An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley

An Inspector Calls J.B. Priestley

Fill-in-the-Gaps Mr Birling: _________, rather _________ man in his middle fifties fairly _______ ________, but rather ________ in his speech. To Eric: youve _ ___ __ _____ ___ theyll be _____ and ________ and rapid ________. Mrs. Birling: a rather ____ ______ husbands _____ _________ Sheila: ______ ____very pleased with life and rather ________. m_____ d_____ Eric: not quite at ____, half ___, half ________

2/23/20 An Inspector Calls Characterisation It's the only time Ive ever done anything like that, and Ill never, never do it again to anybody.

This girl. Eva Smith, was one of them, she'd had a lot to say far too much so she had to go. To explore the characterisation of Arthur & Sheila Birling To understand symbolism and its purpose in the play The Inspectors Interrogations It is the Inspectors task to reveal the truth about each characters

responsibility for Evas tragedy, confront deception (particularly self-deception) and peel away layers of self-protection. To do this, he often turns their own words and thoughts against characters. Page/ Speaker Line

Page 25, Sheila (speaking of Milwards): I feel now I can never go there again. Oh why had this to happen? Page 21, Birling Why the devil do you want to do upsetting the child like that?

Page 24, Sheila if I could help her now, I would We were having a nice little family Page 21, celebration tonight. And a nasty mess youve Birling made of it now, havent you? Page 22, Gerald

After all, yknow, were respectable citizens and not criminal. Gooles Response The Inspectors Interrogations How does the Inspector respond to each of these characters? What does his language and tone suggest? How does he encourage the Birling family to take responsibility for their actions? Symbolic Characters

Characters can act as symbols, based on their actions, words, and personalities Mr. Birling _________________________ Sheila Birling _________________________ Eva Smith _________________________ Inspector Goole _________________________ Birling vs Sheila What do each of these characters stand for? Sheila & Birling Analysis

Sheilas social background Sheilas views about Eva Sheilas response to the crime & quotes Birlings social background

Birlings views on the poor Birlings response to the crime & quotes Birling as a symbol for capitalism

Sheila as a symbol for morality Characters as Symbols PEELA #1: Sheila as a symbol Two quotations proving your point Language & technique analysis Priestley's intention & 1945 audience reaction PEELA #2: Mr. Birling as a symbol Two quotations proving your point Language & technique analysis Priestley's intention & 1945 audience reaction

Comprehension Questions 1. What is the mood in the room when Sheila enters? How does Sheila react to the Inspectors news? 2. Why does Sheila react so violently to the photograph? How is Sheilas reaction different to other characters? 3. How is Sheila affected by her realisation? 4. Why did Priestley choose to have Sheila and Mr. Birling interrogated in the same Act one after the other?

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