China and India

China and India

China and India Civilizations to Empires India Indus River Valley Two main cities Mohenjo-Daro Harappa

Jobs Farmers Priest Kings Merchants and traders Indus Valley Cities Fall Aryan nomads come from the north Seeking water and pasture

Aryan social classes (eventual Caste system) Priests Warriors

Herders, Famers, artisans, and merchants Non-Aryan Patriarchal Religion Polytheistic Natural Disasters? Earthquakes?

Caste System Over time, a caste system was created. Governed every aspect of a persons life. Jobs Marriage Residence

Mauryan Empire First rulers to unify much of India Chandragupta Maurya Grandson Ashoka assumed power (269-232 B.C.E.) Gained control over all but the southern tip of India Converted to Buddhism Improved trade and communication

After Ashoka the empire began to fall apart The Kushans After Ashokas death, Kushans pushed in from the northwest Kanishka also converted to Buddhism The collapse of the Kushan state in 220 C.E. ushered in a period of instability The Guptas then established a large empire in

320 C.E. Growth of religion Hinduism No single founder or text Brahman Reincarnation Karma Polytheistic

Today it is the 3rd largest religion behind Christianity and Islam Growth of religion continued Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama Four Nobel Truths Truth of Suffering The truth of the origin of suffering

The truth of the cessation of suffering nirvana The truth of the path to the cessation of suffering The Eightfold Path China Physically separated from India, Egypt, and

Middle East High mountains, deserts, jungles, ocean Developed with the need to control water Trading Silk route

Chinese Dynasties Three periods make up classical China: the Zhou, the Qin, and the Han Zhou dynasty (1029-258 B.C.E.) Ruled through alliances with regional princes and families Support given through taxes and troops Decline came as regional leaders became strong, and disregarded the govt.

Mandate of Heaven Claimed the heavens mandated the dynasties to rule over China Promoted the use of Mandarin Chinese Created calendars, made the first books 402-201 B.C.E. Era of Warring States and the Zhou dynasty ended Qin

Qin Shi Huangdi became the First emperor of the Qin dynasty China organized into large provinces ruled by bureaucrats Expanded the empire Built the Great Wall of China Written Chinese script became uniform Upon Shi Huangdis death, revolts broke out Ushered in the Han dynasty

Han Advanced trade Extended empire The Silk Road linked China with the fertile crescent Lasted 400 years Chinese Dynasties

Philosophy and religion Confucius 551 B.C.E.

Brilliant scholar Harmony comes when people accept their place in society Filial piety Legalism Hanfeizi Impose harsh laws and strict punishments Daoism

Live in harmony with nature

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