8th Grade Parent Orientation - wvde.state.wv.us

8th Grade Parent Orientation - wvde.state.wv.us

Buena High School Student/Parent Orientation Presented By: Buena High School Administration, Counselors & Faculty 1 Student/Parent Orientation Program Welcome Registration Timeline Pre-registration

Form Counseling Program Graduation Requirements University Entrance Programs JROTC SPED CTE Others Schedule of Classes

Athletics Transition Activities 2 Welcome to Buena A Comprehensive High School offering many programs and opportunities for students Mission To educate all students in a learning environment that promotes self-reliance, self-discipline and success. Web Site sierravistapublicschools.com Information and downloadable forms for registration 3 Buena Counselors

Mr. Mark Boggie Ms. Autumn Huffman Students Sj-Z Mr. Nick Webb Students Os-Si Ms. Socorro Paul Students Gp-K

Mrs. Rhonda Martin Lead Counselor Students Cm-Go Students A-Cl Mr. Allen Wright Students L-Or 4 Counseling Department Programs

ACT/SAT/PSAT Testing AP Classes and Exams ASVAB Boys State/Girls State (11) Alternative Classes Peer Support Financial Aid Gifted & Talented S2S (Student 2 Student) Transition Program 5 Typical 9th Grade Schedule First Hour 7:20 8:25 English

Second Hour 8:31 9:21 Science Third Hour 9:27 10:17 Phys. Ed. Fourth Hour 10:23 11:13 Math Fifth Hour (11:19 12:53) Elective Sixth Hour 12:59 1:50

History 6 Graduation Requirements Class of 2009 English (4 Years) Mathematics (2 years) English 9,10,11,12 Algebra, Geometry Laboratory Science (2 years)

Physical Science Biology Earth Science Science Survey* * Does not meet college entrance requirements for lab science 7 Graduation Requirements Class of 2009 Physical Education (1 year) Health (semester) Keyboarding (semester) Social Studies (3 1/2 years) World History (10) US History (11) US/AZ Constitution and Free Enterprise

(12) 8 Graduation Requirements Class of 2009 Fine Arts or CTE Credit (1 Year) Required Credits.14 Elective Credits7 Total of 22 credits 9 Arizonas State Universities Core Curriculum Requirements IN ADDITION TO BUENA GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS:

Additional two years of Math Algebra II Precalculus/Trigonometry Additional year of Lab Science Two years of the same Foreign Language Specific Fine Arts credit 10 February

Placement Test (Math) Placement Test (English) Summer Buena Tour (February 7-11) Registration Materials out to Middle Schools (February 15-18) Parent Orientation Meeting (February 15) Class Requests Due to Buena (February 28) March Timeline for Registration

Informational Mailing Summer School for Physical Education August Registration (Freshmen 1stand 2nd) First Day of School (August 8th) 11 Pre-Registration Form Be Neat! Fill out ALL Information Return form ON TIME Make selections CAREFULLY 12 9th Grade Pre-Registration 9th Grade

Pre-Registration Please read all instructions carefully before completing this form. You will return this completed form to your school. I n most cases the main contact person for registration at your school is your counselor. Your parent or guardians signature is required before you turn in this form. All entries will be made on the chart below. I t is recommended that you make a copy of your selections for your own reference. Buena High School has a no schedule change practice, so please make your selections VERY carefully. Date: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Last Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ First Name: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Middle I nitial_ _ _ _ _ _ _ Middle School: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Parent/ Guardian Signature: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ SEMESTER REQUEST Required/ Recommended Courses SEMESTER REQUEST Course Number Teacher I nitial Required/ Recommended Courses A English 9

A English 9 B Algebra I B Algebra I C Science C Science D Keyboarding I Plus D Health

E P. E. E P. E. F Elective F Elective Course Number Teacher I nitial ALTERNATE CHOI CES I N CASE YOUR FI RST CHOI CE I S NOT AVAI LABLE Elective Course Number

I nitial 1 2 3 4 Use the Buena Course Description Book to complete this Pre-registration form. Directions are given for each line. Staffmembers assisting you will fill in the course number. A. B. English is required. Your 8th grade English placement test will determine the level. Students who score in a certain range on the Stanford Test will be required to take Power Reading. This class is for students whose reading is below the 8th grade level. Algebra I is required for all 9th grade students. (Continued on Reverse) C. D. E. F. Science is recommended. The Science Department Chair recommends that most 9 th grade students should NOT take Biology, but should consider Science Survey, Earth Science, or Physical Science before

taking Biology. Biology. Please consult the Course Description Book for more detail. Enter the name of the Science course you have chosen and have your 8 th grade Science teacher initial your selection. Keyboarding I Plus and Health are required for graduation. It is recommended that they be taken your 9 th grade year; both columns have been filled in for you. Introduction to Physical Education (P.E.) is recommended for 9 th grade students. If you are planning to take P.E. in the summer, write on line E. that you are taking P.E. in summer school and choose another class and write it on line E. Most P.E. classes at Cochise College or correspondence classes do not meet Buena High Schools P.E. requirement for graduation. Please consult your counselor for more information. Read the Course Description Book and choose an elective that you would like to take and write it in on line F. Lines 1-4 are for you to write in alternative elective choices. It is not always possible to honor your first or second elective choice. Make your selections very carefully as there are no schedule changes after your choices have been made. Please have your parent or guardian sign the form and turn it in to your 8 th grade teacher. You should save the Course Description Book and complete the four-year plan. As you complete courses you may want to use the Notes section of the book to record the classes you have taken and the grades you received. Please remember that successful completion of each course counts towards Buena High School graduation. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the appropriate classes and credits to graduate and to ensure admission to college. The accuracy of your high school transcript is your responsibility. If you have questions about this form you may call your middle school counselor or any Buena High School counselor at 515-2801. Counselors are assigned by alphabetical order as follows: Mr. Nick Webb Students A-Cl Mr. Mark Boggie Students Cm-Go Lead Counselor Ms. Autumn Huffman

Students Gp-K Mr. Allen Wright Students L-Or Mrs. Rhonda Martin Students Os-Si Ms. Socorro Paul Students Sl-Z CLASS DESIGNATION IS DETERMINED AS FOLLOWS: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior 0-4 credits 4.5-9.5 credits 10-15 credits 16.0-higher 22 CREDITS ARE NEEDED FOR GRADUATION Career & Technical Education Program

CTE Courses & Labs focus on these areas Business, Marketing, Construction Technologies, Drafting Technology, Apparel Design & Merchandising, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Professions, Automotive Technology, Auto Body Collision Repair, TV Production, Commercial Art, Graphics Design/Printing Technology, Photo Imaging, Information Technology Career and Academic Planning available through the Colt Career Center COOP Programs for Seniors in Visual Technology, FCCLA, Merchandizing Contact Kriss Hagerl 15 Special Education Program Model of service is similar to Feeder Schools: Consult-Collaborative Classes-Small Group-Individual Special Education Teacher Advocates

IEPs carry over H.S. is generally very curriculum driven Contact Dave Avalos at Buena 16 JROTC Program Four year program emphasizing: Leadership Discipline Teamwork Citizenship Lt. Col. Trombley, Lead Instructor

17 Programs that Require Applications/Recommendati ons/ Audition Student Council Select Choir Groups Peer Support (Sophomore year) S2S Transition Program National Honor Society/Tri-M/Art Jazz Band, Show Band, Honor Band, etc. 18 Advanced Placement Program Pre-AP Classes in English 9 and 10

11th and 12th grade classes include: National Test (May) Scored from 1-5 Many private universities give college credit if student earns 3 or above Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, US History, Physics, English 11 and 12 4 or above for some colleges Rigorous curriculum Classes weighted

19 Support Classes Power Reading Intensive Writing Foundations for Algebra ALEKS AIMS Remediation English Tutoring Math Tutoring 20 Buena Athletics 21 Buena Athletics Paperwork needed Copy of Birth Certificate Signed Training Rules Current Physical (after

March 1, 2005) Athletic fee 22 Fall Sports Cross Country (boys/girls) Football (boys) Golf (boys/girls) Volleyball (girls) Swimming/Diving (boys/girls) 23 Winter Sports Basketball (boys/girls) Wrestling (boys/girls) Soccer (boys/girls) 24

Spring Sports Baseball (boys) Volleyball (boys) Tennis (boys/girls) Track & field (boys/girls) Softball (girls) 25 Other Activities Speech/Debate Team Buena Singers Fall Musical Production & Spring Play Band Yearbook Newspaper Honors Societies

National, Tri-M, Art Clubs Car Show 26 Additional Transition Activities Colt Walk About - August 6, 2005 S2S new student transition program ???????Freshman Only Day - August 8, 2005 27

Any Questions? 28

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