Beech, Walnut & Willow

Beech, Walnut & Willow

Year 3 & 4 Hornbeam, Plane and Rowan Attendance and Punctuality All children should arrive in school between 8.45 and 8.55 am. Drop at the gate. If your child is un-well please notify the office as soon as possible please keep children off school for 48 hours after an upset stomach In line with government policy, holidays may no longer be taken during term time.

Lateness is monitored; your child should sign in at the office if they arrive after 8.55am Certificates and prizes are awarded for classes and individuals with excellent attendance Please encourage your children to attend even if feeling a little under the weather. Curriculum You will receive termly curriculum newsletters. Please look at these to enable you to support your child with their learning. Ways in which you can do this include choosing relevant books in

the library, researching online, discussing at home and local visits. Educational Visits & Visitors Brazilian drumming workshop and carnival day (Autumn term) Roman trip to Cressing Temple Barns (Spring term) Rye Meads Nature Reserve (TBC) (Summer Term) For our trips to be successful we do rely on parent volunteers. This will not be on a first come, first served basis but will be organised in a fair way. Each year, FoICS contributes 10 per child for school trips. We will let

you know which trip(s) this has been allocated against. Maths We are following the White Rose Maths Hub scheme of work. The yearly overview is shown below. Maths Children no longer choose their challenges but all work through the phases of fluency,

reasoning and problem solving. The idea is that all children can access this with the use of manipulatives. This scheme follows the concept of maths mastery where the emphasis is on deeper understanding. Pre-Teach

Maths pre-teach sessions will take place as a new topic in maths arises (see maths yearly overview). These will be based in Plane Class and you will be notified by Dojo of forthcoming sessions. Sessions will be practical and there will not necessarily be handouts available. Homework Times tables children should practise their tables targets at home. Children are working towards certificates as part or our Times Tables Olympics which involves a 3 minute speed test. Finalist 2s, 5s, 10s

Bronze 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s Silver 6s, 11s Gold 7s, 8s, 9s, 12s European Champion All (60 mixed questions) Olympic Champion All (100 mixed questions) By the end of Year 4, all children must know all multiplication and division facts to times 12. The calculation policy is available on the school website. Homework Regular reading with an adult at home is essential. Diaries should be completed and

signed by the adult. Dojos will be awarded for reading at home when this is evidenced by an adult. The Fab 50 list of books was sent home during the summer. This is a useful guide to help you to select quality texts. Spellings will be given weekly to learn at home. Please use a range of the given strategies to encourage your child. These will be tested the following Friday. Times Tables should be practised regularly for weekly testing. Mathletics will be set weekly. Mathletics logins were sent home before the holiday. Completion of Mathletics is expected. If there are is a problem with access, please let us know. Brain Builder will continue to be a bi-weekly aspect of homework. This should be childled and is not intended to be labour intensive for parents. Class incentives will be

available for completing brain builder. Your child may also occasionally bring work home to finish. Logins You child will have the following logins: Mathletics (handed out in July) Bug Club (coming soon) Espresso: User name: student11888 Password: ivy888 We politely ask that you keep all logins in a safe place / written down

centrally as re-issuing these is incredibly time consuming. Volunteers We welcome the help of parents with reading and ask that you complete the relevant form on the website if you wish to be considered for this. All volunteers will be DBS checked. School Uniform All children are expected to wear the

appropriate school uniform at all times. Grey skirt, pinafore, shorts or trousers. White polo top. School jumper or cardigan. Plain black shoes not trainers, no heels, no boots No make-up or nail varnish should be worn in school No jewellery should be worn, except plain stud earrings and watches. No earrings to be worn on PE days. We are currently looking at the Essex policy on earrings. PLEASE ENSURE EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD WEARS IS

CLEARLY LABELLED. PE Kit Your child should have the appropriate kit in school every day, in a named drawstring bag. Plimsolls/trainers A change of socks White school t-shirt Green shorts Children may also bring tracksuits to wear for outdoor activities in PE

Stud earrings may be worn immediately after piercing, but covered with the childs own micropore tape. After 6 weeks they should then be removed prior to PE. Again, we are looking at the Essex policy on earrings. Water and Snacks Children should bring in a named water bottle to keep in the classroom for drinks during lesson time and taken home every day for washing and refilling. Only healthy snacks, namely fruit & vegetables, may be brought in to be eaten at break times products

containing nuts are not allowed. If your child is bringing a birthday treat to share, please ensure that this is nut-free. E-Safety In school, our internet is restricted to ensure safety and suitable content. We educate and encourage children to stay safe whilst using social media. We remind them that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc all have age restrictions and that these should be followed both in school and at home. Parents can stay in touch with news, announcements, assemblies and

achievements via the school website, blog, Twitter and Class Dojo accounts. Please discuss sensitive issues face-to-face and be aware that electronic communication is unlikely to be responded to outside of working hours. It is unlikely that messages will be seen during teaching hours. Cloak room Due to the constraints of space in cloak room areas, we ask you to consider the size of childrens bags. Large rucksacks are extremely hard to accommodate and not needed. This will become even more problematic during colder months when

children bring heavy coats to school. Children are provided with stationery. Pencil cases and other stationery are not necessary. Independence Now that your children are in KS2, we are encouraging higher levels of independence. Children are expected to change their own reading books, usually during registration or guided reading time. They will not be reminded to do so. We would ask for your support in encouraging your child to be

responsible for packing their own bag, ensuring that they have everything they need Reading book and diary, packed lunch (if necessary), water bottle and PE kit. Finally We look forward to working with you and your child this year. We hope that it is happy and successful. Good night.

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