CDS Business Mapping - RiskMeter Online

CDS Business Mapping - RiskMeter Online

CDS Business Mapping RiskMeter Flood Elevation Overview Presented: October 5, 2006 The Risk Meter Online Performs property risk reports Quick, accurate, easy-to-use

Check individual risks or an entire book for geographic risks (Batch) Uses GIS (mapping) technology The right technology for the problem The Risk Meter Online

Distance to Shore

Flood Zone Determinations (First American) Proximity to Brush Fire Hazards (All Western States) MMI, Soil, EQ Scores Crime Scores State Windpool Eligibility State Tax Codes Sinkholes FL Windspeed Credit Maps Hail Exposure Index Tornado Exposure Index Rating Territory (Your territories) Slope, Aspect, Elevation

Aerial Photos And More!!! Key Flood Issues Flood risk does not end at the edge of the zone FEMA maps are modeled Changes to the surface topology and coverings affect drainage and flooding

It has been estimated that of all flood claims occur outside of the 100 year flood plain Companies writing non-NFIP flood should be concerned with risks beyond the 100 year flood plain

Standard Flood Map Shown from above For NFIP business, everyone simply checks to see if the property falls within a flood zone

No easy way to estimate risk outside of the 100 year flood zones Red-In the 100 year flood plain Green-Outside the 100 year flood plain The Ideas behind the new report

Let people know when they are at risk and not in a flood zone Use elevation as the secret weapon Estimate this risk by returning Proximity to the flood zone Estimated height above the flood zone Profile View A Comparison

Overhead View Profile View This is a House in a Flood Plain The location falls within the extents of the flood plain This is a Flooded House in a Flood Plain

Base Flood Elevation (BFE) is the elevation of the surface of the water when flooded to the 100-year flood level Is this House at Risk? This house is not in a flood zone, but it is very close What if the FEMA Maps are Wrong?

-FEMA Maps are modeled -Floods are often worse than predicted by FEMA -25% of all flood losses occur outside of 100 year flood zones Concept behind new Report Make better decisions about properties close to

100 year flood zones Information Returned Standard fields in RiskMeter flood reports, plus:

FEMA Flood Zone Distance to nearest flood zone (A or V) Elevation Estimated Base Flood Elevation (eBFE) Estimated height above flood zone In a Flood Zone, estimated water depth Benefits

Excess Flood Providers Better evaluate risks that are near flood zones Recognize the risk, even though the property is located outside of the flood zone Agents/Companies selling flood insurance Let people know that they are very close to a flood zone Explain the risk, and how inexpensive flood coverage will be Sell more flood insurance

Valid for both NFIP and non-NFIP business Future Enhancements Storm surge modeling will be added Identifying areas protected by levees Better elevation shading Overlay risk layers on aerial photos

Questions? Dan Munson Vice President of Sales & Marketing CDS Business Mapping 67 Broad St. 6th Floor Boston, MA 02109 617-737-4444 [email protected]

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