Classroom Community through Collaborative Writing Practices

Classroom Community through Collaborative Writing Practices

Classroom Community through Collaborative Writing Practices Miriam Horne Sherry Blok Concordia University, Montreal Communities of Practice Mutual Engagement Shared Repertoire Joint Enterprise Theoretical framework Writing as a social act (Bizzell, 1983; Casanave, 2003; Dias et. al., 1999; Faigley, 1986) - Genre Theory (Giltrow, 1994; Hyland, 2004; Par, 2002) Inkshedding

Freewrite Circulate and respond Return to author Types of Interactions Expression of weakness or insecurity moral support I can relax with nice hot tea. But it has one disadvantage as well, I cant stop eating sweets with tea so that consumption of sweets increases during winterthe consequences will be very serious, overweight! Dont worry, you will be fine! I hope that I am going to enter university in Sep because I am getting old. You are still young!!!

Expression of concern Advice Research project makes me exhausted. Too many things that I have to do. I am trying to find sources about my topic. I am still confusing about the main ideas (You should hit your main ideas first, then follow these ideas to look for your resources) even I am considering to change to another topicI think whatever I choose a topic, it is going to be hard to do research. God!! Please help me to get out of here!!! Choosing interesting topic or finding some subject in common. I think maybe its easy way to find topic after using research on line to find resource books. On line can show idea to you and you can consider it. Borrowing which book you want. But first think

about your topic, and then distinguish main idea and then finding book is more easier. You can do it!! Try! Try! This week, I have to discover what kind of information I can find in my resource books, and use mapping to distinguish the main ideas and support idea. Try to read introduction of books. Dont try to read whole books grasp the ideasmove fast you will do well! Challenges Camaraderie I dont have enough time! Me either Agree Ya Ya Ya!! Once I start to write it, it will go crazy. I

know Ill write, Ill write & rewrite & and so on. To only imagine all this, I need a break (everybody wants) I have same feeling Me too!!! Results of interactions Learn from each other Share a common purpose What I like in inkshedding is there are responses (Yes youre right) (Yes! I agree!) and most of them made me laugh or think. Inkshedding made it easier to write (YES!!), and in this term inkshedding worked on my writing. But it doesnt seem working on my grammar, organization, vocabulary building of my writing. (Yeah because is freewriting not a composition) But sometimes we can learn something from

other peoples responses. Its all about a need to express yourself in writing. You know who your target audience is and you know you have the same goal. Its a community. Read-Aloud Editing Methodology Divide students into sets of pairs Roles writer/ peer reviewer Task Read text outloud to peer reviewer Detect incongruities - discuss and correct Draw on metalinguistic knowledge in L2 to make repairs Repairs Peer-initiated Self-Repaired (metatalk) (1) St5: Killer whales are usually live in the

North Sea and southern ocean and the biggest % (reads aloud) 2) St1: Double verb, live, are (peer prompt: metalinguistic clue) 3) St5: Live (self-repair) 4) St1: maybe...Killer whales usually live (repeats correct form) 5) St5: Okay, usually live (repair) Repairs Peer-initiated Peer-repaired (metatalk)

1) St6: And their teeths, and their teeths. (reads her text aloud) 2) St9: And their, and here their teeths(peer prompt, repeats error)

3) St6: As for their teeths or? (attempts to self-correct) 4) St9: Okay (confirmation of error) 5) St6: And their teeths okay? (confirmation check) 6) St9: And their teeths 7) St6: They have 48 sharp and conical teeths 8) St9: I cant see this word and their 9) St6: And their teeths. They have..%[1] 10) St9: Teeth (peer repair) 11) St6: Teeth 12) St9: Teeth 13) St6: Teeth 14) St9: Not teeth. Teeth, tooth. (makes a new repair, ill-formed) 15) St6: Oh right. So it should be tooth. 16) St9: Tooth 17) St6: So and the [inaudible] its single right? (metatalk) 18) St9: No no no 19) St6: Teeth 20) St9: tooth is single, teeth is plural. Just teeth no no no teeths (metatalk) 21) St6: As the s

22) St9: Yes 23) St6: They have 48 sharp and conical teeth. (repair) [1] Distribution of Successful Repairs and Unsuccessful Repairs Initiated Repair Successful Repair Unsuccessful Repair Time 1 202

151 (75%) 51 (25%) Time 2 280 228 (82%) 51 (18%) Initiations by Self, Peer or Teacher Self

Peer Teacher Time 1 60 (30%) 132 (65%) 10 (5%) Time 2 61 (22%)

197 (70%) 22 (8%) Successful Repair by Self Peer and Teacher Self Peer Teacher Time 1 50 (33%)

94 (62%) 7 (5%) Time 2 46 (20%) 163(71%) 19 (9%) Instances of Metatalk in Relation to Errors Repaired Vocabulary Grammar Organization

Mechanical Content Time 1 5 (7%) 49 (66%) 10 (14%) 9 (12%) 1 (1%)

Time 2 14 (14%) 38 (40%) 16 (17%) 21 (22%) 7 (7%) Learners Role as

Reader Role as Role as Peer Reader Writer Role as Peer Reader 1 Collaborative Expert Dominant Collaborative

3 Passive Passive Passive n/a 4 Passive Collaborative Passive Novice

6 Collaborative Expert Collaborative Collaborative 7 Novice Novice Expert

Dominant 8 Collaborative Dominant Novice Novice 11 Dominant Dominant Expert

Expert 12 Collaborative Dominant Dominant Dominant 13 Collaborative Dominant

Collaborative Collaborative

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