Bon jour - Weebly

Bon jour - Weebly

Bon jour Bon jour goupil endormi rien ne tombe en la geule. Translation: Into a closed mouth no flies ever entered. English equivalent: A close mouth catches no flies. Meaning: It is wise not to speak when it is not necessary. Bon jour mauvais ouvrier point de bon outil. Translation: A bad craftsman blames his tools.

Bon jour cheval donn on ne regarde pas les dents (French) / la bride (Canadian). Translation: At a given horse one doesn't look at the teeth / bridle (the bit in the horse's mouth).

English equivalent: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Meaning: Don't critcize a gift. Bon jour A l'troit mais entre amis. Translation: Tight but with friends.

Bon jour l'uvre, on connat l'artisan. Translation: The craftsman by his work is known. Bon jour

raconter ses maux, souvent on les soulage. Translation: To tell our ailments, we often relieve them. English equivalent: A problem shared is a problem halved. Bon jour

tort se lamente de la mer qui ne s'ennuie d'y retourner. Translation: He complains wrongfully at the sea that gets bored on it twice. English equivalent: He complains wrongfully at the sea that suffer shipwreck twice. Meaning: Don't do the same thing again and

expect different results. Bon jour A qui il a t beaucoup donn, il sera beaucoup demand. Translation: To whom much is entrusted, much is required.

English equivalent: Much is expected where much is given. Meaning: With great resources comes great responsibility. Bon jour Aide-toi et Allah t'aidera.

Translation: Help yourself and Allah will help you. English equivalent: Allah helps those who help themselves. Meaning: When in trouble first of all every one themselves should do their best to improve their condition.

Bon jour Amour, toux et fume En ne secret sont demeure. Translation: Love, cough and smoke do not remain secrets. English equivalent: Love, smoke and cough are hard to hide.

Bon jour A tout pourquoi il y a (un) parce que. Translation: At any why there was (a) because. English equivalent: Every why has a wherefore. Bon jour A vrai dire peu de paroles.

Translation: The truth says a few words. English equivalent: Truth gives a short answer, lies go round about. Bon jour Aprs trois jours, les deux poissons et vous pourrez commencer odeur.

Translation: After three days, both fish and guests begin to smell. Bon jour Attente tourmente. Translation: Awaiting torment. English equivalent: Who lives by hope will die of

hunger. Bon jour Au fruit on connat l'arbre. Translation: The fruit is known by its tree. English equivalent: The apple does not fall far from the tree.

Meaning: "Children observe daily and in their behaviour often follow the example of their parents." Bon jour Aujourd'hui moi, demain toi. Translation: Today for me, and tomorrow for you. English equivalent: Today me, tomorrow thee.

Bon jour Au royaume des aveugles, les borgnes sont rois. Translation: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are kings. Bon jour

A qui la tete fait mal, souffre par tout le corps. Translation: Which has the head hurts, the whole body suffers. English equivalent: When the head is sick, the whole body is sick. Bon jour

Bien mal acquit ne profite jamais Translation: Goods badly aquired are not profitable. Meaning: Crime doesn't pay.

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