Artificial Intelligence - Widener

Artificial Intelligence - Widener

Artificial Intelligence By John Debovis & Keith Bright What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science that seeks to build autonomous machinesmachines that can carry out complex tasks without human intervention. Research in AI is concerned with producing

machines to automate tasks requiring intelligent behavior. Intelligent Agents An agent is a device that responds to stimuli from its environment. An agent could be a robot, an autonomous plane, a character in a video game, or a program commuting over the Internet. The goal of Artificial Intelligence is to build agents that behave intelligently.

Turing Test Can Machines Think? Turing Test was a test designed in the 1950s to solve this question. Layout A human interrogator sits in a room and uses a computer terminal to communicate with two respondents, A and B. The interrogator knows that one respondent is human and the other is

computer. After having a conversation with A and B, the human must decide which respondent was the computer. Is it a good test for intelligence? Some argue that the Turing Test doesnt demonstrate that a computer understands language Turing Test Equivalence Weak Equivalence

A computer that passes the Turing test would demonstrate weak Equivalence, meaning that the two systems are equivalent Strong Equivalence Indicates that two systems use the same internal processes to produce results Some AI researchers assert that the true artificial intelligence will not exist until we have achieved strong equivalence Chatbots/Eliza programs have been developed for the Turing Test

Strong AI vs. Weak AI Weak AI The assumption that machines can be programmed to exhibit intelligent behavior. Accepted to varying degrees by a wide audience Strong AI The assumption that machines can be programmed to possess intelligence and consciousness. Widely debated Opponents of Strong AI argue that a machine is inherently different from a human and can never think about itself the same a human

does. Robotics Robotics is the study of physical, autonomous agents that behave intelligently. The development of faster, lighter weight computers has lead to greater research in mobile robots that can move about. ASIMO Despite great advances, most robots are still not very autonomous. They rely on human operators for intelligence.

Current Progress Researched aspects of AI Looked in programming examples and how they can be used with ELIZA Investigated how ELIZA operates and relates to Turing Test ELIZA ELIZA is a famous program which rephrases many of the user's statements as questions and poses them to the user.

Example The response to "My head hurts" might be "Why do you say your head hurts?" The response to "My mother hates me" might be "Who else in your family hates you?" We plan on developing our own intelligent agent that is similar to ELIZA. Example

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