Berlin Crisis

Berlin Crisis

Berlin Crisis Eva, Roman, Isabella, and Kaitlyn Background Potsdam Agreement German Unification? Or Seperate States? Mao thought Khrushchev was soft on Capitalism Buffer State

Same time as Cuban Missile Crisis Description Paris summit 1960 June 4th 1961- failed negotiations between Kennedy and Khrushchev at Vienna Khrushchev gives ultimatum with a 6 month deadline By 1961 2.7 million East Germans fled to

West Berlin Caused economic distress Stand off on border between Soviet Union and U.S.A tanks Solved diplomatically Outcome and Effects Aug 12-13 1961: Khrushchev decided to build the Berlin Wall The wall resulted in a USSR and US standoff

Atlantic Alliance was ALMOST broken Jan. 1963: Khrushchev proclaimed that the wall was so successful that the treaty with Berlin was no long necessary (end of ultimatum) Khrushchev pulls back to avoid direct confrontations inside his sphere of influence Impact on Cold War

Weakness of soviet bloc Berlin no longer an interest Spheres of influence defined View of Communism tarnished Focus shifted to other countries

Fun Facts Khrushchevs first name Nikita Acoustic Kitty Kennedys Berlin Speech

Kennedy Purple Heart Kennedy cometh ACTIVITY! Its Jenga time!

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