Background - Object Management Group

Background - Object Management Group

UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF C4I TF Boston June, 2005 Problem Statement DODAF v1.0 Volume II provides guidance on using UML Used extensively to represent DODAF architecture products across industry Not sufficiently precise resulting in multiple interpretations (no one-to-one mapping between UML diagrams and DODAF products) Based on UML 1.x which has been superseded by UML 2 DODAF UML guidance is inadequate to facilitate communications, architecture product reuse and maintainability, and tool interoperability 2 Solution Statement DODAF V 1.0 exposed a need for architecture-based modeldriven systems engineering

SysML is a UML profile for model-driven systems engineering Initial analysis indicates good coverage of all DODAF/MODAF views with SysML* Develop a UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF that provides an industry standard UML representation of DODAF/MODAF Utilize UMLs systems engineeringviews extensions wherever architecture SysML profile is applicable * see Bailey et al in references section 3 UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP Scope Use DODAF v1.0 as a baseline Incorporate MODAFs additional views (Acquisition and Strategic Capability)

Support for modeling system-of-systems architectures Systems that include hardware, software, data, personnel, procedures, and facilities (DOTMLPF & MOD Lines of Development ) Service oriented architectures [Editors Note: The specific requirements for DODAF v2.0 will be incorporated as they become available] 4 RFP Draft Feedback MODAFs Strategic Capability Views may: Expand scope beyond what might be sensible in one RFP, Overlap with the Business Motivation Metamodel work in BEIDTF, Be beyond what UML was ever intended or suitable for.

RFP is US-UK focused. Support of the NATO AF should be added to the mandatory requirements. Concerns about timetable: MODAF to be published in July, RFP to be approved by Nov. DODAF v2.0 requirements are not being folded in until they become available. Support for service-oriented views: added as an optional requirement Relationship between this meta-model and CADM: Domain metamodel is a higher level of abstraction than the CADM which is a physical data model UML profile should not force a specific development methodology (i.e., structured vs. OO) 5 UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF RFP Requirements Summary Develop RFP that specifies the requirements for a UML

Profile for DODAF/MODAF Meta-model extension (abstract syntax and constraints) Notation (concrete syntax) Views and Viewpoints Architecture products Element taxonomy Data interchange mechanism Optional requirements to support: Extensibility to other architecture frameworks Representation of architectural patterns and types such as service oriented architectures diagram interchange mechanism (leverage other OMG TF)

6 UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF Roadmap DODAF V 1.0 (2004) MODAF V 1.0 (Sept 05) OMG Kickoff (Feb 05) 1 Submission RFP (Sept 05)

st UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF SysML V 1.0 Adopted SysML V 0.9 SysML/AP233 Alignment Feb 2005 Sept 2005 Feb 2006

April 2006 Nov 2006 7 Long Term Solution Develop standard for the specification of general architecture frameworks Leverage IEEE 1471 Make applicable to a broad range of architecture frameworks Military and commercial e.g., Zachman Framework Utilize experience from UML Profile for DODAF/MODAF standardization to reduce risks Issue RFI followed by RFP through OMGs ADTF 8

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