Argumentative Writing! Yay!

Argumentative Writing! Yay!

Argumentative Writing! Yay! uses elements of rhetoric, reasoning and researched evidence to take a stand on a controversial or debatable issue Ms. C is the best! I know! I did research! Expository vs. Argumentative Expository

Argumentative Basic, foundation essay. Written to inform the reader, not convince him/her of anything. Can be researched or not. Focuses only on information related to topic. Awesome

More advanced organization/thinking Written to prove a specific point about a specific issue. Must be researched and include logical evidence. Identifies opposing ideas (counterargument) to further prove point. Also awesome Dont worry! Theyre also similar!

Expository and argumentative writing both -Are organized into at least five paragraphs. -Include an introduction, body, and conclusion. -Include a thesis, topic sentences, evidence, and links, but with different names. -Require use of ones brain. The Toulmin Model The structure we will be using to write amazing argumentative essays.

Its pretty great, people. Get excited! Toulmin Model Terms 1. Claimthe main point of the argument; what your whole essay will focus on. Sounds like theTHESIS! 2. Evidencethe researched facts that support your claim Sounds like theEVIDENCE! 3. Warrantexplains how evidence relates to topic sentence and claim and why the reader should care Sounds like theLINK!

Toulmin Model Terms Affirmative: the pro side of an argument. Negative: the con side of an argument. Counterargument: Heres my the argument of the opposing opposing argument! side Rebuttal:

response to a counterargument explains why the opposition is so, so wrong Heres why youre so wrong! Argumentative Essay Structure Introduction (paragraph #1) Attention Getter (1-3 sentences) Connector (2-3 sentences) Claim/thesis (1 sentence): informs reader of your position/what essay will be about

Example prompt: Should people do volunteer work? Example claim: All people should do volunteer work, because it benefits the environment, other people, and their own growth. Body (paragraphs #2, #3, #4) TELCount! T: topic sentenceone reason supporting claim E: evidencespecific fact supporting topic sentence L: link (aka warrant)how fact proves claim

Count: Counterargument + Rebuttal identify opposing argument and explain why its wrong. (1-2 sentences) Example prompt: Should people do volunteer work? Example Count: Some scholars believe volunteer work is unnecessary for personal growth, but research shows that people who volunteer their time for charity work are 98% more likely to be happy in their lives. counterargument

rebutta l Conclusion (paragraph #5) ST: Summarize Thesis/Claim O: Oh Yeah! P: Powerful Statementend that argument on a strong note! (make your audience tear up!)

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