Army TOW-ITAS PBL Summary, DTD Aug 03

Army TOW-ITAS PBL Summary, DTD Aug 03

UNCLASSIFIED TOW IMPROVED TARGET ACQUISITION SYSTEM (ITAS) 02/29/20 Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Road Show 18 AUG 03 IT 03 081201 1 UNCLASSIFIED AGENDA Background System Performance Based Logistics (PBL) Recent Events Battlefield Lessons Learned Challenges Wish List Summary 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 2 UNCLASSIFIED TOW Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) One for One Replacement of the Ground TOW 2 (M220A2) System Modified ITAS (MITAS) Units Fielded

1. 82D Airborne Division Combat 2. IBCT 1 Deploying 3. 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) (Partial) Combat 4. 2D Infantry Division 5. 10th Mountain Division (Partial) Combat 6. IBCT 2 7. 25th Infantry Division (Partial, June 03) Deploying 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 3 UNCLASSIFIED System Overview TARGET ACQUISITION SUBSYSTEM INTEGRATED SIGHT FIRE CONTROL SUBSYSTEM 2nd GEN FLIR Detector (w/Monitor) SADA II Laser Range Finder Direct View Optics 4 LRUs TRAVERSING UNIT MODS POWER SUPPLY/BATTERY BOX Dismounted Power Power Conditioning Built-In Battery Charger

Embedded Training Cards Missile Guidance BIT/BITE Brake Pistol Grip New TAS Mount Ground Mounted w/Tripod Time In the Pits is Reduced ITAS ITAS Designed Designed to to Improve Improve Performance Performance PBL PBL Designed Designed to to Increase Increase System System Availability Availability and and Reduce Reduce Ownership Ownership Cost Cost TOW 2 ITAS Better Performance Equals More Kills and

Greater Soldier Survivability 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 4 UNCLASSIFIED ITAS PBL Concept Organizational (Crew / Operator) PMCS BIT/BITE No Change For Soldier Soldier Maintainer Retains Normal Direct Support Mission Trouble Shoots and Repairs System Has Spares Loaded As Shop Stock No Change For Soldier The Collocated Contractor FRA Functions As a Depot Forward and Provides: ITAS Repair Maintenance Spares Provided

As Shop Stock Supply to FSBs Spare Parts Are Provided Free To the User 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 5 UNCLASSIFIED Fixed Price - Performance Adjustment Additional Metrics to Prevent Gaming Separate Contract for Contingency Options Free Issue of Repair Parts to Units Operational Readiness = Profit 100% +$ 95% 90% Contract Contains Plan for Transition 85% Minimum Profit 80%

$ Profit Plus Maximum Performance Adjustment Profit Plus Minimum Performance Adjustment Fixed Price Portion of Contract $$$ $$$ $ Price per System 5 Yr Multiple-Year Contract ICS 00-01 PBL 02-06 Maximum Flexibility Separate CLINs Transition War Total Price per Year FY00 FY01 Contract Price 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED

FY02 FY03 FY04 FY05 FY06 $ Price per System per Year IT 03 081201 6 UNCLASSIFIED Additional Metrics To Prevent Gaming One Battalion Below 90% for Two Consecutive Monthly Reporting Periods = No Award Fee Any One System Down More Than 30 Days = 50% of Award Fee MAXIMUM Three Battalions Less Than 90% (During Award Fee Period) = No Award Fee Division Less Than 90% for a Month = No Award Fee for That Period and Contractor Increases Spares by N Where N Is the Number of Unfilled Requisitions That Month Division Less Than 90% Two Consecutive Months = No Award Fee for That Period and Contractor Spares Increase by N2 + 1 Where N2 Is the Number of Unfilled Requisitions During Month 2 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 7 UNCLASSIFIED

Comparison of O&M Support $$$ System Cost OR Rate Annual O&M ITAS $400K 99% Measured $18,986 $11.9M TOW 2 $337 (AMDF) 90% Reported $18.16M $39,556 Annual Fleet O&M ITAS $$ From CLS Contract, TOW 2 $$ From FORSCOM RM Office ITAS Fleet 627, TOW Fleet 454 ITAS PBL Saves Support $$$$ 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 8

UNCLASSIFIED ITAS Funded Initiative Contractor Logistics Support TOW Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) (FY01C$M) Cost Avoidance $22.5 Prior $36.8 $9.1FY04 $5.2 $5.6 $5.6 FY05 $6.4 FY06 FY07 $6.4 $8.8 $8.7 Bottom Line: PBL Estimated to Provide Cost Avoidance of >$300M 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 9

UNCLASSIFIED Recent Events Accelerated Fielding to 101st, 10th MTN, and 25th Divisions To Support Planned Deployments Exercised Multiple Contingency Options OEF, OIF Forward Repair Activities (FRA) Deployed With 82d ABN, 101st ABN, and 10th MTN Divisions Split PBL Operations in Multiple Theaters (82d) PBL Since Feb 01 100% Operational Availability (Contractor Controlled Items) Common Processor Upgrade Obsolescence Eliminates 2 CCA at 40K per set Lithium Battery Box OMA Cost Savings Performance

02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 10 UNCLASSIFIED PBL On The Battlefield FSR Locations FSR Locations 82D Airborne Division 3 OEF/OIF IBCT 1 2 Deploying 101st Airborne Division (AASLT) (Partial) 2 OIF 2D Infantry Division 2 Forward Deployed

10th Mountain Division 1 OEF/OIF IBCT 2 1 Home Station 25th Infantry Division (Partial, June 03) 1 Deploying 501st IN Bn (Alaska) 0 Deploying Under Worst Conditions - PBL Works! 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 11 UNCLASSIFIED PBL On The Battlefield Lessons Learned Govt / Military Transportation and Distribution A Challenge!!! Commercial Transportation Still Preferred Transportation Expeditor A Must

Funding A Challenge!! Be Proactive and Repetitive Get Units Help Communications Critical Satellite Phones Email AKO Accounts Contractor on Battlefield Easier Than Expected! Deploy / Embed with Units Hire the Right Personality, Teach the Skills Brief, Brief, and Re-brief Support Plan to Players 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 12 UNCLASSIFIED Challenges - Must Watch Budgeting / Funding for Contingencies Contract Stability Future Commitments and Impacts OMA Funding Changes to Fielding Schedules Hardware Availability Resupply / Retrograde Operations 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 13 UNCLASSIFIED

Would Like to See True, Multi-Year Long-Term Contracts Ability to Fund True, Long-Term Contracts (Finance Reform???) Colorless Money Must Maintain PM Engineering Services Funds Easier Contractor Interface with Army Information Systems FED EX Type DOD Transportation / Distribution System 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 14 UNCLASSIFIED LCCS/CLS Funded with OM&A Funding Needs to Be Direct to PM Contract Must Fund OM&A Funding Lines Are Established for ITAS and JAVELIN PM Responsible for Life Cycle Management Current Process Is for OMA (SSTS) to Flow Through AMC OMA Funding Will Be Taxed Funding (OMA) Not Available in Timely Manner to Fund Contracts 02/29/20

UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 15 UNCLASSIFIED ITAS in Iraq The The FLIR FLIR and and the the TOW TOW ITAS, ITAS, inin particular, particular, was was the the hero hero ofof the the battlefield. battlefield. ItIt enabled enabled us us toto see see the the enemy enemyway, way,way wayout outbefore beforehe hecould could even evenbelieve believewe

wecould couldsee seehim. him. And And that that night night outside outside the the airfield, airfield, for for example, example, our ourTOW TOW gunners gunners could could see see the the enemy enemy and and bring bring inin either either close closeair airsupport supportor orartillery artillerybefore before the the enemy enemy even even realized realized he he was was

being beingseen. seen. MG MGDavid DavidH. H.Petraeus Petraeus st Commander, Commander,101 101stAbn AbnDiv Div(AASLT) (AASLT) Delta Co. 3rd Bn 187th INF 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 16 UNCLASSIFIED Summary ITAS Provides World-class Surveillance and Anti-Armor Capability PBL Has Demonstrated High Readiness With Lower Total Ownership Cost ITAS PBL Works in All Operational Scenarios To Date ITAS and PBL A Winning Combination for the Warfighter!!! 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 17

UNCLASSIFIED Back-Ups 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 18 UNCLASSIFIED TOW ITAS Support Plan Only the TOW ITAS Peculiar LRUs Are Supported by CLS Free Issue of Spares and Parts BPS TAS FCS TU PM Purchases Batteries and Provides to Unit BB-622B/U NSN 6140-00-928-1943 AN/PPS 5B Radar 10 hrs. Operation $848 per Battery

Requires 4 Batteries Common Components Are Supported the Same As Now Unit Purchases Spares Launch Tube Tripod HMMWV 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 19 UNCLASSIFIED Maintenance Field Repair Soldier/Maintainer Organizational Level PMCS BIT/BITE to Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Direct Support Level BIT/BITE to Shop Replaceable Unit (SRU) Repair by Replacement Has Spares Loaded As Shop Stock ITAS Repair Spares Provided Free

to FSBs Contractor Forward Repair Activity (FRA) Limited Depot Level Repair Co-located With Army Support Battalions at Selected Units FRA (Personnel and Equipment) Deployable, Commanders Call On Units Load Plan 2 Hour Recall (82d) - Has Shots, Wills, Personal Equipment Depot Repair - Raytheon, McKinney, TX CLS Should Be Invisible To the User 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 20 UNCLASSIFIED Supply Inventory Management - Contractors Responsibility Provisions, Owns, Maintains Inventory of Spares Determines Requirements Captures Demand History Spares - Free Issue to the Units Initial Spares Provided to Units Replenishment Free Transportation To / From Depot

Standard Army Information System Interface With SARSS ITAS ITASCLS CLSUses UsesThe TheArmys ArmysStandard StandardSupply SupplySystem System 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 21 UNCLASSIFIED DUSA (Logistics) - Final CLS Approval 16 May 01 Final Approval for ITAS CLS 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 22 UNCLASSIFIED Why Was ITAS CLS Approved?

Army Avoids $345.3M in Life Cycle Cost for Organic Support Concept Coordinated Concept & Built Consensus IOC Recommended Contractor Depot Coordinated with DCSOPS & ASA(FM) CASCOM CG Concurred with Concept & Was Represented at DASA(ALT-LOG) Decision Briefing ITAS BIT/BITE Sufficient Without Additional TMDE ITAS CLS Concept Does Not Require the Contractor to Be On the Battlefield New, Low-Density Weapon System Not Integrated into AWCF Infrastructure Op-Tempo Funding Requirements Relatively Low

Minimal Impact on Commanders Op-Tempo Budget Recognition That Performance Specifications Incur Unacceptable Risk for Organic Support Concept 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 23 UNCLASSIFIED ITAS CLS / Organic Cost Comparison FY 2001 FY 2002 FY 2003 7.7 10.8 13.5 Organic (TY$) 18.2 27.4 Cost Avoidance 10.5

16.6 CLS (TY$) FY 2004 FY 2005 Total (FY99-TC) 12.9 16.0 601.1 18.2 21.9 29.0 944.6 4.7 8.9 13.1 343.5 CLS Cost Avoidance Major Contributors No TDP Replenishment Spares Initial Spares

02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 24 UNCLASSIFIED Depot Repair Recommendation recommend contract depot maintenance References (b) through (e) are Service concurrence with the recommended assignment. 02/29/20 UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 25 UNCLASSIFIED CASCOM Concurrence With Comments COMMANDER, U.S. ARMY COMBINED ARMS SUPPORT COMMAND, 3901 A AVENUE, SUITE 200, FORT LEE, VA 23801-1809 3 March 1999 FOR PROGRAM EXECUTIVE OFFICE, TACTICAL MISSILES, REDSTONE ARSENAL, AL 35898-8000 1. Concur with comment. 2. The ITAS Support Concept surfaces issues which require resolution prior to full implementation of Contractor Logistic Support (CLS) for the life of the system (encl 5). These issues potentially extend to CLS concepts beyond ITAS. 3. Resolution of these issues could establish precedent and require change to existing and emerging policy and procedures. 4. POC is DCD-OD, Mr. Bruce Saxon, 804 734-2301; e-mail: [email protected]

5 Encls 1-4. nc Added 1 encl 5. Comments List 02/29/20 //signed// DANIEL G. BROWN Major General, U.S. Army Commanding UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 26 UNCLASSIFIED CLS Concept Staffing Army Staff & Others AMCOM Joint Depot Maintenance Analysis Group (JDMAG) AMC CASCOM DA Staff - DCSOPS - DCSLOG - SARDA (MILDEP) DASA(ALT- LOG) Concurrence by Director, IMMC Written Recommendation - Contract Depot Mr. Craig Hunter and Mr. David Mills Concurrence with Comments, MG Brown BG Stricklin (info paper) Mr. Pybus LTG Kern Concept Approved 18 May 1999 (Mr. Orsini)

User ARCENT/CENTCOM USARSO/SOUTHCOM FORSCOM/ACOM 82D Airborne Division USAREUR/EUCOM EUSA/USARPAC/PACOM National Guard 02/29/20 COL Brooks, G3 Plans ARCENT Mr. Joe Parker, DCSLOG USARSO MG Shadley, DCSLOG FORSCOM MOA Signed by CoS and DISCOM CDR Mr. Levy, International Agreements Division G4 USFK and ADCSLOG USARPAC LTC Bamler, Maintenance, NGB Log Division UNCLASSIFIED IT 03 081201 27

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