Animal Phyla -

Animal Phyla -

Animal Phyla Phylum Body plan (symmetry, systems present) Distinguishing Characteristics/Adaptations Examples (2-3 marine organisms) Body symmetry

Symmetry? Contain pores used to filter feed Sponges Porifera Stove Pipe Sponge

Branching tube sponge Vase Sponges Rope Sponges Cnidaria Symmetry?

Soft bodied organisms containing stinging cells (nematocysts) Either consist of a medusa and tentacles or a polyp with tentacles Platyhelminthes

Symmetry? Flat-bodied worms without segments Contain only a gut, one pharyngeal opening and a nervous system Respirate by diffusion flatworms; tapeworms, flukes (often parasitic)

Nemertea Symmetry? Ribbon worms Segmented with a proboscis and complete gut (with anus) Carnivores of annelids, clams, crustaceans

Can have symbiotic relationship with some molluscs (Malacobdella) Basiodiscus mexicanus banded nemertean worm Nematoda

Roundworms (cylinder body) Symmetry? Complete gut Carnivorous, small parasitic worms Robbea and Astomonema Annelida

Segmented worms with nervous, circulatory and digestive systems (more complex than playhelminthes) Well adapted to live in many habitats Feather duster worms, Christmas tree worm bristle worms, tube worms , & leeches

Bearded fireworm Soft-bodies organisms with a head region and a muscular foot Many have external shells Snails, slugs squids, octopus,

clams, oysters, scallop, mussel Mollusca Mollusca continued Lophophorates Group of invertebrates with lophophore Ciliated, hollow tentacles used to collect

suspended food (usually phytoplankton) Three phyla in this group Bryozoa, Brachipoda and Phoronida. Bryozoa Moss animals Grow in colonies on hard substrates Often divide roles among the zooids (individual)

Have a specialized digestive, nervous and reproductive system (lacking specialized excretory or respiratory) Often mistaken for coral Cristatella mucedo, Lophopodella carteri Echinodermata Echinoderm means spiny skin Only found in ocean Uses a water vascular

system and tube feet for circulation and movement Sea stars, sea cucumbers, sea urchin, brittle stars, crinoids (sea lillies) Arthropoda Organisms with segmented bodies, exoskeletons made of

chiton and compound eyes Largest phyla crabs, lobsters, hermit crab, shrimp, sea spiders, horseshoe crab Chordata Animals with vertebrae Tend to be larger Fully developed digestive,

circulatory, excretory and respiratory systems Includes: iguanas, birds, turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, seals, fish, otters

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