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Aptitude for It,Ites(Placement) - Career Varsity

APTITUDE FOR IT,ITES(PLACEMENT ) PART I Topics Covered Clearing Clearing aptitude aptitude with with Flying Flying Colors Colors Handling Handling Technical Technical Interviews Interviews Solved Solved Aptitude Aptitude Questions Questions

from from Top Top companies(HCL, companies(HCL, Infosys, Infosys, Capgemini) Capgemini) .. Clearing your Aptitude Test with flying colors Practice Practice Aptitude Aptitude tests tests online. online. Its Itsmore more than than likely likely youll youll sit sityour your aptitude aptitudetest teston on aa computer

computer so soget getused used to to practicing practicingthem themonline. online. Get Get all all the the right right tools. tools. Ensure Ensure you you have have aagood good calculator, calculator, lots lots of of rough rough paper, paper, aa few few pens

pens and and aa watch. watch. Get Getused usedto to practicing practicingwith with all allthese these essentials essentials so so youre youre used used to to using using them them when when itit comes comes to toyour your real real assessment. assessment. Practice

Practice as as many many aptitude aptitude tests tests as asyou youcan canbefore before sitting sitting your your assessment. assessment. The The more more questions questionsyou youpractice practice the the more more confident confidentyou youwill will be be and and the

the more more types types of of questions questions you youwill will have have seen. seen. Ask Ask the the assessor assessor for for information information on on the the type type of of test test youll youll be be sitting. sitting. You

You have have the the right right to to ask ask what what sort sort of of aptitude aptitude test test youll youll be be expected expected to to sit, sit,how how long long ititwill willbe be and and where where youll youll have have to

to sit sit itit .. Make Make sure sure youre youre in in aa comfortable comfortable environment environment when when you you practice practice your your aptitude aptitude tests. tests. Dont Dont sit sit them them just just before before going going out out or or when when youre

youre going going to to be be disturbed. disturbed. Its Its important important to to give give them them your your full full attention attention both both when when practicing practicing and and when when taking taking your your real real assessment. assessment. Take

Take the the practice practice test test offered offered by by the the assessor assessor ifif possible. possible. Before Before sitting sitting aptitude aptitude tests tests youll youll often often be be given given practice practice questions questions to to have have aa go go at. at. Theyre Theyre normally

normally called called worked worked example, example, have have aa go go at at those those to to get get aa flavour flavour for for the the type type of of questions questions youll youll be be given. given. Read Read any any guidance guidance provided

provided before before sitting sitting your your assessment. assessment. Make Make sure sure you you make make aa note note of of how how much much time time you you have have and and roughly roughly how how long long you you should should be be spending

spending on on each each question. question. Dont Dont get get bogged bogged down down on on aa question. question. IfIf you you get get stuck, stuck, dont dont let let the the clock clock run run down, down, move move on, on, you you might might find

find the the next next question question easier easier and and youll youll pick pick up up more more marks marks by by moving moving on. on. Move Move on. on. IfIf you you think think aa question question is is going going to to take take aa really

really long long time, time, flag flag itit and and ifif possible possible come come back back to to it. it. Some Some questions questions can can be be really really time time consuming consuming and and you you may may be be better better off off coming coming back

back to to it. it. Dont Dont guess guess wildly. wildly. Your Your aptitude aptitude test test score score will will be be made made up up of of aacombination combinationof of speed speed and and accuracy. accuracy. Its Its important important not

not to to haphazardly haphazardly guess guess to to try try and and finish finish all all the the questions. questions. Work Work carefully carefullyand andas as quickly quickly as asyou youcan. can. The The more more questions questions you you practice practice the

the quicker quicker you you will will get. get. Read Read Questions Questions Carefully. Carefully. Spend Spend aa few few seconds seconds familiarising familiarising yourself yourself with with the the graph/table/pie graph/table/pie chart chart youre yourepresented presentedwith withbefore beforelaunching launchinginto intothe

thequestion. question. Make Make aamental mentalnote note of ofwhat whatthe thelabelling labelling on on the theaxis axis and and the the title title so so you you have have an an idea idea of of what what information information you you have

have been been provided provided with. with. Get Get used used to to working working on on paper. paper. The The quickest quickest way way to to do do your yourcalculations calculationsis ison onaapiece pieceof ofpaper. paper. We Werecommend

recommend using using aa big big A4 A4sheet sheetas asyoull youll have haveenough enough room room to to do do your yourworkings. workings. Leave Leaveyourself yourselfplenty plentyof ofspace spaceso soyoure youre not not cramming cramming your

your workings workingsinto into the the corner. corner. Request Request feedback feedback on on your your performance performance from from your your assessor. assessor. Find Find out out how how many many questions questions you you got got right right and and where

where you you could could improve. improve. Use Use aa good good calculator. calculator. Make Make sure sure calculator calculator /cell /cell phones phones can can be be used. used. Dont Dont use use your your phone phone or or aa very very small small calculator. calculator. Make

Make sure sure you you are are familiar familiar with with the the calculator calculator youre youre using using and and comfortable comfortable with with where where all all the the buttons buttons are. are. The The quicker quicker you you are are with with your your

calculator calculator the the higher higher you you will will score. score. Getting Ready for Technical Interviews Check Check the the profile profile of of the the company company you you are are applying applying for. for. ItIt helps helps ifif you you already already know know about about the

the company, company, their their area area of of business business so so you you can can prepare prepare for for the the Interview Interview accordingly. accordingly. While While applying applying for for jobs jobs check check which which skill skill and and what what level

level is is expected. expected. Eg. Eg. For For an an Embedded Embedded System System Engineer Engineer with with less less than than one one year year experience, experience, you you may may be be asked asked more more questions questions on on the the Systems

Systems c, c, c++, c++, linux linux ,, OS OS fundamentals. fundamentals. For For application application oriented oriented jobs jobs you you may may be be asked asked more more questions questions on on the the Packages Packages /projects /projects that that you you have have worked

worked with. with. In In aa technical technical interview interview itit is is likely likely that that the the questions questions you you face face may may be be on on topics topics that that you you may may be be asked asked to to choose. choose. Majority

Majority of of the the companies companies question question the the candidate candidate on the areas most comfortable to them. Be Be ready ready to to write write code code samples samples and and write write them them neatly neatly and and slowly. slowly. There There is is no no need

need to to rush rush with with the the answers. answers. Do Do not not give give wrong wrong answers answers for for questions questions you you do do not not know. know. Remember Remember everyone everyone cannot cannot know know everything. everything. Remain Remain calm

calm so so that that you you can can focus focus on on complicated complicated technical technical questions. questions. Be Be clear clear in in communicating communicating the the type type of of project project work work that that you you have have done. done. For

For aa fresher fresher who who does does not not have have the the work work experience, experience, questions questions may may sometimes sometimes be be asked asked on on the the project project work work and and the the package package /language /language used used for for it.

it. Refresh Refresh yourself yourself on on the the project project details details before before appearing appearing for for interview. interview. Aptitude Areas *Arithmetic *Arithmetic Progression Progression & & Geometric Geometric Progression Progression *Pipes *Pipes & & Cisterns

Cisterns *Permutations *Permutations and and Combinations Combinations *Perimeter *Perimeter and and Area Area *Numerical *Numerical Ability Ability *Indices *Indices & & Surds Surds *Men *Men & & Work Work *Algebraic *Algebraic Equations Equations *Depreciation

*Depreciation *Logarithms *Logarithms *Averages *Averages *Simple *Simple Interest Interest and and Compound Compound Interest Interest *Ratio *Ratio and and Proportion Proportion Arithmetic Progression & Geometric Progression A boy drops a bouncing toy from 1st floor to ground floor. Each time, it bounces vertically to a height of 1/2 of the preceding bounce's height. Find the distance the toy will cross if it totally takes 6 bounces

and the distance between each floor is 10m. a)39 m b)30 m c)40 m d)15 m Solution : b) The distance between two floors is 10m. The boy dropped the bouncing toy from a height of 10 m. As the toy is initially dropped, the toy falls 10 meters. Then, the toy rebounds to 10 x 1/2 = 5 meters and falls back down 5 meters. This process will repeat for 5 more times. Then: Distance that the toy travels down =10 + 10x1/2 + 10x 1/2 x 1/2 + ...+ 10x(1/2)6 = 10 + 10x(1/2)1 + 10(1/2)2 + 10(1/2)3 + 10x(1/2)4 + 10(1/2)5 + 10(1/2)6 which is a g.p series with 7 terms and first term = 10 common term = 1/2. we know that, sum of n terms in a g.p series is sum = a(1 - rn)/1 - r when r<1 Here, distance = 10 x [1 - (1/2)7]/(1-1/2) = 10 x 127/128 / 1/2 = 20x127/128 =19.84 meters. Distance that the toy travels up = 10x(1/2)1 + 10(1/2)2 + 10(1/2)3 + 10x(1/2)4 + 10(1/2)5 + 10(1/2)6 = 19.84 - 10 = 9.84 meters. Thus, the total distance is 19.84 + 9.84 = 29.68 meters = 30 meters (approx).

A company selects an employee at his 25th age and offers salary as Rs.40000 per annum for first 2 years. Afterwards, every year he gets increment of Rs.4000 for next 15 years and his salary become constant till his retirement. If Rs.80,000 is his average salary (throughout his career) then at what age he retires? a) 52 b) 58 c) 42 d) 48 Answer : (a) Employee's salary for first two years = Rs.40,000 (per annum) So, the total salary for first two years = Rs.80,000 ...(1) Given that, his salary increased by Rs.4000(per annum) for next 15 years. So, salary for next 15 years are 44,000, 48,000, 52,000,... Total salary for next 15 years is 44,000 + 48,000 + 52,000,... Note that, above sequence is an A.P with first term a = 44000, common difference = d = 4000, total number of terms = n = 15. We know that, sum of first n terms in A.P = (n/2)[2a+(n-1)d] and nth term = a+(n-1)d Therefore, 15th term = 44,000+(15-1)4000 = 1,00,000 ...(2) And the sum of 15 terms = 44,000 + 48,000 + 52,000,+... +

1,00,000 = (15/2)[2x44000 + 14x4000] = (15/2)(144000) = 10,80,000 ...(3) From (1) and (3), the total salary of first 17 years = Rs.80,000 + Rs.10,80,000 = Rs. 11,60,000 ...(4) Form (2), we have, The salary of 17th year = Rs.1,00,000 That is, till his retirement, his salary = Rs.1,00,000 (per annum) ...(5) Let the employee works for X more years. Then, the total salary for this X years = Rs.1,00,000 x X And his experience = 17 + X years ...(5) Given that, the average salary for 17+X years = Rs.80,000 That is, Rs.80,000 = [Rs. 11,60,000 + RS.1,00,000 x X]/(17+X) (17+X)80,000 = [11,60,000 + 1,00,000 x X] (17+X)8 = [116 + 10X] [136-116] = 10X - 8X 20 = 2X X = 10 Therefore, from eqn 5, Employee's experience = 17+10 = 27 years. Since, he hired at his 25th age,his retirement age will be = 25+27 = 52. Hence, the answer is 52. Pipes & Cisterns

There are three taps A, B and C of equal cross sectional area with different rate of flow of water. The time taken by the tap C alone to fill the tank is equal to the time taken by A and B when operated simultaneously. And if C takes 240 minutes less than B which takes 300 minutes less than A. Then the time required by the tap A alone is: a) 12 hours b) 14 hours c) 11 hours d) 15 hours Answer : (d) Let the time taken by A to fill the tank = X hours. Given B takes 300 minutes (5 hours) less than A and C takes 240 minutes (4 hours) less than B Then B and C takes (X - 5) and (X - 5 - 4) = (X - 9) hours respectively. Now the part filled by A in 1 hour = 1/X And the part filled by B in 1 hour = 1/(X - 5) "The time taken by the tap C alone to fill the tank is equal to the time taken by A and B when operated simultaneously" Therefore A's 1 hour + B's 1 hour = C's 1 hour 1/X + 1/(X - 5) = 1/(X - 9) X-5 + X / X(X - 5) = 1/(X - 9)

(2X - 5)(X - 9) = X(X - 5) 2X2 - 5X - 18X + 45 = X2 - 5X X2 - 18X + 45 = 0 (X - 15)(X - 3) = 0 X = 15 X cannot be 3 since B and C takes (X-5) and (X-9) hours. Hence the required answer is 15 hours. Permutations and Combinations In how many ways a team of 11 must be selected from 5 men and 11 women such that the team must comprise of not more than 3 men? a. 1565 b. 1243 c. 2256 d. 2456 Ans: C Explanation; The team may consist of 0 men + 11 women, 1 men + 10 women, 2 men + 9 women, or 3 men + 8 women.

Formula : ncr = n!/ (n r)! * r! So Number of ways are = 11C11+5C111C10+5C211C9+5C3 11C8 =1+11x5+ 55x10 + 165x10 = 2256 How many different toys can I draw from 5 different dresses, 4 different eye colors, 4 different hairstyles, and 3 different hair colors? a) 120 b) 115 c) 240 d) 720 Answer : (c) 240. Given that the combinations of toys are 5 different dresses, 4 different eye colors, 4 different hairstyles, and 3 different hair colors Let's start with the different dress.This gives us 5 different toys. Now, each of those 5 toys could have 4 different eye colors, so we multiply 5 x 4 for 20 different toys so far. Each of those toys can have 4 different hairstyles, so that's 20 x 4 for 80 different

toys. And, each of those 80 toys can have 3 different hair colors, so now we multiply 80 x 3 for 240 different toys. Hence, we would draw 240 different toys with given combinations. In how many different ways can the letters of the word 'CORPORATION' be arranged so that the vowels always come together? A.810 B.1440 C.2880 D.50400 E.5760 Answer (d) In the word 'CORPORATION', we treat the vowels OOAIO as one letter. Thus, we have CRPRTN (OOAIO). This has 7 (6 + 1) letters of which R occurs 2 times and the rest are different. Number of ways arranging these letters = 7!/2!= 2520. Now, 5 vowels in which O occurs 3 times and the rest are different, can be arranged

in5! / 3! = 20 ways. Required number of ways = (2520 x 20) = 50400. From a group of 7 men and 6 women, five persons are to be selected to form a committee so that at least 3 men are there on the committee. In how many ways can it be done? A. 564 B. 645 C. 735 D. 756 E. None of these Answer : (d) We may have (3 men and 2 women) or (4 men and 1 woman) or (5 men only). Required number of ways = (7C3 x 6C2) + (7C4 x 6C1) + (7C5) = (525 + 210 + 21) = 756. Perimeter & Area The face of the square and an equilateral triangle

are equal with 12 inches. Find the quantitative relation of their area. a) 3:4 b) 2:3 c) 4:3 d) 2:3 Answer : c) 4: 3 Solution : Area of a square with side a = a2 Area of an equilateral triangle with side b = ( 3)(b2)/4. Here, b = 12 inches then 3(b2)/4 = 3x122/4 Now, the required relation = Area of the square / Area of the triangle = 122 / [ 3) (122)/4] = 4 x 122 / 3)(122) = 4/ 3. Hence, the answer is 4: 3. Numerical Ability The fourteen digits of a credit card are to be written in the boxes shown above. If the sum of every three consecutive digits is 18, then

the value of x is : a. 3 b. cannot be determined. c. 2 d. 1 Answer : (a) Let us assume right most two squares are a,b Then Sum of all the squares = 18 x 4 + a + b .......... (1) Also Sum of the squares before 7 = 18 Sum of the squares between 7, x = 18 and sum of the squares between x , 8 = 18 So, Sum of the 14 squares = 18 + 7 + 18 + x + 18 + 8 + a + b (2) Equating 1 and 2 we get x = 3 Eesha bought 18 sharpeners for Rs.100. She paid 1 rupee more for each white sharpener than for each brown sharpener. What is the price of a white sharpener and how many white sharpener did she buy ? a. Rs.5, 10

b. Rs.6, 10 c. Rs.5, 8 d. Rs.6, 8 Answer: (b) Just check the options. If she bought 10 white sharpeners at Rs.6 per piece, She has spent Rs.60 already. And with the remaining Rs.40, she bought 8 brown sharpeners at 40/8 = Rs.5 which is Rs.1 less than White sharpener. How many 3-digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, which are divisible by 5 and none of the digits is repeated? Answer: (d) Since each desired number is divisible by 5, so we must have 5 at the unit place. So, there is 1 way of doing it. The tens place can now be filled by any of the remaining 5 digits (2, 3, 6, 7, 9). So, there are 5 ways of filling the tens place. The hundreds place can now be filled by

any of the remaining 4 digits. So, there are 4 ways of filling it. Required number of numbers = (1 x 5 x 4) = 20 If n is an odd integer, then which of the options will be even. a)(n2)/2 + n b)nn + n + 1 c)(n2 + 3)2 d)none of these Answer : (c ) Consider option a, since n is an odd number then n2 is also an odd We can express (n2)/2 + n as ( n2 + 2n)/ 2. And n2 is odd and 2n is even, then n2 + 2n will be odd Then ( n2 + 2n)/ 2 is not an even integer. Consider option b, since n is odd, then n power anything is odd and nn is odd. The addition of 3 odd numbers is odd, then nn + n + 1 is an odd integer. Consider option c, Here n2 is odd and then n2 + 3 is also odd.

Now, the square of an odd integer is odd, then (n2 + 3)2 is an even integer. Hence the option c)(n2 + 3)2 is the answer. Find the odd number out 396, 462, 572, 427, 671, 264 A.396 B.427 C.671 D.264 Answer: Option (b) In each number except 427, the middle digit is the sum of other two. Find the odd number out 6, 9, 15, 21, 24, 28, 30 A.28 B.21 C.24 D.30 Answer: Option (a) Each of the numbers except 28, is a multiple of 3.

Find the odd number out 331, 482, 551, 263, 383, 362, 284 A.263 B.383 C.331 D.551 Answer: (B) In each number except 383, the product of first and third digits is the middle one. Find the odd number out 6, 9, 15, 21, 24, 28, 30 A.28 B.21 C.24 D.30 Answer: Option A Each of the numbers except 28, is a multiple of 3. The sum of the digits of a three digit number is 17, and the sum of the squares of its digits is 109. If we

subtract 495 from the number, we shall get a number consisting of the same digits written in the reverse order. Find the number. a. 773 b. 683 c. 944 d. 863 Answer : (d) Check options. Sum of the squares should be equal to 109. Only Options B and D satisfying. When we subtract 495, only 863 becomes 368.

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