An introduction to by Andrey ...

An introduction to by Andrey ...

An introduction to by Andrey Shevtsov, RELOD OET

The functions of tests WHY DO WE USE TESTS? The functions of tests for diagnostic testing: individual strengths or

weaknesses to evaluate students progress against syllabus to evaluate and update syllabus and objectives to evaluate skills of individual students to award marks for performance for exam training

for placement Oxford Online Placement Test WHO USES PLACEMENT TESTS AND WHAT DO THEY USE THEM FOR?

Uses of placement tests schools, universities, academic institutions language schools corporate training companies Human Resources departments individual language learners

Placement Test Oxford Online Placement Test: user expectations short

comprehensive reliable clear flexible informative

The Oxford Online Placement Test short: 40 to 45 minutes comprehensive: Max 45 questions: 30 Use of English, 15 Listening reliable: test identifies and adapts to students level

clear: automatic marking and instant result flexible: anywhere with a computer and internet access informative: results can be broken down and analysed

Placement: what we test Form: grammar and vocabulary Placement: what we test

Meaning: understanding how language is used Placement: what we test

Listening Skills How the placement tests work Easier items ITEM BANK

1st item CORRECT 2nd item CORRECT 3rd item CORRECT 4th item INCORRECT 5th item CORRECT

6th item INCORRECT 7th item CORRECT 8th item CORRECT Harder items

Using the results Interpreting the scores What do the results tell us about the students level? Aggregate

Aggregate score score Customisable Customisable

-- Subtotal Subtotal score score in in each each part part

-- CEFR CEFR level level based based on on each each part

part Some key points Allows you to set, monitor and analyse tests whenever and wherever you want. Provides clear, accurate and reliable results to help

you in the classroom. Helps indicate level of ability of each student. Differentiates scores for different skills. In conclusion

What will you be able to do better or more easily? Making the most of practice tests by Andrey Shevtsov, RELOD

testing = practice test teaching = book Benefits of Practice Tests

Level, content & task type practice Students need practice at the right level, using appropriate content and the same task types as in the exam.

Benefits of Practice Tests Time management Students need to get used to the time pressures under

exam conditions. Benefits of Practice Tests Examination techniques and strategies Practice tests help students get inside

the mind of the examiner. What is A website for online practice tests KET, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS,

TOEIC and TOEFL iBT Instant Support Online Dictionary

Audio scripts Exam tips Sample written answers

Automatic marking & instant feedback Useful phrases

Test mode No support features and timer on. Teacher can re-assign in practice mode for students to review. Test, paper or part

Homework or mock exam Assign practice tests in practice mode for homework Assign practice tests in test mode to give students timed

practice under exam conditions Benefits for Students Practice English interactively

Get better exam results

Practice when and where they want Feel more confident with the language

Benefits for Teachers Less administration

Improve their students results

Have confidence in materials Offer extra practice and homework online

Free Practice Test Trial

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