Background - Division of Online and Continuing Education

Background - Division of Online and Continuing Education


Background Importance Faculty Staff Peer Advisors College Ambassadors

Industry Partners Funnel Barriers Timeline

Pro-Retention SRM Case Management Advising Model Talking Points Financial Aid Transfer Credits Employment Information Sorting Options/Career Counseling

Collaborations Communication Strategy SRM NSR

Online Case Management Low Test Scores Pell Eligibility First Generation

Transparency with Comments Master Advising Plan Maxient Early Alerts Current process Proposed ideas/collaborations Drop hold/advising NSR

Withdrawal Net Background Importance FVTC Strategic Plan

Recruitment, retention, and graduation Adult, non-traditional student satisfaction

FVTC Strategic Plan FVTC Strategic Plan (cont) FVTC Funnel Barriers Potential barriers include:

Finances/poverty Seeds of Hope Emergency Grant Financial aid Scholarships Work/life balance/family responsibilities FVTC

Planner One-on-one sessions Time management FVTC Time Management Tool ( gementChart/index)

Expectations Master Advising Plan Program Layout Program Plan Advisement Report New Student Registration

Barriers continued Student attrition

Peer Advisors Case Management Outreach Digital literacy or lack thereof

Teaching and Learning Center Peer Advisors Lab Instructors Low test scores/prep courses

Advanced Learning Program Teaching and Learning Center Tutoring

Institutional connection and/or satisfaction Advisor/Student relationship building Peer Advisors

Student Life Resources Timeline

Assessment of student processes (2012) SRM research and purchasing (Fall 2014) Statmats Communication Mapping consultation

(May 2015) Advising consultant (Spring/Summer 2016) Dr. Charlie Nutt, Keynote Speaker Advising model adoption (Fall 2016) Master Advising Plan (Fall 2016) Maxient/Early Academic Alert strategies (Fall 2016) Peer Advisor/College Ambassador Training (Ongoing 2017; in line with progressive advising philosophy) Programs with Adult Populations

Programs with Adult Populations Pro-Retention Student Relationship Management (SRM) 2012-2015

Increased knowledge of funnel daily awareness Creating common language Website redesign Solidify purpose of website = generate business

Ability to measure and make changes according to traffic College Enrollment Objectives Moving Forward May 2014| Website launch

Summer 2014 | Recognized need for better prospect communication Spring 2015 | SRM selected Moving Forward May 2015 | Statmats Staffing Assessment

Recruitment staff werent doing the right things Fall 2015 | Nurturer & Engage with Prospects

Marketing developed plan (protocols, huddles, meetings) Every inquiry-phone call Consistent Capture & record every lead Former Advising Model Case Management Advising Model

Financial Aid/Finances Connect with students initially about financial aid, even if to discuss the general process, documents required, or financial concerns Discuss other financial opportunities for

students Scholarships Seeds of Hope WTCS Grant funds (if applicable) Financial Coach

Outside organizations Transfer Credits/Advanced Standing Discuss (in-depth) the transfer process Official Transcript request and cost

Transfer Information System Advanced Standing procedures Employment Information/Placement Employment Connections

Making a strong connection Mock interviews Resume building

Sorting Options/Career Counseling Career Counseling Workshops

One-on-one Motivations (via the Master Advising Plan (MAP) Master Advising Plan (MAP) Maxient Early Academic Alerts Collaborations

Faculty Staff Peer Advisors College Ambassadors Industry Partners

Ways to Collaborate Team Meetings

Informal team building Cross Departmental Departmental Team Huddles Coffee and Conversation Institutional Days

In-Service Faculty Days Consistent Meetings Peer Advising College Ambassadors

College Ambassadors Communication Strategy New Student Registration In-Person and Online

In-Person Moving to a college success format Smaller Groups (1-6 students) Focused on time management, task management,

motivation, barriers, and pitfalls; ways of being a successful student Transparency and honesty are key Online Students complete online New Student Registration session Have a hold on their account until they meet with an

Advisor or Counselor for a one-on-one session; College success is the focal point Online NSR Registration Case Management Low Test Scores Pell Eligibility First Generation

Transparency with Comments Many nontraditional students fall in these categories Case Management

Handbook exists to maintain consistency Case Management Assess- initial interview, information gathering, and assessment of needs in terms of resources and support

Plan Schedule future meetings, encourage student to be actively engaged with campus and co-curricular activities Collaborate - Connect student with resources on and off campus. Collaborate with student along with FVTC faculty and staff to encourage a positive academic experience

Implement - Suggest strategies/activities that promote academic improvement and personal growth Monitor Send progress reports, respond to early academic alerts and contact student frequently

Evaluate - Analyze progress. Evaluate practices/strategies and students progress. Determine whether or not practices/strategies were effective and make adjustments to plan for success Case Management Case Management Withdrawal Net

Institution is currently working on a withdrawal net via PeopleSoft: This will only allow students to drop classes in PeopleSoft after completing a mandatory survey Will use this information to further understand why attrition exists at the institution,

specifically with non-traditional students Can query this information to follow up with adult/non-traditional students and discuss their situation and barriers further Conclusion Takeaways: Strategic planning or direction Identifying and assisting with barriers

Tools for success Qualitative and quantitative impact Questions/Discussion

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