Bees to Flowers - Seed Learning

Bees to Flowers - Seed Learning

W O R L D H I S T O RY R E A D E R S Level 6- THE COLD WAR Who Rules the World? What countries rule the world today? The community of countries joined by the United Nations rules the world today. The United Nations Headquarters in New York City What two countries became superpowers after World War II? The United States and the Soviet Union (USSR)

How is this different from the past? In the past, the most powerful country often ruled over the rest and sometimes built an empire. The Roman Empire The Cold War What was the war between the US and the USSR called? The Cold War How long was the Cold War? It lasted 46 years! It started in 1945 and ended in 1991. Why was it

called a proxy war? There were never any direct battles between the two superpowers. However, they opposed each other in selfcontained wars in several places of the world such as Greece, Korea, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. The US vs. the USSR What were some of the differences between the US and the USSR? United States Soviet Union vs. Democratic Free economy and press Personal freedoms Why did the two countries fight? Communist State economy and controlled press Control over its people It was a war to create an empire and an ideological

war. Each country wanted to impose its beliefs on other countries. How The Cold War Was Fought How was the war fought? A world map showing nuclear missiles in various countries Through proxy wars With psychological warfare using speeches, movies, and books With spies Through the space race What was Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)? Both the US and the USSR had nuclear bombs, and either of them could use their deadly bombs at any time. They had enough nuclear weapons to

destroy each other. MAD was the knowledge that the US and the USSR could destroy each otherat the same Two missiles ready to be launched from a military base A secret underground bunker The most powerful Soviet atomic bomb The Rest of the World As the Cold War developed, who supported the US? Most of the countries of Western Europe and Japan aligned themselves with the US. Who supported the USSR?

An Indonesian stamp dedicated to the Non- Aligned Movement What was the Non-Aligned Movement? Why was the Berlin Wall important during the Cold War? The US Army Station in Germany Many Eastern European countries such as Poland, East Germany, Ukraine, and Czechoslovakia aligned themselves with the USSR. Countries who declared themselves neutral and did not align with either side. It became a symbol of the Cold War. It represented the dividing line between the two superpowers.

The Berlin Wall China Who imposed a communist government over China? Mao Zedong Did China align with one side during the Cold War? No, sometimes, China would be allied with the Soviet Union and the communist cause, and other times it would become friendly with the United States, particularly under President Nixon. The Cuban Revolution What happened in Cuba in 1959? Who supported this?

A revolution overthrew the dictator Batista, and Cuba became communist. The USSR What did the Soviet Union put in Cuba in 1962? A Soviet ship carrying missiles as it leaves Cuba They put missiles in Cuba to threaten the United States. The location was much closer than the USSR, so the US was very worried. How long did the missiles stay in Cuba? What was remarkabl

e about this? 13 days The world had never been so close to an actual nuclear war. The Vietnam War When did the Vietnam War begin? In terms of the Cold War, why was it significant? US helicopters over Vietnam 195 4 When did it end?

A US protest against the Vietnam War It was a long, violent war with both US and Soviet involvement. The Vietnam War resulted in the deaths of many young Americans, and sparked a cultural rebellion against war in the US. What happened at the end of the Vietnam War? 197 5 The Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. with the names of all the American soldiers who died Vietnam became a communist country.

The Space Race An American astronaut on the moon What were some Soviet successes during the space race? Laika and the satellite that took her into space The Soviet Union sent Sputnik, the first satellite, into space. It also sent Laika, the first dog, into space. What was the most important American success during the space race? The United States was the first to put astronauts on the moon. Apollo 11 flying to the moon

The End What happened in 1989 and 1990? The Berlin Wall came down, and the German border opened. Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan ended the Cold War. A map of the Russian Federation The Berlin wall being torn down When did the Soviet Union fall? It fell in 1991. Vocabulary

astronaut n. a person who has been trained for traveling in space atomic bomb n. a bomb that uses explosive nuclear power Vocabulary collapse v. to break down; to fail imitate

v. to act in a similar way to someone or something else, or to copy the speech or behavior, etc. of someone or something Vocabulary missile n. a rocket that can travel long distances through the air pledge v. to make a serious promise Vocabulary satellite

n. a device sent up into space to travel around the earth, used for collecting information or communicating by radio, television, etc. unexpected not expected; surprising adj.

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