Bloodborne Pathogens Jeopardy

Bloodborne Pathogens Jeopardy

OSHA FREE Safety and Health Resources? OSHA OSHA OSHA is OSHA Publicatio ns Outreach and Training

Cooperativ e Programs not a 4 letter word Miscellaneo us Other Resources

OSHA Publications for 10 O The list includes such items as: O O O O O O O O O O

Cards Magnets Brochures/Booklets Fact Sheets, InfoSheets and Hazard Alerts Guidance Documents Pocket Guides Posters QuickCardsTM QuickTakes Standards TRIVIA

? What are some types of Free OSHA Publications Answer OSHA Publications for 20 O The list of these items include: O Materials to Prevent Falls in Construction

O GHS Classification and Labeling of Chemicals QuickCards O Mercury: Protecting Workers from Mercury Exposure QuickCardTM and Fact Sheet O Nail Salon Workers: Stay Healthy and Safe While Giving manicures and Pedicures O Fall Prevention and Heat Stress Wallet Cards TRIVIA ? Answer

What are some of the NEW Resources? OSHA Publications for 30 OThese two publications are very helpful for compliance and are nearly impossible to keep in stock. TRIVIA

? Answer What are: OSHA Booklet 3186 - Bloodborne Pathogens: Model Plans and Programs for the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications Standards and OSHA Booklet 2209 Small Business Handbook? OSHA Outreach and Training

for 10 O Free downloadable PowerPoints include: O O O O O O O O O Introduction to OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens

Electrical Exit Routes, Emergency Aciton Plans,Fire Prevention, Machine Guarding PPE Flammable and Combustible Liquids Safety and Health Programs Walking-Working Surfaces TRIVIA ? Answer

What are some of the OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Outreach Trainer Presentations? OSHA Outreach and Training for 20 O$10.7 Million in Grants awarded in Fiscal Year 2012 to 72 non-profit

organizations. OTopics range from Agricultural Operations to Young Workers. TRIVIA ? Answer What is the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program? OSHA Outreach and Training for 30 O Collection of over 600 training videos covering more than 100 occupational safety and health subjects. TRIVIA

? Answer What is the OSHAs Resource Center Loan Program? OSHA Cooperative Programs for 10 O Through this agreement, OSHA

works with groups, including unions, consulates, trade or professional organizations, businesses, faith-andcommunity based organizations and educational institutions, in an effort to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. TRIVIA ? Answer What is OSHAs

Alliance Program? OSHA Cooperative Program for 20 O A formalized agreement by which partners (employers, workers, professional or trade associations, labor organizations,) develop specific goals, strategies and performance measures to improve worker safety and health.

TRIVIA ? Answer What is the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP)? O OSHA Cooperative Program for 30

OSHAs program which recognizes employers and workers who have implemented effective safety and health management systems and maintain injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective industries. TRIVIA ? Answer

What is the Voluntary Protection Program? OSHA is not a 4 letter word for 10 O. TRIVIA ? Answer

How can I reach my local or regional OSHA Office? OSHA is not a 4 letter word for 20 O My duty for the day is to take all inquiries whether by phone or walkin - to assist in answering questions, issues or complaints relative to workplace safety and health issues. TRIVIA

? Answer Who is the Area or Regional Offices Duty Officer of the day? OSHA is not a 4 letter word for 30 O We promote and manage the local Area Offices cooperative programs (Alliances,

Partnerships and Voluntary Protection Program ), provide seminars, workshops and speaking events. Were usually the only OSHA personnel who are invited anywhere! TRIVIA ? Answer Who are OSHAs Compliance Assistance

Specialists? Miscellaneous for 10 O These resources are stand-alone, interactive, web-based training tools on various occupational safety and health topics including but not limited to O O O O O

O O O O O Ammonia Refrigeration Asbestos Confined Space Construction Hazards Evacuation Plans and Procedures Incident Command System/Unified Command Machine Guarding Nursing Home

Powered Industrial Trucks Teen Worker Safety in Restaurants TRIVIA ? Answer What are eTools, Expert Advisors and v-Tools?

Miscellaneous for 20 O Can be used for safety and health training, weekly toolbox topics and lessons learned. TRIVIA ? What are OSHAs Weekly Fatality Reports?

Date of Company and Answer Incident Location 7/3/2012 Krause Building LLC, Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Preliminary Description of Incident Worker installing a roof

died after falling 25 feet to the ground. 7/10/2012 Leonard Chavarria, Pedricktown, NJ 08067 Worker was replacing roof shingles and fell from the second story level. Miscellaneous for 30 O This document is OSHAs Bible on

how to plan inspections, conduct the inspection, describes the process of issuing the violations, prepare the case file, issuance of penalties and collect debts, describes legal issues and all kinds of other good stuff. TRIVIA ? Answer What is the Field

Operations Manual (FOM)? CPL 02-00-150 Other Resources for 10 O This federal agency is responsible for conducting research and making recommendations for the prevention of work-related injury and illness. O They create/conduct: O Criteria Documents O Current Intelligence Bulletins

O Hazard Control Briefs O Health Hazard Evaluations O Fact Sheets TRIVIA ? Answer Who is the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)?

Other Resources for 20 O They provide FREE On-site confidential advice to small and medium-sized businesses with a priority given to high-hazard worksites. TRIVIA ? Answer

Who are OSHAs Onsite Consultation Program? Other Resources for 30 OThey provide no-fee safety training resources, have a variety of safety videos, PowerPoint presentations, Safety Posters, Toolbox talks, and much, much more and they reside in the Commonwealth of PA

TRIVIA ? Answer Who is the PA Dept. of Labor and Industry, Bureau of Workers Compensation, Health and Safety Division PA OSHA Offices Allentown Area Office

Stabler Corporate Center 3477 Corporate Parkway, Suite 120 Center Valley, Pa 18034 (267) 429-7542 (267) 429-7567 FAX CAS Scott G. Shimandle Erie Area Office 1128 State Street Suite 200 Erie, PA 16501 (814) 874-5150 (814) 874-5151 FAX CAS Mark Harmon Harrisburg Area Office

Progress Plaza 49 North Progress Avenue Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109-3596 (717) 782-3902 (717) 782-3746 FAX CAS Dale Glacken Philadelphia Area Office US Custom House, Room 242 Second & Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106-2902 (215) 597-4955 (215) 597-1956 FAX CAS James Touey

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