CIO/G-6 External Presentation

CIO/G-6 External Presentation

CIO G-6 Signal Conference LTG Bruce T. Crawford Chief Information Officer/G-6 6 March 2018 CIOG6.ARMY.MIL Unprecedented Opportunities National Defense Strategy Reform Opportunities Challenges NDAA Policy Rapid prototyping (804) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Peer adversaries continue to evolve TTPs Network complex & fragile Excessive electromagnetic signature in command posts Unity of effort: CFT LETHALITY STRENGTHEN ALLIANCES Governance (ITOC) REFORM Funding flexibility Lack of anti-jamming Enterprise software optimization ARMY Modernization Priorities Long-Range Precision Fires Next Generation

Combat Vehicle Future Vertical Lift Army Network Air and Missile Defense Soldier Lethality Future Network is Mobile, Expeditionary, Resilient, Survivable and protected, intuitive, Standards-based, Interoperable and Sustainable Mission Command Network Path INNOVATION INNOVATION (Cross Functional Teams HQDA Sync) Synchronize Synchronize DevOps DevOps Narrow Narrow Mission Mission Network Network Gaps Gaps FIGHT TONIGHT/ READINESS FIGHT TONIGHT/ READINESS Improve Improve Return Return on on Investment Investment Cross

Functional Teams Requirements Documentation Capability User Assessments Acquisition Transition Plan Acc Accelerate elerate Capability Capability Delivery Delivery Unified Network Common Operating Environment Interoperability Network That Enables Preparation for & Conduct of War Command Posts DOTMLPF DOTMLPF Trouble INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE Acquisition Acquisition Governance Governance HQDA,G-6 ASA-ALT TRADOC

Define Requirements Standards Based Architecture Oversight and Integration Deliver Capabilities Warfighting Business Warfighting Business ITOC Policy Policy SBU Requirements Requirements IT BOX Enterprise EnterpriseIntelligence Intelligence Network Vision and Priorities NETWORK OF THE FUTURE FLAT FAST Hyper-converged: converging multiple networks (~65) into a single security infrastructure with centralized command and control Ability to enable the Army its Soldiers and Commanders in decision making (Decide, Orient, Act) MOBILE

PROTECTED Transition from a static environment to at multi domain battle environment enabling unified land operations Ability to see and defend our network People Data Networks Critical Infrastructures The Networka critical enabler to Unified Land Operations Readiness Fixing what we have to enable the current fight and to prepare for the next fight Modernization Shaping the Force Driving institutional change to influence, shape, and leverage the marketplace vice reacting to it Aligning the force to capitalize on technological advances Leader Development Cybersecurity Policy

Transition from focus on compliance to focus on readiness IOT enable the operational commanders Linkage between cybersecurity and cyberspace Optimize IT Resourcing Driving IT efficiencies that reduce risk and increase Operational effectiveness UNCLASSIFIED Baseline Enterprise Initiatives Optimize existing enterprise initiatives to increase capabilities and lethality in the force Unprecedented Opportunities Current Army Priorities Efforts CIO/G-6 Cross Functional Teams Network Modernization SFAB Cybersecurity Army Futures Command Future Army Efforts Space Software Optimization Cloud Evolution of Mobile Adhoc Networking Get comfortable being uncomfortable. -GEN McChrystal (TED Talks 2011)

Risk Management Framework AMERICAS ARMY THE STRENGTH OF THE NATION 1. Big Bet Technology Considerations Small Satellite (SmallSat) Technology Improve SATCOM Resilience Emerging space industry capability Potential to augment the Armys approach to resilient satellite communications (Low Earth Orbit and Medium Earth Orbit) Large constellations of SmallSats Disaggregate risk, improving resiliency to jamming or kinetic attacks A constellation of SmallSats Enables broader and more persistent global coverage than a small constellation of traditional GEO satellites 2. Dynamic Spectrum Access Improves spectrum agility in a contested environment Enables a device to detect other emitters/interference in its local environment Analyze and select the best available channel autonomously transition to that frequency Enable radios to self-frequency-plan Utilize spectrum more efficiently Evade the interference of static jammers or other emitters 3. Leveraging Existing Infrastructure and unlicensed LTE Leverage unlicensed LTE to operate in the 5GHz spectrum providing high capacity coverage outside of the commercially licensed cellular spectrum. 4. Explore Alternative Assured, Position, Navigation and Timing (ie Ground Base solutions. 5. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Air and Ground Robotics //UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO// 7

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