360 Feedback Training - aspire.wmjobs.org.uk

360 Feedback Training - aspire.wmjobs.org.uk

Delivered by Aspire - North Business Partnering Programme Developed by Delivered by Introducing Aspire Colin Williams

Developed by Samantha Darby Delivered by Developed by What we will cover Delivered by

Overview of the Aspire Programme Inputs Translating learning 360 degree briefing Preparing the way Developed by Aims Delivered by To develop organisational insight around

business matters; Look at what behaviours and information create impact; Tips to raise profile and visibility What do you hope to get out of the programme? Developed by Delivered by Developed by Your Commitment

Delivered by Take responsibility for your own learning Complete the 360 degree exercise and organise your feedback session

Attend course dates Fully participate in the Project Workshops Complete a presentation to deliver on Celebration day

Complete all evaluation feedback on each aspect of the programme Developed by What does Aspire involve? Delivered by Developed by Module 1 Delivered by

Strategic Context and People Management Challenges Focuses on: The changing shape of the public sector How to talk the language of your client groups The people element of wider organisational strategy Identifying and managing the key stakeholders within/outside your organisation Developed by Module 3

Delivered by Win friends and influence people (the organisational dimension) People Management Priorities Influencing the business plan Developing situational HR strategies Developed by Module 2 Getting under the skin of the

business Delivered by Business and Service Needs Organisational culture complexities Leadership dynamics Politics with a big and small P

Developed by Module 4 Delivered by Win friends and influence people (the personal dimension) The characteristics of an effective business partner Strengthen personal brand Harness Creativity

Developed by Module 5 Delivered by Using technology and business Business case for change tools Developing financial acumen Use of data, risk, VFM analysis Social media and technology

Developed by Project Workshop Delivered by 5-6 people in each group Supported by a trained facilitator Access the perspectives of others in the group Incorporate your learning from modules and 360 Focus on a What Makes dilemma/challenge or project that is affecting Local Government

Developed by Celebration Day Delivered by A celebration day for getting to the end Sponsors to attend Present to Senior Professionals Be awarded with CIPD certificate Developed by Get a Coach!

Delivered by Choose from a selection of coaches Can be used as a confidential method of talking about any aspect of your development as a senior HR professional

Optional but strongly recommended Can be accessed at any point during the programme Developed by Where are you now?

Developed by Delivered by What is 360 Feedback?

Delivered by It provides you with feedback about yourself as a senior HR professional from a number of different sources based on the CIPD HR Map Its a chance to compare others views with those of your own. Its a chance to see what people perceive you as doing really well, as well as what they think you can improve on. Its about perceptions and is not an exact science. Its about focusing on the messages and not the numbers.

Developed by Delivered by Developed by HR Map Developed by Delivered by

Delivered by Developed by How Does It Work? Delivered by Using WM360 on line questionnaire based on the CIPD HR Map Secure a confidential way of gaining feedback Compares your scores with those of your

raters Automatically generates a sophisticated feedback report Developed by Choosing Raters Delivered by You Senior Manager

Peers Customer Line Manager Sponsor Developed by Delivered by

The 1:1 Feedback Session chance to make sense of your report with a trained facilitator think about your HR style think about what you want to use the report to focus on think about the ways in which you can develop successfully Developed by Delivered by Developed by

Meeting you Start the Induction Day Delivered by Maximise your learning from the Aspire experience Plan to use the outcomes of your 360 degree exercise Receive your e-booklet Plan how to make the most of your time working on the project Learn more about the format of the programme

Developed by Key things to remember Delivered by Submit your 360 review rater details to [email protected] by: 2nd March 2016 Complete the questionnaire and encourage your raters to do so by: 18th March 2016 Put the feedback session date in your diary and arrange a suitable place to have the call.

Start your development plan and consider how you will utilise the elements of the programme Developed by Keeping in Touch Delivered by Carrie Smith [email protected] 0845 352 7010

Developed by

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