AP Seminar

AP Seminar

AP Seminar Mrs. Minich Welcome, Juniors! Teacher and Course Introductions Course Syllabus Classmate Introductions

Homework: Bring in an object tomorrow that represents a personal passion, interest, or hobby / Finish reading the syllabus, highlighting important info Partner Questions Find someone in this room you dont know very well and jot down their responses to the following questions. In about 5-7 minutes, well introduce each other to the class: If given $100,000 to donate to your cause/ charity of choice? What type of organization would you give it to? Choose a living person who would be in your top 5 to invite to a dinner party. Why?

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? At this moment in your life (knowing it could and probably will change a hundred times) what career is most appealing to you? If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why? Q-U-E-S-T Day Finish up partner introductions Share individual inspiration objects QUEST Group Jigsaw: Grab a piece of butcher paper and write your letter / skill. How does your letter/ skill of the QUEST Acronym apply to the process

of reading and writing for research and argument? Basically, what does your skill involve? Break it down into smaller skills and subcomponents. Create a jot list. Wednesday, August 5th Course Assessments and RAVEN

Make name tents Finish presenting QUEST brainstorm lists Handout: QUEST broken down Handouts: Two course assessments (Team & Individual) Strategy for Source Analysis: RAVEN (handout and e-copy on blog) HW: Using CDL, choose a credible article that takes a stance on gun control. Use the RAVEN strategy to evaluate the authors position and be ready to concisely present your findings to the class. (Due Tuesday, August 11th) Finishing Up Wednesday Finish Performance Task Overview (PT1 and PT2)

RAVEN And now on to Thursday Thursday, August 6th Close Reading Practice & Intro to Argument Teams: NY Times article examination: Underused Ovarian Cancer Treatment Annolighting Text Features Rhetorical Triangle Rhetorical Triangle EOC Part A (questions 1, 2, 3)

Identify the authors argument, main idea, or thesis. Explain the authors line of reasoning by identifying the claims used to build the argument and the connections between them. Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence the author uses to support the claims made in the argument. Happy Friday, August 7th NY Times Article: In Teams EOC Part A (questions 1, 2, 3) Identify the authors argument, main idea, or thesis.

Explain the authors line of reasoning by identifying the claims used to build the argument and the connections between them. Evaluate the effectiveness of the evidence the author uses to support the claims made in the argument. Monday, August 10th AP Seminar Vocabulary Use symbolic rating system (and cover the definitions with a piece of paper) to rate your knowledge of our critical vocabulary + I know it

/ Heard it before ? No clue AP Exam Rubric: Section I Part A Notice & Note If time: Look at last years AP exam Section I Part A: Snoozers Are, in Fact, Losers by Maria Konnikova Tuesday, August 11th Finish reading and annotating Snoozers article (Sec. 1 P. A) Mark: line of reasoning (LR), evidence (E), claims (C)/ argument (A)/ thesis (T)

In teams, answer Q1, then make an outline for Q2 & 3 HW: Score range-finders w/ rubric (2 sets)- Due Fri. Use rubrics to mark evidence in student samples as justification for your score choices Gun Control Source Comparison Tomorrow Wednesday, August 12th Present Gun Law article perspectives Organize yourselves into groups based on the position of their articles (2 groups) Take 3 minutes each, and share your findings with your group, including RAVEN

analysis, rhetorical triangle (context of your article), main argument, line of reasoning, and evidence, discussing similarities and overlap or new perspectives. Group source comparison Are there some sources among the group that are more credible than others? What are the top 3 MOST compelling arguments for your position? What makes them strong? Thursday, August 13th Class Argument Comparison: Select a representative to write your teams top 3 most compelling arguments on one side of the board. Select 3 other

representatives to explain each argument to the class to the class Class Poll: How much did your opinion change on this issue, if at all? Move to the appropriate location in the room based on: None / Somewhat / Drastically Share decisions and perspectives Friday, August 14th Class Breakfast! Rangefinder Score Breakdown / Justification (EOC Part A)

Look at another 3-6-6 example / Observations & differences between the two perfect scores Finish gun control debate Monday, August 17th Group Word Association: POWER Questioning Technique: Molly Crabapples Big Fish Eat Little Fish Eat Big Fish In teams, generate as many questions as you can on the painting After, fine-tune the wording and cut questions that arent researchable or worth exploring

Narrow your list to 1-3 well-crafted, pointed questions about the painting Share questions/ class discussion Website for reference: https://cirt.gcu.edu/research/developmentresources/tutorials/question Tuesday, August 18th Turn in Raven Article Analysis Look at page 1 of IWA sample (video games) Observations on Intro paragraph, 2nd paragraph, and research question

Identifying Perspectives activity (choose 2 perspectives in teams, brainstorm 3 stakeholders) Lenses activity (examine the question should there be a limit on financial contributions to political parties? through your assigned lens) Handout sample ideas Wednesday, August 19th Assign Definition-Argument Paper Decide on teams of 3-4 Choose a genre of film, for example: Sci-fi, Horror, Romance, Independent, Dystopia, Musicals, Westerns, War, Crime Drama, Murder Mystery, etc.

Decide on 3-4 quintessential films that reflect the characteristics of that genre and divide amongst the group Work on developing a research question that explores the treatment of power in your chosen genre of film Individual Research Reports should be approximately 300 words and are due Monday Thursday, August 20th Which nations wield the most power in our world? Why? Has it

always been this way? What has changed throughout history? What threats do currently powerful governments pose to our country, if any? What is our country doing to achieve a balance of power or maintain a majority of power? Write other relevant questions worth looking at when exploring governmental power Yes, You Can; No, You Cant: A Rule for Every Move by Murray Weidenbaum (USA Today Magazine) Addition Power Questions

(student brainstorm) To what extent does the government impact the economy? How does the government play a part in social stratification? What is the individuals role in shaping government? What triggers or impacts the formation of political systems? How did major political systems begin and evolve? Reminders for IRR: Power in Film (Due Monday)

This paper will be assessed as a separate/ individual grade from the team project Make sure to quote significant and relevant lines from the movie 300-450 words Make sure to contextualize your film within the scope of the assignment and your teams genre Include a thesis of some kind to organize your ideas

Friday, August 21st Sit with people other than your film team At your table, choose one of the following below to apply to the Weidenbaum article, Yes, you can; no, you cant: a rule for every move CRAAP test EOC Section 1 Part A #s 1 and 2 OR 3 IRRs due Monday Monday, August 24th Turn in copy of IRR (so I can make copies)

5 minutes: Weidenbaum article evaluation Pull back out the handout on PT1: Written Team Report Class discussion on guidelines With your team, establish group norms to follow over the next 3 days in order to ensure team success Todays focus should be each team member presenting/ reading his/her IRR followed by a brief team discussion Tonight, create a folder in google drive for your team that includes all IRRs

Tuesday, August 25th Review the WTR rubric with your team The focus for today should be A collective introduction that includes and contextualizes your research questions A plan for merging ideas with thought given to adding, deleting, organizing, and transitioning Sample WRT perfect scores available for review

Wednesday, August 26th Team progress checks (WTR due Friday to turnitin.com) Use your folder in google drive to work collaboratively on the WTR (1 document) Talk as a team about every step of the process including what goes where

adjusting phrasing unifying the voice transitioning between ideas introducing new perspectives grammar and usage, etc. Thursday, August 27th Finalize Team Reports Discuss rubric for Oral Presentation Work in teams on presentation format, techniques, speaking parts, etc.

Report due to turnitin.com by Friday night Presentations Friday in class Friday, August 28th Oral Presentations (evaluated with rubric) Monday, August 31st Finish Oral Presentations Oral defense questions for each group / Assign reflection (due Wednesday) Write a paragraph about the Team Project experience try to be specific and honest. Readings this week:

Lao Tzu excerpt from the Tao-te-Ching (due Thursday) Annolight and choose 4 critical reading questions on page 215 to answer Class discussion on suggestions for critical writing #s 3 and 5 Niccolo Machiavelli The Qualities of the Prince (due Friday) Class discussion on suggestions for critical writing #s 4 and 5 Tuesday, September 1st Introduce OPTIC method for analyzing visual art CNN Digital Art Gallery: Power Video by Liz Magic Laser (10 minutes) Overview of 3 paintings

Establish groups of 4-5 / choose painting / team assignment (make sure to draw conclusions) Readings Reminder Wednesday, September 2nd Present OPTIC visual art analyses to the class Brief class discussion following each presentation Conferences on WTR Oral Presentations Thursday, September 3rd Harkness table discussion on Lao-Tzu article:

General Reactions/ difficulties with the text Critical Reading Question # 3 Critical Reading Question # 5 Overarching Argument Friday, September 4th Harkness table discussion: Machiavelli from The Prince

General reactions / difficulties with the text Critical Reading Question # 4 Critical Reading Question # 5 Overarching Argument Comparison with Lao-Tzu

Tuesday, September 8th Announcements: Grades (participation, articles from last week, WRT) HW this week: Find an article (use CDL) on any aspect of social power and perform the CRAAP test be ready to present articles to teams on Monday Look at EOC Section 1, Part B (C/C) prompt from 2015 / use as a guide to brainstorm the following for Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu: Identify the primary argument of each writer Outline major points Draw major comparisons / overlaps Indicate obvious differences between both texts

Wednesday, September 9th Brainstorm researchable topics (group or individual) based on what weve read and discussed so far under the umbrella of power. Teacher / team conferences on WTR rubrics Begin drafting EOC Section 1, Part B (C/C) Machiavelli and Lao-Tzu (due at the end of class on Friday) Remember: social power article due Monday

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