AA Hold Workshop 2 - USF

AA Hold Workshop 2 - USF

AA Hold Workshop Preparing for Summer and Fall 2011 Registration You can major in Biology Biology with Concentration in: Cell and Molecular Biology Microbiology

Integrative Animal Biology Marine Biology Environmental Biology (Choose 1 of 3 tracks) Ecology and BioDiversity Track Environmental Microbiology Track Environmental Plant Biology Track

Agenda 1. Review your Spring mid-term grades on OASIS 2. Estimate your anticipated grade in each course 3. Complete your AA Hold Worksheet 4. View your DegreeWorks audit

To access DegreeWorks, login to Blackboard click on the Academics Tab. Click on Click here to enter DegreeWorks link. Your Grades Log Into OASIS Midterm grades are available for your

review. Complete your AA Worksheet Based on your midterm grade estimate your final grade in each course AA Hold Worksheet

AA Hold Worksheet Spring Semester Courses Complete the Worksheet Complete the second part of the AA Worksheet with classes you have already taken

Undergraduate Enrollment Undergraduate Student Enrollment Definition For Financial Aid and Loan Deferment Full Time 12 or more hours Half Time 6 to 11 hours Less than Half Time 1 to 5 hours

Why have a balanced schedule? Financial Aid Academic Probation USF GPA = all college coursework attempted at USF ONLY D/F Rule for Life Science Majors

3 or more and you are out of major GPA for future goals 3.6 Overall GPA is competitive for med school What should I register for? Summer

Take Biology, Math or Physics Minor requirements or foreign language Although Chemistry should be your priority it is not recommended you take it in the summer What should I register for?

Fall Chemistry Biology, Math or Physics Major requirements FKLs It is recommended you do not take more than 9 hours of Science and Math

Fill in the information Worksheet Page 2 Math Pre-requisites

Where do I start? College Algebra MAC 1105 Pre-calculus MAC 1114 or 1147

General Chemistry I & Lab CHM 2045/L Calculus I & II MAC 2241/2311 MAC 2242/2312

Biology I and Lab BSC 2010/L Physics I PHY 2053/L or 2048/L CHM 2023

(or 1 yr H.S. Chemistry) Minimum Grades needed: Math: C Chemistry: C

Biology: CPhysics: C- After College Algebra Major Requirements Example of the Marine Biology Concentration

Requirements Degree Supporting Courses

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