6.1 Conventions of Standard English

6.1 Conventions of Standard English

Capitalizing Today we are going to identify what needs to be capitalized. 1 What are we going to do today? Today we are going to ____________ what

needs to be ____________. APK What do we know? We Capitalize

Why do we capitalize? Capitalization is an important part of writing. Capitalization helps readers and speakers know when a new sentence has started, when the name of a person or place is being referred to, what the title of a book is, and much more.

Capitalizing I The pronoun I must always be capitalized. I dont know about you, but I really enjoy reading books.

You try! Mrs. Williams said i could get a 4 on my test if i studied. The most important thing about school is that i get a good education. Capitalizing at the beginning of sentences

Every sentence begins with a capital letter. Remember, a sentence can be a statement, a question, a command, or an exclamation. Jackie went swimming. Do not run near the pool. Do you like to swim? I love to swim! You try!

the teacher said not to cross the street until the light turned green. Capitalizing Proper Nouns A proper noun names a particular person, place, or thing. Some proper nouns contain more than one word. Each important word

begins with a capital letter. Examples of proper nouns: Thomas Jefferson, Pyramid Lake, Magic Mountain, The Dodgers You try!

Many students like visiting magic mountain because of its exciting rides. Proper Nouns Capitalize proper nouns that name historical events or documents, languages, races, or nationalities. We learned about the Revolutionary War in class.

Do you know who signed the Declaration of Independence? My grandfather speaks German and French. My grandmother is Asian. You try! The british don't know much about the american indians.

The declaration of independence is an important document. Which word needs to be capitalized? Byron likes spicy foods, so he chose the Asian chicken wrap. Martha prefers bland dishes

and ordered a large basket of french fries. A. B. C. D. asian Large French

No change is necessary. Family Relationships Capitalize words that show family relationships when used as titles or as substitutes for a persons name. In 1960 Father retraced the steps of Lewis and Clark. He was accompanied by Uncle Bill

14 Which word needs to be capitalized? My family prefers to cook a ham on holidays, but uncle Bart is a vegetarian, so my mother prepares him something with no meat. A. B.

C. D. Holidays Uncle Vegetarian No change is necessary. Family Relationships Do not capitalize words that show

family relationships when they follow a possessive noun or pronoun. Sharons aunt Janet wrote an Possessive Noun article about the trip. 16

Capitalizing Titles Capitalize the first word, the last word, and all important words in the title of a book, play, short story, poem, essay, article, film television series, song, magazine, newspaper, and chapter of a book. A Wrinkle in Time The Raven

Washington Post 17 You try! tales of a fourth grade nothing is a great book to read.

My favorite poem is by Robert Frost it is called the road not taken. Dates/Holidays The name of a day, month, or holiday begins with a capital letter.

She was born on a Monday. My favorite month is October. I got a card for Valentines Day. You try!

St. patricks day lands on a monday this year. My birthday is on january 17, and it lands on a tuesday. Quotations Capitalize the first word of a

direct quotation that is a complete sentence. Tyrone said, The pioneers acted very bravely. 21 Albert Einstein once said, the only source

of knowledge is experience. Interrupted Quotes When a quoted sentence is interrupted by explanatory words, such as she said, do not begin the second part of the sentence with a capital letter. They left their homes, said Lee, so they could improve

their lives. 23 You try! Take out your homework, said the teacher, Because we are going to correct it. Friendly Letter Capitalize the first word in the salutation

and closing of a letter. Capitalize the title and name of the person addressed. Dear Mrs. Johnson, Dear friend, Yours truly, Sincerely, 25 You try!

dear sally, I would like to thank you for being my friend the first week of school. I thought I would not be able to make a friend so quickly as a new student. Thanks for sitting with me at lunch and showing me around the school. I really appreciate it. yours truly, Anabella

Capitalizing Compass Points Capitalize compass points when they refer to a specific section of the country. the West Coast the North

the Southeast 27 Compass Points Do not capitalize compass points when they indicate direction. Los Angeles is south of San Francisco.

Do not capitalize adjectives derived from words indicating direction. easterly windwestern Texas 28 Today we _________ what needs to be ______________.

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