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(512) 415-3235 [email protected] Welcome to Andrea James Class of 12 Fish Moms Are... A group of moms who have freshmen at Texas A&M Moms that meet thirty minutes before the general meeting Here to help answer questions about all things A&M Supportive of each other

Staying Connected Website: Facebook: Austin Aggie Moms Austin Aggie Mothers Club Members Aggie Moms/Dads of Current Texas A&M Students-Bryan/College Station-Q&A Aggie Parents Twitter: @austinaggiemoms

Good Information Download Code Maroon now: Student Counseling Services: Scholarships & Financial Aid: [email protected] Jobs for Aggie: Disability Services: [email protected] (979) 845-1637 Suggestions For Move-In Day

August 17(early)-18th (for residence halls) Check weather/prepare for rain Bring a lot of water Create a first-aid kit Bring a dolly (only Hullabaloo has an elevator) and a rubber mallet

Check specific dorm for things to bring/not bring Parking/temporary 1 hour loading and unloading zones Shop in Austin (Target, Walmart, and H-E-B in College Station will be very crowded during move-in weekend) Bed Bath and Beyond will deliver to CStat and you can pick up there Encourage your student to participate in Howdy Week (August 1923) Important Links for Residence Hall Move-in ***Residence Hall specific move in information such as where to check in, park, unload, recycle cardboard boxes, etc.*** Main Move In page with helpful info such as dates and items you can/cannot bring. Residence Halls. Here you can find room, furniture and window dimensions. Information about White Creek Apartments Things to Bring (Optional but advised)

Door stop (helps at move in, and to meet fellow residents during the rest of the year) Charging cords for phones -- longer the better 8-10 feet are ideal ! Power Strip/Surge protectors (extension cords not allowed) Insurance Cards -- medical, auto and list of in network doctor, dentist and urgent care/clinic

Rain Gear (Poncho, Umbrella, Backpack cover, Waterproof bags) Wet Weather Shoes -- some like boots, others flip flops but expect plenty of puddles throughout campus Zip Ties, Scissors, Sharpies Showerhead -- Home Depot/Lowes has inexpensive ones with a larger area and adjustable stream Rubber mallet (to loft the bed), Basic tool kit Yard size garbage bags Clear Bag (needed for athletic events) Flashlight and spare batteries Microwave safe dishes Interview/Business Attire (for FLO and recruitment activities). Shoes and dress socks First Aid Kit -- over the counter medications for colds, allergies Ace bandages, Anti-inflammatory such as Advil, Band Aids and antibiotic ointment Gauze pads and antiseptic wipes Cold pack and muscle pain relief ointment

Fan Safe or combination lock as the desk usually has at least one drawer that you can lock. Combo better than a key which can get misplaced Mail Services Options Student Mail Services (Bauer) Located in Hullabaloo and Southside Commons Standard hours: 2:00-6:00 PM (Fall/Spring) and 12:00-3:00 PM (Summer) $60 fall and spring semester USPS - University Dr and Houston 979.846.5716 PO Box access: M-F: open 24 hours, Sat-Sun: closed

Prices vary depending on size Meal Plans All freshmen living in residence halls are required to select any tier of the Block 100 and up plans. If a plan is not selected by August 1, 2019 for the Fall and January 1, 2020 for the Spring, the Block 130 with 300 Dining Dollars plan will be assigned. Dining Meal Plan/Meal Trades - up to 4 times/day. Do NOT roll to next semester. May downgrade by 5pm 9/20/19. May upgrade by 5pm 10/25/19. Dining Dollars - unlimited daily use. Do roll to next semester provided a meal plan is purchased. May add in $25 increments. Football Information

12th Man Foundation is source for season, flex pack and individual tickets StubHub, Vivid and Seat Geek will usually have resale tickets (be aware of fees) Kyle Field Policies: Clear Bag Rule Stadium Opens 2 hrs before game time Midnight Yell is at Midnight -- stadium opens at 10:30 (go to atleast one) No return after exit Student Sections are on the EAST SIDE (Sec 120-124, 127, 128, 230-238 and 330-338) you sit with your student, you will only SIT during halftime. 12th Man stands the entire game. Personal Stadium seats are allowed but can not exceed 16 inches Addtl details and FAQ : 12th Man website If

Ways to Get Involved at TAMU HOWDY WEEK August 19 - August 23 (the week before classes begin) Scheduled daily activities ( Pizza party, free food, giveaways) Class of 2023 photo on Kyle Field Full daily schedule @ MSC OPEN HOUSE

Sunday, September 1, 1pm-5pm Students can explore tables for over 400 student organizations allows you to search a directory of over 1000 student organizations Ways to Get Involved at TAMU FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION (FLO)

Organizations focused on freshman 18 different FLOs Include social gatherings, service projects and competitions throughout the year All FLO Informational (could not get this years date yet, typically the first week of school) then the application process opens Students apply and go through an interview process for acceptance into a FLO (need business attire for this) for more info and check upcoming dates Student Health & HIPAA

TAMU Study Health Services (SHS)/Beutel: Clinic has physicians, NPs, PAs & a counselor who provide medical care for short term, acute illnesses & injuries, ongoing health issues Appointments / Walk-Ins (when available): Book online or 979-458-8250 Hours of Operation: M-F 8am - 5pm | Closed on University-observed holidays Dial-A-Nurse: M-F 5 pm 8 am; Weekends 24/7 | 979-458-8379 $10 for primary care office visits Charges can be applied students account All major credit cards, checks & payments from Insurance Plans Student Health & HIPAA There are many ERs and Urgent Care Clinics near TAMU. Check your insurance plan to confirm if in-network & ER co-pay amount.

Access to Medical Records & Claim Information Students 18 years of age own right to privacy of their Protected Health Information (PHI) & need to provide consent for healthcare providers & insurance companies to release info to delegated persons Links to HIPPA Release Form and SHS Records Release form (Beutel) are found on the Austin Aggie Mom website Legal Forms Medical Power of Attorney used if your child becomes unable to make health care decisions and confirmed by physician Statutory Durable Power of Attorney enables you to act for your child regarding life matters (property/financial/social security/taxes) - notarized Advance Directive: Directive to Physicians & Family or Surrogates used if your child becomes unable to provide self-consent Aggie Mom Tip: provide HIPAA/medical info card & forms to your student to

store on their phone so these are ready to be provided, if needed First-Aid Kit cold/allergy medications thermometer antibiotic cream vitamins (EmergenC) anti-itch cream sanitizer eye drops tweezers ibuprophen/acetaminophen flashlight antacids/tums

bug spray sunscreen band aids bandages / tape copies of medical coverage & medical information; list of ERs/Urgent Care facilities How can Austin Aggie Moms support you this year?

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