They may have left because of

diseases and battles with native people. The World Expands Why was the Silk Road important for traders from A.D. 100 until the 1300s? The Silk Road was the only trade route from Europe to Asia from A. D. 100 until the 1300s. SA After reaching Asia, what items had Marco Polo and his family never seen in Europe? Paper money and gunpowder were items never seen by Marco Polo and his family before they reached Asia.

MC 2 A merchant is a person who makes their living buying and selling goods. FILL Merchants want to make a profit which is the money that remains after the costs of running a business. FILL The World Expands To barter is to exchange goods for other goods rather than money. FILL

In African kingdoms salt was bartered for gold because it was just as valuable. MC 3 The World Expands Who did Prince Henry start a school for? Prince Henry started a school for sailors so they could sail along the western coast of Africa to reach Asia. MC 4 What advances in the science of navigation and technology helped further exploration? Navigation is finding direction and following routes at sea.

FILL The development of a new ship, the caravel, with both square and triangleshaped sails, allowed the ship to change direction and catch the wind more easily. FILL Spaniards Reach the Americas Lesson 2 Vocabulary expedition colony Columbian Exchange

PREVIEW How did Spanish explorers change the Americas? Spaniards Reach the Americas Columbus believed he landed in the Indies; however, Amerigo Vespucci was the first to believe that America was a new land. As a result, America was named for him by a German geographer in 1507 when he labeled the new land. Christopher Columbus went on an expedition which is a journey with a special purpose. He wanted to get to the Indies faster.

No one would pay for his trip going in the wrong direction (west) until the King and Queen of Spain offered. Columbus thought he landed in the Indies, but he actually landed in the Bahamas (San Salvador). He did NOT get where he was going. The Native Americans he met there Columbus called the Tano Indios because he believed he had reached the Indies. On Columbuss future journeys he wanted to set up a colony for Spain. A colony is a settlement far from the country that rules it. Spaniards Reach the Americas On his expedition, Columbus kept two logs: one with the exact

distances the ships sailed and one with shorter distances in order to mislead other explorers. MC 5 Spaniards Reach the Americas The Columbian Exchange was the movement of animals, plants, and disease across the Atlantic Ocean. Unfortunately, the Europeans also brought germs and diseases. This was killing millions of Native Americans by the 1600s. Lesson 3 Spanish Exploration and

Conquest PREVIEW Vocabulary empire conquistador How did the arrival of Spanish explorers change Native American empires? Spanish Exploration and Conquest Spains desire for wealth (gold) was the main reason they wanted to conquer the Aztec and Inca Empires. MC 11 Hernan Cortes landed in Mexico with over 500 conquistadors to take over the Aztec

capital of Tenochtitlan. Montezuma was the leader of the Aztec empire. MC 10 Montezuma, welcomed the Spanish, but Cortes took him prisoner and demanded gold in return for Montezumas freedom. After the Aztecs refused, violence broke out. The Spaniards were driven away, Montezuma was killed, and the Spaniards left behind a deadly weapon: smallpox. Tenochtitlan = Mexico City Spanish Exploration and Conquest

In South America lived the Inca. They were the wealthiest empire in the world at the time. The Inca empire was 2,500 miles long that was linked together by a system of paved roads or highways. Messengers were able to carry important information by RUNNING 50 miles a day! Gold = sweat of the sun Silver = tears of the moon What is the capital of the Inca empire? MC 9 Spanish Exploration and Conquest The Inca began dying from diseases that spread quickly throughout the empire before Pizarro arrived. SA

When Francisco Pizarro arrived with only 180 men, the Inca ruler of the North, Atahualpa, was not concerned. He had a bigger problem with Huascar, the southern ruler of the Inca empire. In a sneak attack, Pizarro and his men surrounded Cajamarca, killed thousands of Inca, and captured Atahualpa. 2After Atahualpa filled a room with gold and silver, the Spaniards killed him, and sent melted gold and silver back to Spain. 1 Thus, Spain now controlled one of the largest empires in the world.

Spains Overseas Empire PREVIEW Lesson 4 Vocabulary frontier missionary enslave mestizo How did Spains growing empire impact life in North America? Spains Overseas Empire explorers

SA Juan Ponce de Leon both Hernando de Soto Searched in Florida Searching for the Fountain of Youth Never found what they were looking for

claimed land for Spain Searching for gold Spains Overseas Empire Coronado and his men were the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon. MC 12 Spain expanded its empire as they were entering a new frontier. FILL A frontier is the far edge of a settled area.

Spains Overseas Empire Spain controlled two large territories in the Americas, and sent rulers overseas to take care of their land. Spanish rulers gave encomiendas, large areas of land, to colonists who were loyal to them. MC 13 More workers were needed to work on the encomiendas. So Spanish explorers brought the first enslaved Africans to Mexico. MC 16 To enslave people is to force them to work against their will. FILL

Bartolome de Las Casas was a missionary, (a person who tries to persuade people to accept new religious beliefs) who wanted to help Native Americans and treat them equally. MC 14 & FILL Spains Overseas Empire society Viceroy ruler in New Spain Peninsulares Spaniards from Spain MC 15 Criollos people born in New Spain but had old

Spain parents Mestizos people who were both Spanish and Native American FILL Native Americans and Enslaved Africans people forced to work without wages Searching for the Northwest Passage Lesson 5 Vocabulary Northwest Passage

merchant company PREVIEW How did the search for the Northwest Passage affect people? Searching for the Northwest Passage What was the importance of the Northwest Passage? MC 17 It was believed to be a shortcut to Asia that would allow Europeans to make the trip less costly and much faster. Searching for the Northwest Passage SA All theses men were searching for the Northwest Passage.

explorer SA Area explored John Cabot Giovanni de Verrazano SA SA Henry Hudson MC 20

Newfoundland Hudson River Hudson, Chesapeake, and Delaware Bays Did anyone ever find the Northwest passage? No because it Review Name the European explorer associated with each area. Mexico West coast of South America Florida Southeastern U.S. Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona

Southwestern U.S.; first European to see the Grand Canyon Newfoundland Hudson River Hudson, Chesapeake, and Delaware Bays St. Lawrence River Lakes Huron, Ontario, Erie and Superior Lake Michigan Hernan Corts Francisco Pizarro Juan Ponce de Len Hernando de Soto lvar Nez Cabeza de Vaca Francisco Vsquez de Coronado John Cabot Giovanni da Verrazano

Henry Hudson Jacques Cartier tienne Brl Jean Nicolet Maps Click on a map to enlarge the view.

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