Applying the new curriculum in classroom

Applying the new curriculum in classroom

A School Education Quality Improvement Pprogram (SEQI 2) Applying the New Curriculum in Classroom Integrated Training Program for English Language Master Trainers for MTs Kuwait City 2017

Writing Teaching writing, and writing as a base for active learning Expectations Objectives By the end of this presentation, the participants will be able to: Discuss the key element to designing speaking -writing activities based on active learning .

Discuss factors to consider in designing speaking writing activities. Assignment 1: Outline a writing lesson that includes a speaking activity that serves this specific competence and standard Writing Process(whic h step should take more time? 80%

Writing Process (Helps them to internalize writing competence) How can we build a strong writing process ? We can build it by repeating it all year. Brainst

orming Brainst orming Prewritin g/ Organizi ng First Draft Prewriti

ng/ Organiz ing Edit Publish First First Draft Edit Draft Publish

Brainst orming Prewriti ng/ Organiz ing First Draft First Publish

Edit Draft What is the best approach to the teaching of writing competence? Task (There are common features for all approaches) Towards a balanced approach to the teaching of writing skills All approaches to writing overlap, and the teacher should not be so devoted to

one approach that he excludes all others. A teacher should be eclectic, drawing from all methods available. Organization + Support Pre-Writing and Writing Pre-Writing 10 Minutes How can teachers help

their learners to be ready for writing? Three methods and how you can use them Prewriting Pre-teaching What do they need to do the work you want? Pre teaching

What words and structures will they need to use? Task Pre-teaching Figure out what structure and vocabulary

you need to pre-teach Assignment: Write About the Countries You Have Visited. Pre-teaching What do they need to do the work you want? Pre-teaching

structure review present perfect. I have been to. Pre-teaching vocabulary Country names have /has +v3

How can you help students Organize their writing process/Build their expression Assessment of the writing competenc e (Teachers

expectation s) Know What Success Looks Like Task Try to create your own checklist to help your learners to develop their writing competence. Try

to mention which Intermediat steps of active learning e Strategy(tas are applied in this k) activity? How many Hersheys do you have?

Does anyone have question s? How many Hersheys do you have? I have.. Noor Rawya

1 2 3 Karma 1 1 2 2

3 Amal Dina 1 2 3 S.H.F. 1 2

3 3 1 1 2 2 3 Safaa

3 Circulate and ask (Groups of five questioning first) Rawya 0 Noor 7

Sara 3 How many Hershey's do you have? I have ________ Hershey's? ______________________ Students fill in their charts. Who has Rawyas candy?

Noor has Rawyas candy Why did Noor take the candy? Vocabulary We Know

Hungry Breakfast Mother Angry Dirty room Was (past tense) First

Next Then Last Noor stole the candy. STAGES OF ACTIVE LEARNING STAGE 1. Motivation. Present a problem-issue; generate the several suggestions (hypotheses); formulation of a research question and specific suggestion (hypotheses) 2. Carrying out research (inquiry). Find facts to check assumptions and answer the research question

3. Sharing information. Present the new information and results of the independent research 4. Discussion and organizing of information. Discussion of information, finding connections between facts, systematize new knowledge. 5. Generalization and conclusion. Summary of results, comparison of result with the initial suggestions, answer to the research question 6. Creative application. Using the knowledge in a new context or using the theory in practice 7. Formative assessment, including feedback, selfassessment or reflection. Classroom assessment can be conducted at any stage. RESULT

A research question and several specific suggestions. Research work, new facts and findings. New information for discussion. Systemized information. New knowledge (conclusion). Experiencing and understanding the use of the new knowledge and skills. Understanding of the learning progress, acquiring selfassessment skills and learning to

learn skills. What can you add to make this a better/more memorable lesson and to motivate students for every future writing assignment you do? Types of Writing Assignment s Functional texts Informative texts

Narratives (Fiction and Non-Fiction) Journals What ages and levels of students is this material suited to? What are some simple teaching hints that go with this type of text? What kind of organizers should you use to aid your students in creating this type of text? Exercise 1: Task Select one of delivered active learning activities and try

implement it to develop specific writing competences. (Mention) Activity Name: Brief description: How can it enhance and develop specific competences in focus? THANK YOU

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