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bisc 102 library research workshop { checking in } Have you had an SFU Library research session before? (A) Yes (B) No (C) Dont remember

{ two topics } You have two different research assignments to choose from. We will be focusing on the endangered species assignment today, but the research process for both assignments is very similar. { agenda } 1) The IUCN Red List of

Threatened Species 2) Researching your topic 3) Evaluating your sources 4) Finding scholarly articles 5) Citing sources 6) Getting help IUCN Red List http://www.iucnredlist.org/ {

} Search box Try searching for manatee IUCN Red List: results page We will be using this

following species as our sample topic: Trichechus manatus (West Indian Manatee) Status: Vulnerable C1 ver 3.1 Pop. trend: decreasing If you click on the link for Trichechus manatus on the previous page, you should see the following entry for this species:

Scientific name: Trichechus manatus Bibliography link Table of contents: Taxonomy Assessment Information Geographic Range

Population Habitat and Ecology Threats Conservation Actions { choosing your species } Note: It will be easier to find information on your species if you choose an organism that has been studied by researchers extensively. This may seem obvious, but its worth

considering before you commit to a species. the research process Identify your research topic: sample topic: researching your topic

Endangered or vulnerable species: The West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) 1. 3. Identify words you can use to search for information on your topic. For example:

What are some synonyms and related concepts for conservation? Identify specific aspects of your topic/species (i.e., things to research for your paper)

Ecology Habitat Conservation Etc. 2. { research process } journal articles

books summarize recent research textbooks, reference books, encyclopedias { research process } The BISC 102 research guide includes tips on finding background information (including encyclopedia entries and books, many of them electronic) on your topic:

evaluating your sources { evaluating sources } You need to find scholarly sources relevant to your topic. Are either of the article shown on your handout scholarly sources? a) How can you tell? b) BONUS: What does peer reviewed

mean? { evaluating sources } Author Abstract Length Images Popular No affiliation

provided No Short For aesthetic appeal Scholarly Affiliated with an academic / research institution Yes

Long Research findings displayed as graphs, charts, etc. Elevated, specialized Languag Easy to e understand Citations None at all, or Yes, many

very few Note: ThereEditor is also a link on your Peer-reviewed handout to the online Review guide Internet Research: Finding and Evaluating finding scholarly sources SFU Librarys homepage search

options: Library Search Fast Search Catalogue { always access through SFU Library } { finding scholarly

articles } 1.Find the full-text copy of a scholarly article related to conservation of the endangered species Trichechus manatus 2.Email an APA citation of the article to yourself { citing sources } What information dont you need to cite?

What information do you need to cite? { the very basics of APA } You need to cite each source in two places: In the body of the paper Called an in-text citation At the back of the paper In the list of References The BISC 102 research guide includes links to:

an APA style guide a guide on citing images in APA style Image credits All icons used were published with CC-BY licenses or are in the public domain. They all come from The Noun Project: thenounproject.com In order of appearance: Tree by Alberto Guerra Quintanilla Lungs by chris dawson

Brain Machine Interface by HYPERMORGEN Gears by Mark Shorter Stethoscope by Olivier Guin Light Bulb by Olivier Guin Curious by Stephen Borengasser Glasses by Cor Tiemens Okay by kobieta Russian Doll by Dmitriy Lagunov Network by Mister Pixel Signpost by Juan Pablo Bravo Juggle by AnsteyDesign

Thinking by Timothy Dilich Getting help The library provides many ways to get help: - In-person at the reference desk - Telephone - Email - IM - Text message - Student Learning Commons

http://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/ask-us/ Any questions?

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