20 FACTS About the Anglo-Saxon Age - Weebly

20 FACTS About the Anglo-Saxon Age - Weebly

20 FACTS About the Anglo-Saxon Age Early Anglo-Saxons lived in groups called tribes These tribes had the following levels: The Leader chosen for strength. Remained leader until defeated The Elders older tribe members who had

proven themselves in battle. The Warriors strongest male members. Followed the leader without question. The Women had some rights, but few The Philosophy of the Tribe: What will be, will be. Believed strongly

in Fate. They used animal sacrifices to see omens. Very superstitious. The Meadhall The meeting place for each tribe was a building called the meadhall. Mead was the drink of the warriors. Mead is a sweet, alcoholic beverage made

of honey, sugar, water, spices, and barley. Equipment of the Warrior Sword steel blade and gold handle Coat of Mail chain suit for armor Helmet covered the head completely Spear ash wood, with a banner Horse provided by the leader whenever

possible Shield round, usually made of wood Cultural Influences on England Ancient Brythons 300 BC c. 65 AD Romans 55 BC 409 AD Angles and Saxons 449 1099

Came from Germany Danes came from Denmark Vikings came from Sweden Alfred I (871-899) One of the first leaders to unite all the tribes

Religion Early Anglo-Saxons believed in many gods and goddesses. Their religion was very similar the ancient Norse religion. Woden or Odin chief god. Wednesday Thunor or Thor god of thunder and weather. Thursday

Burial Rituals Burial involved god and elements of fire and water. Body was either placed on a stand and burned with all posessions, or placed on a boat with possessions and pushed out to sea. Christianity

In 597 Augustine, a priest from Rome, brought Christianity to England. The tribes began to convert. Christianity had a calming effect on the tribal culture, and gave the Anglo-Saxons something in common with the rest of Europe. Storytellers

An important person in the tribe was called a bard or scop. They were educated storytellers, and were treated as honored guests. Their tales of great warriors embodied the values of the culture. Beowulf Beowulf is the only complete story that

exists today from this culture. It is the story of a great Swedish warrior who goes to help the King of the Danes with a terrible monster. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles The only complete history of these early

Anglo-Saxons in existence. Monasteries Became the stronghold of faith and learning. Valuable documents and treasures were stored there. They were the first places hit when tribes attacked each other.

Epic The literature of this time was the folk epic. An epic is a long story, written in poetic form, about a hero who performs brave deeds. The theme was good versus evil, and good always won. Riddles

Became popular with the scops. Only a few survive. On earth this warrior is strangely born Of two dumb creatures, drawn gleaming Into the world, bright and useful to men. It is tended, kept, covered by women-Strong and savage, it serves well, A gentle slave to firm masters Who mind its measure and feed it fairly With a careful hand. To these it brings

Warm blessings; to those who let it run Wild it brings a grim reward. The Norman Conquest In 1066, England faces an invasion from William, Duke of Normandy, on the coast of France. He kills the last Anglo_Saxon King in battle and becomes William I of

England. This ends the Anglo-Saxon Age and begins The Middle Ages.

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