Activity 3.1.4 While and If-Else Loops

Activity 3.1.4 While and If-Else Loops

While Loops and If-Else Structures ROBOTC Software Principles of Engineering 2012 Project Lead The Way, Inc.

While loops While loop is a structure within ROBOTC Allows a section of code to be repeated as long as a certain condition remains true Three main parts to every while loop 1. The word while 2. The condition

3. Commands to be repeated 1. The word while Every while loop begins with the keyword while 2. The condition Condition controls how long or how many

times a while loop repeats When condition is true, the while loop repeats When condition is false, the while loop ends and the remainder of the program executes Condition is checked once every time the loop repeats just before the commands between curly braces run

3. Commands to be repeated Commands between curly braces will repeat while condition is true Program checks at the beginning of each pass through the loop Programming - Boolean logic

Program decisions are always based on questions Only two possible answers yes or no true or false Statements that can be only true or false are called Boolean statements

Their true-or-false value is called a truth value. Boolean logic Boolean logic Writing a condition: Example

While the bump switch is not pressed: right motor is on at power value 63 AND left motor is on at same value. Timers Loop control Where would the wait statement go if we wanted the loop to repeat for a controlled

amount of time? Nowhere! We need something else. Solution: Timers Internal stopwatches (4 available) Like encoders, timers should be cleared before they are used. Be careful: Dont clear a timer in a timed loop.

Timers Timer T1 is used as the condition for the while loop, which will run for 30 seconds. If statements If statement in the program is evaluated by condition contained in parentheses

If condition is true, commands between braces are run If condition is false, those commands are ignored Very similar to how a while loop works, but does not repeat the code

If-else statements If-else statement is an expansion of if statement If checks condition and runs appropriate commands when it evaluates to true Else allows code to run when condition is false Either if or else branch is always run once

References Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy. (2011). ROBOTC. Retrieved from

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